Monday, June 13, 2011

Ok, I won't delete it. Not until he's old enough to check out my blog anyway...

So enjoy it while it's here. And, furthermore, you must never admit you've seen these videos.

I heard singing. I went to investigate.
Goofy Goober RAWK!

And then he danced.

Enjoy. =)

Muskrat miles

Some time ago there was this crazy dude who challenged The Loop to run 3 miles every single day. If we quit before him, we had to hold up a poster saying, "Muskrat Love is my favourite song" If he quit before us, we got a handsome mug.

At first I said "Oh darn I can't do it because I don't run on Sundays" but he, curse him, gave me a Sunday Exemption. So me and my ITB pain were stuck. What kind of idiot signs up to run 3 miles at no slower than 15:00m/m when she has ITB pain?? Clearly, this idiot.

So out I went. Rain or shine. I ran 3 miles every day. It didn't take me long - the very first day, I think =D - to realize that I needed to do the run/walk thing or I was never going to survive and my ITB would explode into a million pieces. So I ran 4 minutes, walked 1. Every day except Sunday.

I tried to get the runs in in the morning, but sometimes my schedule didn't allow it and I found myself heading out the door late at night. Those runs weren't too bad actually, and I remembered that I really like running in the dark. No-one can see how slow you are if they can't see you....

Amazingly enough, my ITB got better. Who'd'a thunk? Near the end I got tired. Really tired. Several people quit the challenge and held up their posters declaring their love for that hideous song. Several times I wanted to quit and hold up the sign - but I just couldn't do it. Firstly, because I can't lie and say I love a song I hate. Secondly, because I'm too damn stubborn to give in. And Thirdly, because I couldn't be bothered to make the poster.

Then Zam declared she was going to stop at day 100, and Garbo offered to let everyone quit. We wouldn't get mugs, but we also wouldn't have to hold up the poster. WORKED FOR ME! Unfortunately no-one else got on board with the idea, curse them.

Then Alice showed her workplace - and there was a picture of the mug on the wall as a reminder and an encourager for her. This is the same Alice who continued running 3 miles a day right up to running a marathon....and then THE DAY AFTER THE MARATHON ran 3 miles. Woah.

Then Mildsauce smashed up her car and missed a day of running. Poor girl. =( I felt so bad for her. At which point Garbo declared the contest over and said everyone could get mugs, including Mildsauce. That Garbo. Such a softie. =)

So here's the sticker for reaching the 100 day mark. =)

And here's the mug!!

Even better, the mug came wrapped in AWESOME bubble wrap. The whole family was thrilled.


More Andrew stuff.

Playing hide-and-seek.

Andrew's been cycling with us so much..and doing fairly long distances...that we thought it only fair to get him his own cycling clothes. He chose the shirt - LOVES the hammerhead. =) His little padded shorts are so dang cute.

Believe it or not I took this pic when he was really sick. =D

Andrew's fencing instructor rents rooms in an Irish Dance studio - run by a woman from England... Anyway, after his fencing classes, Andrew LOVES to peek inside and watch the Irish dancing.

When I run in Pegram, I often see things like this:

The Many Faces of Andrew

Andrew's first Tri

Andrew competed in his first Tri! It was ridiculously cute. =) It was a 1 minute ride, a 1 minute run, and the "swim" portion was jumping through two sprinklers. Andrew was one of the oldest there and was in the last heat. He did a great job waiting ever so patiently for his turn.

Ready? Set....

Go go go!!!

He immediately got the post-event blues. He was sad it was over so soon.

But oh my good gravy is he proud of his medal. =)

His next tri is a bit more serious, with a 50 m swim, a 2k bike ride and a 1k run. He's much more nervous for it. I hope he has fun with it even so. I won't be there, which is just KILLING me. =( I'll be in Utah picking up Emily. Actually, at that point I'll be in Kansas. Bert says he'll take lots of pictures for me. =) Ooooh I hope Andrew has a good time and feels really accomplished and strong.

CRAM - Meh

Earlier this month Bert, Ben and I rode the CRAM.

So here was the deal on this one:
- Pre-registered riders were to get t-shirts. Day-of registrants weren't. come the pre-registered line to sign in/get wristbands was HUGE and the day-of registrant line was non-existent and they got all the t-shirts and the pre-registered riders had to put their names down to have a t-shirt sent to them? A t-shirt that has not yet arrived?

- No send off. There were official times for the various routes to leave; 7.30 for the 100 milers, 7.45 for the 62 milers, 8am for 35 and 20 milers. So Bert left at 7.30 and Ben and I waited til 8. 7.55am there were only two other riders left. No-one was there giving instructions or anything so we just...kind of...set off by ourselves. Ben was disappointed.

- First rest stop was at 10 miles. There were some off-brand nasty looking granola bars and rice krispie treats. Uuuggghhhh so gross! Ben and I looked at the box and decided to skip this rest stop. I didn't even get water, as my bottle was a little over half-full. I went to the port-a-potty. I hope we were allowed to use those. They were parked by a farmer's field some way back down the road and were kind of gross.

- So...we rode. It was beautiful! The course is really lovely. And flat. I like flat. =) And we rode. And we rode. Surely there'd be a rest stop at 15 or 17 miles, right, that's the half-way point? No. Ok....then CERTAINLY at 20 miles?
Ooookay, then as a last resort, as this was an out-and-back course we could stop by the first rest stop which would be at the 25 mile point at the ride and at least fill up on water.
Nope, it was gone.

Soooo...yeah. And the 35 miles turned out to be 38 miles. 38 miles on one bottle of water. GAH!

Furthermore, the course wasn't very well marked at all. We met up with one chap who had signed up to do the 20 miler but ended up doing the 38 because of course confusion. He was hurting. We felt so bad for him.

The spaghetti dinner at the end was good. We may do this ride again just because the course is so beautiful, but we'll make sure we have our own supplies and we won't rely on support again. Even the SAG support was conspicuous by its absence. On the website it says it's one of the best supported. Ooookay...slight false advertising there....

We rode right past the Kentucky border. So, of course, I deviated off course and rode a few feet into Kentucky just for the heck of it. =)

What on earth happened to this silo? Did a giant come along and squish it?

Ben and I had fun riding together. =) Bert had a better time as the 100 miles was better supported. Not great, but better.

Various pics



Andrew and Ben:

The view on a recent run:

I am so behind

Well my good gracious gravy I have ignored my poor little blog and it's been lonely and stuff. But! I'm about to make up for it - if blogger co-operates - and post a bunch of pics.

I'll start at the end.
On Saturday Bert, Ben and I did the Harpeth River Ride. We signed up some time ago cos Bert did it last year and loved it. After we signed up it was announced Lance Armstrong would be there so all of a sudden the ride totally filled up... =)

1500 cyclists descended on Nissan HQ in Franklin. Amongst them were Bert:


and myself:

Look at that gorgeous bike! I love my bike.

Here, Ben has just said something really cheeky:

We lined up in our spots - Ben and I in the 44 miler spot, Bert in the 100 miler spot. When we lined up, who should we see but Tim Ross! He was riding the 44 too.

So we lined up, then listened to various speeches from The Harpeth Bike Club President, Some dude from Nissan, and Lance himself....who, if I heard correctly (and I may not have because the sound wasn't all that great back where we were....) gave a Nissan 350Z to his friend. So. Perks, I guess.

Anyway, then we were OFF! Well. The Adaptive Athletes and Wounded Warriors were off. Then the 100 milers. Then the 62 milers. Then, finally, us. WHOOT! Ben dropped me immediately. HA! =D

I met up with him at the first rest stop, 7 miles down the road. He'd kept up with the SAG wagon for that entire 7 miles. DUDE! He said he was pushing so hard at one point he thought he was going to vomit. He waited 15 minutes for me.

At the second rest stop he waited about the same amount for me, so I told him to just go ahead and do his own thing and I'd see him at the end. I felt like I was holding him back.

Ben, Tim and I rode together for a little while, but Tim and Ben dropped me. Later I saw Tim waiting for me by the side of the road. As I pulled alongside he said, "Ben dropped me. He said to me, "I'm sorry, Brother Ross, I've got to go" and he took off." Hahahaha! =D Very polite of Ben.

Just after the second rest stop - the one with the pink flamingos WHOOOT!! How can you go wrong with pink flamingos? My gosh that rest stop was AWESOME! Watermelon. Ooooohhhhhhh baby. And potatoes. I cannot BELIEVE how good potatoes taste on these rides. And olives. It makes me weep to think about how delicious it was. I had 1/4 of a pb&j that was yum. Good times, good times.

So anyway just after the second rest stop all of a sudden a bunch of people were stopped just around the corner. "Is this the right way?" they were asking. I looked for the road markings and all I could see was a bunch of whited-out stuff. I whipped out my directions and it was the correct way so I told them that. Then another cyclist coming behind us said "Careful! There's a bunch of tacks on the road!" Wait...what??? So I went back and the chap and I tried to pick up as many as I can. There were SO many, clearly deliberately put there. =( The SAG wagon chap came along with a good stiff brush to brush them all off the road.

I don't understand why someone would do that. It's so sad. Apparently they did it at two other spots on the 100 miler...which means they knew this ride was happening, they found out what the route was, they bought the white paint and the tacks, and they drove around really early in the morning working their evil plot so they wouldn't get caught. =(

Aaaanyway, so here I was riding with Tim and we come to this massive evil hill. We're huffing and puffing climbing it and all of a sudden we hear gunshots. Lots and lots of gunshots, one after the other. Bam bam bam bam bam bam bam - for a good few minutes. Tim comes out with a really funny comment (and how he's able to speak going up this hill I have no idea) that makes me laugh. It certainly made that evil hill much more enjoyable.

But then Tim drops me too and I'm wandering on alone, enjoying the ride. At about mile 35 my knee does something funky that I don't like and that keeps me worried when it twinges as I go up hills. It's just fine now though. At mile 40 I start getting tired. By mile 42 I'm ready to be done. I know the road I'm on and can just taste the finish line. And finally - I'm in! WHOOT! 44 miles, baby! The longest I've ever ridden. They give me a medal which I LURV and take my timing chip. I look around for Ben but don't see him, so ride up to the van and load my bike on the rack. Ben turns up - he'd seen me come in and followed me up - and I load his bike too.

We head on back to the tent for apres ride deliciousness. I was hoping for watermelon and some lettuce and tomato on a wheat bun. No such luck. Pizza and chips. Ew. Ben was ecstatic. I think he ate an entire pizza by himself.

We waited for a bit. Ben wanted to leave but I wanted to see Bert and Lance come in. As we were waiting Bert texted. He'd ridden with Lance for the first 30 miles - some of the way right beside him - but then had dropped out because he knew he couldn't do the whole 100 at that speed. We were all pretty dang geeked that he got to ride with Lance for a bit. =)

So we waited for Lance to come in:

After Lance came in I took Ben and the bikes home. The Zollingers, who were looking after Andrew...well, McKenna was...brought Andrew home. I was SO grateful! So Andrew and I dashed back to Nissan so we could see Bert come in. It was AWESOME! =) We were so happy to see him.

It was an absolutely fabulous day. One of the best rides I've ever been on. The volunteers were lovely and rest stops were SO good. We'll definitely do this one again next year. Only I'll do the 62. Or maybe the 100. Weeeeell, possibly not the 100. I don't do Pulltight hill.