Wednesday, March 09, 2011

In other news...

Bert informed me that our dog turned 10 yesterday.

His name is Maus.

You say it "mouse". It means...uhm..."mouse".

When we first got him he was the size of a hamster and when he tried to bark all he could do was squeak.

We were going to call him something fancy schmancy and in the meantime Bert would call him "Du kleine Maus"...and he started answering to it, so the name stuck. =)

He's been pretty sick lately. His heart is giving out and he's on a lot of medication.

Someday soon his heart will give out. I'll miss the little hairball when it does.

But in the meantime he's the perfect dog for our family. Very quiet and peaceful. Obedient with a sweet disposition.

Happy Birthday for yesterday, Maus.

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Hanging in there

Today was my baby's due date.

Which doesn't mean much really - I always give birth early. (3 weeks, 10 days, 1 week)

I had a hard night last Tuesday which wasn't much fun. But thus far today hasn't been too bad really. Andrew's sick which has kept me somewhat occupied. I think it's a pretty damn good excuse to buy some sushi and eat some chocolate though, eh? *sigh*

The nights are always the worst. If I'm lucky I'll be so tired when I get to bed that I'll just crash.

All I need to do now is keep busy and not think about it for the rest of the day.

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

I am nothing if not obedient. Oh yes, and it's my youngest's birthday today.

I am updating this blog because my daughter told me to. And I do everything she tells me to do all the time. =)

Today, Andrew turns 6!! We've been saying he's "getting old" and "getting really big" all day and he nods his head in agreement. I think he's feeling really grown up. =) SO cute.

Run down of the day:
5am - up. Yeah. FIVE AM!!! But we wanted to open pressies as a family and Ben has seminary thus we had to open gifts early.
5.15 or thereabouts: Open gifts namely:
A fabulous bike from the family and all the grandparents combined.
Super Mario Galaxy 2
Lego Ninjago (Kai and Cole) which Andrew insists on calling "Nin-jerko" much to his teen brother's amusement
Rocket balloons that you blow up and when you let them go they whizz around going "WHHHEEEEEEEEE" really loudly and make Andrew and I giggle.
Star Wars Madlibs
Penguins of Madagascar comic book
The Boy who Conquered Everest

5.45am - Andrew plays SMG2, I take Ben to seminary
6.30am - We blow up balloons. Then we put together the lego ninjas and battle each other furiously using the WII controllers as an arena.
7am - Bert leaves for work. Can you believe he had to go in early on Andrew's birthday?
10am - skype call from the grandparents
10.30am: More Ninjago
11am: Andrew wanted to go to McDonalds for his birthday lunch. So we went. And stayed there THREE HOURS while he played. He had the time of his life. My brain melted.
2.30: Home. Andrew in bath to clean him up from his McDonald adventures
This evening he's asked to have sushi for his birthday meal. WHOOT!! Works for me. =)

I should post pics. Ain't gonna happen today. Maybe tomorrow. =P