Sunday, March 16, 2014

House Hunting Trip

Andrew and I arrived home on Friday 21st Feb.  The trip home was a little more eventful than the trip out.

- The weather
It was absolutely perfect the three days we were at Universal.  Friday dawned overcast, and within a short time we hit torrential rain that came down so heavy we drove at a snail's pace.

- The GPS
sent us exactly the wrong direction.  Seriously.  We needed to go one way, and it sent us entirely the other.  Luckily, I don't trust this GPS so a few miles down the road I checked the route on my phone....then at the earliest opportunity did a U-turn.  It added about an hour to the day.

- Atlanta, Georgia
We hit Atlanta just before rush hour.  Things were starting to get busy, but not too bad.  I thought it likely we'd be through before it really hit.

....and then I got hit.

An older gentleman in a large truck and a camper slammed into the back of my car causing several thousand dollars worth of damage.  Furthermore, because of the delay (calling the cops etc), by the time I set off again it was full on rush hour.  It added an extra two hours to the journey.

- The Credit Card
A couple of hours from home I stopped to fill up with petrol and the card was declined.  Luckily I had enough money to cover the cost of the petrol.  The credit card company had freaked out because there were a bunch of charges in Florida and they assumed it had been stolen.  My goodness.  It would have been nice if they'd checked with us first.  OTOH, if it *had* been stolen I would have been grateful for them jumping right on it.

- The time of the month
I got on the phone with Bert when the credit card was declined and said, "Seriously, what else could go wrong?" and 20 seconds later (or less...) Aunt Flo smacked my insides with a baseball bat.  At that point it got funny.  I mean, when everything bad happens at once, you can either break down or laugh about it. It was just ridiculously crazy.

We were very happy to get home.  The trip took 14.5 hours.

Saturday we did laundry.
Sunday we packed....again.
Monday we flew to Toronto.

Let me tell you.  It's COLD in Toronto.  I mean the kind of cold that when you step outside it takes your breath away.  There were snow piles waaay over our heads.  YIKES!  Clearly we're going to need massive coats and an entire wardrobe of thermal underwear. And fur lined boots.

A brief overview of the house hunting process:
- Relocation agent and real estate agents very helpful
- Houses all small and tall.  Lots of stairs.  I think one had five flights...with the bedrooms at the top and the laundry at the bottom behind a door that opened the wrong way.
Some were dirty.
Some had no parking.
Some were huge.
Some were waaay too far away.
One was a penthouse on the 41st floor which I FELL IN LOVE with...but then Andrew immediately tried to climb on the balcony railing to look down and we about had a heart attack.
One was old.
One was ok, but the neighbours' houses glared menacingly down into the little back garden.

And the last one was juuuust right.  A little bigger than I wanted (except the kitchen).  More stairs than I wanted (I didn't want ANY stairs), one flight of which is steep and makes my stomach churn.  Unfortunately the laundry is down those stairs...  BUT, it's a 7 minute commute for Bert to work.  Yeah.  That'll work.  Some of the guys at his work are doing a 1-1.5 hr commute EACH WAY every day.  Noooo no no no no no.  7 minutes works for us.

Pictures when it's ours.  Which it won't be until April 25th.

I have another post to write about the moving process.  Hold on to your hats for that one.  Of all the times we've moved, this has to be the most utterly disorganized, incompetent, and unprofessional, and frankly I think it will be a miracle if we ever see our stuff again.  And if we do, I have absolutely no doubt it will be in appalling condition.

Here's the view from the Penthouse that we didn't get.  I believe that's Toronto's Needle you see there in the distance.  The towers in the second picture are called the Marilyn Towers because they're so beautifully curvy. =)


jugglingpaynes said...

Oh my goodness, I'm so glad only the car was damaged in your accident! Between that and your credit card issue, I think you are due for some good fortune for your move. Prayers that everything goes smoothly!

Peace and Laughter!

Keeley said...

Thanks, Cristina! =) We sure need those prayers.

Blair Berdusco said...

Real estate agents can be really helpful, especially in the initial part of house hunting. They can make the hunting easy for you; just give them a hint of what you’re looking for in a house, and they'll do all the legwork for you! I hope you’re finally settled in your new home, or close to it. Cheers!

Blair Berdusco

Bennie Graham said...

Things can really go crazy sometimes. But it’s a relief that after the eventful day you've had, you were able to come home safe and do your normal routine the next day. And regarding your house hunting, it’s good to know that it’s finally over. How’s the moving experience? I hope it went smoothly.

Bennie Graham @ Golden Group Real Estate