Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Nana, Fish fingers and custard, Anton Krupicka

My Nana died last week.  Is it weird to say how happy I am for her?  She was suffering in terrible pain and was so unhappy and ready to go.  I'm so glad she's home again and out of pain.  I hurt for my Mum and her sisters though.  My Nana was a lady of incredible strength and endurance.  She had a difficult life and lived it as best she knew how with great courage.  I love her very much and am proud to be her granddaughter.

Doctor Who
We have become quite obsessed with Doctor Who in this household, and while our favourite is either nine or ten, we agree that number eleven is okay.  And thus, for dinner we had fish fingers and custard.

I thought they were pretty good, actually.  Andrew gagged.  Hahaha. =D

Anton Krupicka
He was coming to the local Fleet Feet and I forgot.  I know, crazy.  I promised Andrew that we could go swimming...and then my phone beeped and reminded me of the Krupicka meeting.  I didn't think we could fit in both, so I did what every self-respecting mother would do.  We went swimming.

And my sacrifice was not unrewarded for when we got there the pool was full of classes and we were unable to swim.  Outwardly sympathetic, inwardly I was all "MUHAHAHAHAAAA!" =D

So off to Fleet Feet we went.

And he. Was. AWESOME!  

Before I was all "Ok, ultrarunner.  Cool."  After meeting him I'm a bit starry-eyed. =P  Also, he's INSANE!!  My gosh, the amazing things he does on mountains. Astonishing.  

But more amazing things were to come when I chatted with him one on one.  He is the sweetest, nicest guy.  The kind of chap it would be an absolute pleasure to just sit and chat with.  We had a lovely conversation about injuries (he sympathized greatly about mine.  I sympathized greatly about his).  I thought he was interesting before I talked to him.  I thought he was *fabulous* after I talked to him.  What a lovely, lovely man.

He was very sweet with Andrew.  

Andrew took a picture of Anton and I.  

(Ugh. I don't like this picture of me. I wish I hadn't stood on tippy-toes.)  

Anton squatted a little, and I stood on my tippy toes, and we were giggling as Andrew took our picture.  

And then I trod on his toe when we hugged goodbye.  I apologised and he said it didn't matter cos worse had happened to them and I looked down and...yes, it appears worse has happened to them. Haha. =D  I wanted to get a picture but was too shy to ask.  Pity.

Andrew wanted his poster on the wall as soon as we got home.  I know how he feels.  I need to put mine up on a sort-of-hidden section of wall though, so Bert doesn't get jealous.  Ha! =D


Raina said...

Bert would get Jealous? I have no idea why...

I love fish fingers!!! What is this custard you speak of? I just put lemon on

Sorry about your Nana. :( I bet she was around during some pretty trying times- especially if in the UK during WW2. Big hugs to you!

Happy Thanksgiving!!

NattyBumpo said...

Just a quick note to let you know that I'm still alive and kicking. I'm certain your Nana is happy now.

Keeley said...

Thank you so much, Natty. I've been thinking of you and hope you're doing ok.

Keeley said...

I tried to post on your blog, but it wouldn't let me here's the Comment:

Happy New Year!!!

Hope 2013 brings you healing and happiness.