Friday, April 04, 2014

The Wheel Turns....

A lot has happened since my last post.

Did I mention that Bert and Andrew had been crazy sick?  Well they had been.  Andrew was so sick he burst blood vessels in his eyes.

We tried to get over the stuff that was crazy about the house which included:

- Broken handle on dishwasher
- broken drawer in kitchen
- amenities in kitchen clearly someone's cast-offs; certain items missing (I had to go buy measuring spoons and cups etc)
- burner on stove not functioning
- washer not working correctly; only uses excessively hot water, no cold
- Light missing to basement.  I don't mean the light bulb was out, I mean the fixture was missing with wires hanging down
- Bedroom furniture clearly someone's cast-offs.  For example, one bed didn't have a frame, it was just the box spring and mattress on the floor
- Handle missing on nightstand in Andrew's bedroom
- Drawer broken in dresser in Andrew's room
- No door on linen closet
- Door painted shut in other hall closet
- Towel rack in bathroom broken
- closet door in master bedroom broken
- cracked tile in master bathroom
- mold and stains in shower
- Shelf in closet coming out of the wall in master bedroom closet
- No dresser in master bedroom
- Towel rack in Master bathroom broken
- handle broken on chest of drawers in Ben's room
- Both handles broken on nightstand in Ben's other room (more on that later)
- The only furniture in that room was the nightstand and bed...that bed is the one that just sat on the floor
- There was an air hockey table in one room downstairs that was about to fall over.  We just never went near it
- Glass on floor in laundry room
- Main staircase was uneven and very rickety...I had my heart in my throat several times coming down it
- The flooring was weird.  There were large gaps between some of the boards and you could see the subfloor.
- There were numerous patches, unfinished areas, and marks on the walls
- The TV in the living room was on the wall...and the wires were dangling down with the heavy plug suspended from them. It looks really unsafe...I kept imagining that the weight hanging from the tv would pull it down at some point
- When you opened the recliners on the couch the smell of cigarettes was rather disconcerting

Ben was originally in the room opposite the master bedroom.  However, after we'd been there a couple of days he came to me and said he had bites on him.  I looked, and they were in the "breakfast-lunch-dinner" pattern of bed bugs.  This *totally* freaked me out.  Ben moved into the other bedroom and thereafter had no problems.

We were suffering along with new problems popping up every day...I know there's some I've forgotten in the above list.  There were so many.

Oh yes!  One of them was we could only take about a 3 minute shower.  The warm water ran out extremely fast.  So we had to take "camp" showers, and then wait at least half an hour between showers so the water could warm up a bit for the next person.  Quite inconvenient on a Sunday morning...

The property manager came to look around and was quite horrified.  Someone came to fix the minor things, and eventually they replaced the water heater which made showers much more comfortable.

The day after the water heater was replaced I decided to wash the sheets on the bed.  When I pulled the sheets off I found this:

That dark spot in the upper right corner is blood that had never been washed out.  It's not our blood.

I washed the sheets absolutely *dreading* putting them on the bed and getting back in the bed that night.

 Out of the blue Bert calls and says there was *FINALLY* another place available and we could go see it.

This was about 4pm.  It took 20 minutes for Bert to pick us up, and another 20 to get to the place, a high rise condo in downtown Mississauga.

Mississauga is a city about the same size as Detroit, next to Toronto which is the largest city in Canada.  With a population of over 5 million Toronto falls somewhere between New York and Los Angeles in size.

We needed to make a decision on the new place by 5pm. We were eventually able to get inside at 4.55pm.

It was on the 19th floor of the Grand Ovation building.  The selling point for me was it was right next to Square One, one of the main malls in Mississauga - this would provide Ben with something to do.

Picture taken our first night.

It was also directly opposite the main Mississauga library.  I mean...directly opposite.  Right across the road.  Andrew was absolutely delighted. =)

The other selling point was the size.  The house we were currently in was 3400 square feet - huge.  The condo, at a guess, is maybe 800 square feet.  There is a little kitchen, an apartment sized washer/dryer in a closet in the kitchen, a dining table, a living room, a small office, two bedrooms, and two bathrooms.  That's it.  Absolutely completely perfect.  Everything worked.  Nothing was broken.  It was a fully stocked kitchen with everything we needed - even scissors and a colander which were completely missing in the other house.  Within 5 minutes we'd decided.

We called the relocation company and said we'd take it and when could we move in?  He said immediately.  WHOOT!!!  We wouldn't have to sleep in that disgusting bed after all! =)

The crescent moon looked bigger in real life...

So we packed (AGAIN!), moved, and unpacked (again).  Hopefully we're settled now until our belongings arrive (where *are* they, by the way?  They were meant to be here two weeks ago...worrying...) and we can finally move into our permanent dwelling.

And by "permanent" I mean "for the next 2-3 years".

The question now becomes how on earth can I face moving out of this perfect apartment?  I love it so much and am so happy here.  I don't *want* to move into that bigger house.  This apartment is what I wanted when we moved here.  Small.  No stairs.  Clean.  Perfect.

Sigh.  Oh well.  Might as well enjoy it while we have it.  And we are enjoying it, oh yes we are.  We have been so very happy the past couple of days. I feel so at home and comfortable.

Today it has been rainy and misty.  The mist gradually descended throughout the afternoon.  We are now living in the clouds. =)

I found this picture on my phone.  I took it when we came to Canada to look for a place to live.  We needed to get out of the hotel so went to Erin Mills Mall just for fun. In the food court I found a sushi place which made just about the best sushi I've ever had.  Look at that!  It tasted as delicious as it looks...and this was from a podunk place in the mall!  What the heck?  Hmmm...going to have to go there next week...  =) =)

Tomorrow we're heading in to Toronto for the first time.  Bert scored free tickets to the Blue Jays/New York Yankees game.  Never been to a baseball game before.  Should be fun! =)


Ritsumei said...

Sounds like fun!!

Ok. So, that first place sounds a bit scary. But the rest sounds *awesome*! Send me some sushi?

John Nguyen said...

That first place sounds horrible! I'd be pretty horrified about the bedbugs too! I'm glad you found a better place. Hopefully your next residence will be lovely!

Keeley said...

Ritsumei, I'd send you sushi if I could. =) It was pretty dang yummy.

John, the first place did give me the heebiedabajeebies. I am soooo glad I didn't have to get into that bed. And the bedbugs! *FREAKY!* Luckily they don't appear to have followed us here. We feel very blessed.