Saturday, January 29, 2011

My parents are homeless, and a blast from the past

Beloveds, I think it's hysterical that I can now seriously tell people that my parents are homeless. They signed the contracts on Thursday, and were out of the house on Friday. And currently have no other house to move into. =D They are looking - and what a great buying position they're in right now. I envy them. Though I think the move has been quite stressful for them thus far. Hopefully they're able to purchase a home they love.

Today was WICKED awesome. Firstly, Andrew woke me up just before 7am because he'd had a nightmare (that wasn't awesome) but then I dozed for just over an hour. Then I got in a rockin' workout for an hour and a half which included:

- Bike. Tried spinning and keeping good form. Felt a tug along the outside of my leg so kept it nice and easy and didn't push it
- Strength. One of the first apps I downloaded on my iphone was the Nike Training Center for Women thing which I'm really enjoying. I did a strength workout and it was great.
- Abs. Another great NTC workout
- Stretching. Oh baby. Soooooooo good. Can I tell you how good it felt? Ohhhh it was goooooood.
- Foam rolling. Ow. That is all. Just Ow. My poor butt and ITB.

Then I hopped into the shower then took Andrew to his basketball game. He did fine, though his coach is a little too intense for my liking. These are 5 year olds! At the YMCA! Lighten up dude.

Then we went shopping at Kroger - Andrew is getting to the age where I need to not take him so I believe shopping day may change to Mondays. Then we came home and I put all the shopping away - i hate doing that.
Then I made lunch.
Then I did the dishes.
Then I did the laundry.
Then I made: a big pot of Mexican bean soup, a big pot of beef stew, a ton of roasted vegetables, a big bunch o' salad. I didn't get to the cookies, dangit. But maybe tomorrow. =)
Then I made dinner.
Then I prepared my lesson for tomorrow.

WHOOOT! It was a day of accomplishing things. However, as much as I accomplished, my beloved accomplished a lot more. He rode 101 miles. Again. The man is a BEAST!!!

FURTHERMORE! My daughter PRed in her 5k this morning. =)

And now I'm tired. And need some ice cream. But not before I share this fabulous music with you. I was sitting here and right out of the blue I remembered a song by Japan that I loved in my youth. Within a few seconds I was on YouTube & had found it. I love technology!

Friday, January 28, 2011

The colour purple

I picked up my phone and noticed something. And it caused me to look around. And here's what I saw.

I saw my computer, which is purple, the desktop of which has purple hues. The border of Firefox also has purple hues. The toolbar has a pic of a woman holding a massive gun. That's neither here nor there. Except for the fact that I like that pic.

My mouse is blue, because I couldn't find a purple one.

My iphone has a purple case on it.

I have a pen case next to my computer. It's purple. Sitting on top of it is a purple fountain pen and a purple micro pen thingie. I don't know what it's called. Inside the purple pen case are:
a purple rubber
a purple dry erase marker
a purple sharpie
a purple not-fountain pen
a purple biro
another purple fountain pen
a silver and blue fountain pen (we'll ignore those)
a purple ruler
two purple sharpeners
a purple fly named Farley (don't ask)
two purple pencil grips
four blue ink cartridges (ignore)
a green and blue pencil grip (ignore)
a scripture marking pen (red)
two more purple biros
and a purple pencil.

To the left of my computer are a pair of purple earbuds.

I am currently wearing a jumper. Sweater. Whatever. Same thing, different language. Anyway, I'm wearing it. Guess what colour it is?

Ok. Now guess my favourite colour.

Living with Leukemia

A video of our friends, The Grays, whose 6 month old, Mikhael, was diagnosed with leukemia just before Christmas.

This is Mikhael's care page:

Monday, January 24, 2011

Nothing to see here.

Well. I didn't run this morning. Because I must rest and recover and allow my slow-working Wolverine gland to rejuvenate and repair my body. It feels weird. I don't know what to do with myself. I find myself fantasizing about running.

And I've suddenly put on 4lbs. How in the world did that happen? I have to weigh in at WW tomorrow and I'm 5lbs over. Yeaaaaaaah. That's not good. Going to have to pay. I hate paying.

I'm coming to the conclusion that although I'm happy with my body at 120lbs, my body really wants to be 130lbs. It's where it keeps bouncing back to whenever it gets the slightest chance. Do I give into it? Or do I fight and keep my weight low? Thoughts? Opinions?

I have nothing of interested to tell you. The movers are coming to my parents' house tomorrow. Tomorrow. I never lived in the dang place but I'm having trouble with the idea of it being sold just like it was my childhood home. What. The. Heck. is up with that? Bizarreness.

However, when we visit them in the future we'll be going to Cyprus. How cool is that, eh? Can't be beat.

Here's an interesting video of Nissi Beach. What's bizarre about this vid? The amount of people!!! What's with all the people? Last time we were there there was *no-one*. Furthermore, we used to call it Messy Beach because of all the seaweed. Where's the seaweed? What happened to it? Bizarre.

Anyway! On to other stuff. Here are the rules of trail running.

Here's a graphic showing Homeschooling by the Numbers:

To vacuum or not to vacuum, that's the question.

How to feel beautiful.

A conversation I had with Ben:

I walk into the house.

Ben: hey
Me: Hey hot stuff, what's up?
Ben: Oh. You know. Just eating my own arm.
Me: Taste good?
Ben: No.
Me: Oh. Well put some barbeque sauce on it then.

This is the kind of conversation Ben and I have ALL. THE. TIME.
And yes, I do tell my children they are hot stuff. Because they are. Don't argue with me.

Things I have said to my son.
When he was five: "BEN! Stop eating the furniture!"
When he was six or seven: "BEN! Don't spit in the pool!"
Yesterday: "BEN! Stop eating your phone."

Alright. Thatisall. I must now get ready for a faaaabulous lunch date with a faaaabulous friend. =) I'm looking forward to it. Though something tells me this isn't going to help my weight loss any...unless I laugh it all off. =D

Saturday, January 22, 2011

A bunch of pictures. Just for fun.

I quote Andrew: "This equipment is Awesome!" "I love running!" =)

Snow in our back garden

Snow in our back garden at night.

My feet.

The book that TriciaRunning from Twitter sent me because I was the 1400th subscriber to her blog. I KNOW. Awesome, eh?

Art by Andrew

Andrew's little hamster, "Nugget" enjoying miso soup at Sake.

Well. Dang.

This week was a recovery week which is good because I needed to recover. The long run on this recovery week was 13 miles. A measly stinkin' 13 miles. That's all! I mean my gosh! I can do that in my sleep.


Dragged myself out of bed at 5.30, got ready, and off I went. Before the first mile was over I'd had to stretch out my right leg four or five times because it was really tight and icky behind the knee.

A couple of miles into it I had a good at least 5 minute walk as I contacted the police because I could smell and hear gas leaking from some pipes near the soccer fields.

Just over 2.5 miles into it I stopped at home to go to the loo.

As I started into the second loop, my knee really started hurting. I stretched it. I took multiple walk breaks. But in the end I could only come to one conclusion: This really hurts. And I'm really injured. And I'm really sad.

I was listening to Chris Russell's "Run Run Live" podcast number 155 - a very special podcast. A, may I say, incredibly amazing podcast. And not just because yours truly did the intro. Ok, maybe that was part of it. =D But anyway, OTHER than the fact that I did the intro, the podcast was amazing. Inspirational. Informative. Etc. And I'd like to point out that episode 156 features artwork by my son. Thank you.

Anyway, just when my thoughts were solidifying thusly: "Oh my gosh. This isn't just a small one-week recovery. This is a big deal. This is going to take a long time. Oh my gosh. Oh no. I'm not going to be able to do the 60k. I'm really not going to be able to do it. I can't believe it. Oh no no no no no..." etc - just as these thoughts were solidifying, a song came on the podcast.

A very apropos song. A brilliant song. A really stinkin' funny song by Resurrected Runner. It was called "The day the Running died" sung to the tune of "The day the music died". I encourage you all to download Chris' podcast to listen to this fabulous song. Hahahahahahahahaaaa! In the midst of all my sad thoughts this made me laugh and brought a feeling of optimism.

Anyway, so the 60k is out. I felt pretty weepy about it on the run, especially while I was walking home I saw two fleet-feeted gazelle runners. *sigh* Oh well. Time to focus on healing and recovering. Bert wants me to do the Country music half with him this year. I will if I'm able to. I have plans in the back of my mind to do the Nashville Ultra 50k in October. We'll see how my leg feels come June before I totally solidify that decision.

And I think I'm going to post a bunch of pictures in the next post. Just for fun. =)

Friday, January 21, 2011

Well howdy!


Has it really been nine days since I last put fingers to keyboard and waffled aimlessly in my blog? What is WRONG with me?

Snow day today. WHOOT! I love snow days. Hold on. Wait. Let me see if I can get these pics off my phone and into my computer. Uuuhhhhmmmm.....

Well that only took an hour.

It's been going very well. I've done 11 miles this week which is very good compared to last. My training plan says 13 for tomorrow so I think I will run the 2 mile loop by the house over and over. That will allow me to do 13 if I can, or less if my ITB starts hurting. We'll just see how it goes.

I've also been biking quite a bit, and doing weights and ab workouts. It turns out my Visiting Teaching companion is a personal trainer and nutritionist - Yeah, I KNOW! How cool is that? She's very busy but I'm hoping she can fit me into her schedule. I'd like to get whatever-I-need-to-get-strengthened strengthened so I quit having these dang injuries. I need to run! I need to run long! Please body, keep up with my head!

There's more news. I can't think of it right now. I must dash off to take Andrew to his gym class. I have oodles of photos that I just stuck on my computer so I think my next post will be image rich. =D

Love y'all!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Pictures. Because my Mother asked for them, and I love her.

These have been THE most AWESOME of days. Now, admittedly, I could have got a LOT done and been really productive. But....why? So I didn't. Instead I have caught up on email, taken children to the doctors (Andrew has the usual winter allergies that plague him every year, and Ben has an ear infection), gone food shopping, done laundry and...well, pretty much nothing else. WHOOOOT!!!!

I should probably have done the dishes as well. Better get to that.

Anyway, so I thought I would finally post the pictures I told my beloved Momma I would post.

An accurate representation of our family.

Pretending to be normal.

Hoping the dog makes us look even more normal.

Pic of me as per my Momma's request.

This is what my children normally look like. No kidding. Especially Emily and Ben. I inherited my insanity from them.

A photo taken of the three of us unawares. Except Emily. Who appears to be very aware. =)

Andrew in front of the Christmas tree being an uber excited happy 5 year old on Christmas morning. =)

Two of my boys.

I LOVE this picture. Ben is absolutely thrilled to pieces with the scarf Emily made him but is trying to be all cool about it. And the look of love on Emily's face just about makes me want to start bawling.

Ben, duck lips, and pretty much the best guitar case money can buy.

Totally random pics just for fun

My Mum's wedding veil and headband. Beautiful, eh? Wait. Let me see if I can find a picture of her.

Here we go.

My Mother. Yeah, I know. Stunning, eh?

My Father.

My Mother and Father.

My friend, Simon (left) who I've known since I was 11 or 12. His partner, Marcel (right), and in the middle - ALISON MOYET. Yes. THE Alison Moyet. I KNOW! Doesn't she look amazing? She looks ten years younger than she did 20 years ago.

A note Andrew wrote me. Apparently, he is the banana.

Creative Children and Carol Birdsong

Some of the children hip youths at my son's school wrote a song for Williamson County Schools Communications Director Carol Birdsong. She has called a snow day three days this week. ALL HAIL CAROL BIRDSONG!!!! We love her! =)

So Ben had a four day week last week, a two day week this week, and a four day week next week cos of MLK day. YES!! What an awesome start to the year.

Anyway. As Chris Russell says, On. With. The Show.

Monday, January 10, 2011

The Survey!

I've been meaning to put this survey on my blog. I nicked it off Juanita, who, in turn, nicked it off Ms. Ritz on The Loop. Everyone who reads it is tagged. Tag! I got y'all! And please tell me when you've posted it so I can come see it. =)

In my dreams, I...can run forever and not get tired, and it feels so smooth and sweet. Like breathing. I was chasing a train in flip flops and they felt so firm and secure on my feet. I imagine this is what running will be like in Heaven.

My favorite book is...Bleak House by Charles Dickens. Also, Believing Christ by Steven Robinson. I don't have a running related one.

My favorite movie is... I don't really have one. But I really really want to see "Hood to Coast".

My breakthrough was... The day I completed the couch-to-5k podcast for the day...and decided to run an extra five minutes just because. Which led to running an extra ten...which led to running two podcasts per day....which led to.....

My favorite run is... the long run. Gosh I love it.

My favorite season to run is...Spring or Autumn. Deliciousness.

My favorite distance is... Don't know, haven't run them all yet.

My favorite race is
... Don't know, haven't run them all yet.

I started running because of... Weight Watchers. They said "Exercise!" and I was like "GROAN!" but complied, thank goodness.

My reason to keep running is... Because it's hard. Because it pushes me. Because I'm not sure I can really do it. Because it's something that doesn't come naturally to me, so when I actually get out there and do it I feel like I've really accomplished something. Because I like being not-40lbs-overweight.

I knew I was a runner for life when... I don't know that yet. I hope I am. I pray I am. But who knows what the future will bring.

I am most scared of... failing.

My main goal as a runner is... to keep on running. To have an excellent running foundation. To be strong.

Your turn!!! Tell me all about it. =)

Quotes and jokes from the children

"Haven't you gone through menopause yet? Aren't you like 70 or something?"

"You're so squishy when I hug you like this."
"I love your floppy arms"
"I wish you could have another baby before you die. Because I want one."

Andrew jokes
Knock knock
who's there?
interrupting cow

Knock knock
Who's there?
Interrupting pig

Knock knock
Who's there?
Interrupting screaming boy

Hahahahahaa =D Made it up all by himself. I'm so proud. =)

I love snow days. Except when I have to go out in them. And I have no milk.

Massive snowstorm last night. Snow day today WHOOT!!! Wrote to ladies of the ward bribing them to take Andrew sledding so I don't have to. No takers yet. =) I offered money and cookies! How could they resist?

DH said he'd go shopping for me to purchase much needed supplies - the most salient of which being MILK. However, he then ran late and so I said I'd go and he was really really relieved. Poopy. Now I have to get off the couch and put on warm stuff and brave the evil white stuff.

I told Ben I'd pay him to take Andrew out sledding. He wanted $15. FIFTEEN DOLLARS! I said I'd feed him if he took him out and I wouldn't starve him to death. He laughed. LAUGHED! Like he was sure I wouldn't really starve him. What? Obviously I'm not scary and threatening enough.

I have things to post on this blog. Important things. Things you want to read. Unfortunately I can't remember what they are. I believe I promised my parents to put pictures of the family on the blog. Actually, pictures of me specifically. So be prepared, blogreaders. I must gather up my courage in the near future and put those pics up.

That's all for today. Ok. That's all for now. I'll probably waffle some more today. It's a snow day and I'll be staying indoors for most of it. What else am I doing to do except waffle to you?

Dress warmly, beloveds! Don't freeze!

Sunday, January 09, 2011

My son drank all the milk





AND he ate an ENTIRE pizza while we were at church and so therefore was too full to eat Sunday dinner with us - which because of my husband's schedule is THE ONLY meal we get to eat together as a family each week. Yeah. One meal a week together. That's it. And he was too dang full to eat with us.


No hot chocolate. No peanut butter chocolate smoothies. No caro made with milk. No cereal.

Please excuse me. I'm going to sob now. It's either that or beat the prickly teen, one of the two. And I don't want to beat the teen.


Saturday, January 08, 2011

My first 20 miler!!! =)

I had 23 miles on the books today and I was very very very very nervous about it. Really nervous.

I set my alarm clock at 6am to give myself an hour to get ready/eat breakfast etc. I turned it off instead of hitting snooze and didn't wake up until 6.47am. GAH! I threw on my stuff and headed on out. Yes. Without breakfast. I know. *sigh*

I chose a circuit that was about 10 miles that I'd run twice and add a little bit more so I could stop back at the house for a potty break. I was marveling that this is the circuit that a few weeks ago I had to take a deep breath to run once. And I was running it twice. Wow.

The weather was exceptionally cold. Very very cold. It snowed quite a bit during the first circuit, and though it didn't during the second, the temperatures dropped significantly. My fingers just HURT.

I ran along, walking the "uphills" (just gentle rises really, but I walked 'em anyway). The first circuit was tiring but fine.

Just a short way into the second circuit I began feeling tired and worn out. I thought this was normal. It took me a few miles to realize that this was a massive bonk. I hadn't fueled correctly before the run, and I didn't fuel adequately during the run. I walked for a long time. I couldn't face another gu. Then I remembered I'd stuffed a Balance Bar in my camelbak so I chowed down on the frozen thing. Man it was good! A short while after that (and I'd been walking about 3 miles or so by this point..) I felt so much better and ready to run again.

As soon as I started off I felt a wicked pain on the outside of my left knee. Holy cow!!! It altered my gait and I was limping. At this point I thought "I can push the pace and force myself to make it home running, and possibly injure myself a great deal...or I can walk home and hopefully save myself from a painful injury."

I decided to walk home. I ran for maybe 2 to 3 more miles off and on. And by run I mean a pace of maybe 12:00-13:00.

I also made the decision to cut the run short and do just 20 rather than the planned 23. I was disappointed, but I also knew I'd made the right choice.

So, 20 miles in 4:31 - which is not bad at all considering all the walking I did.

I arrived home in pain, aching, exhausted, starving, and shivering. I was soooo cold. I wanted to crawl into a hot bath and have someone bring me hot food and then crawl into a warm bed and sleep the rest of the day away. Unfortunately I had to take Andrew to his basketball game so that was out of the question.

During the run:
- Water
- Perpetuum 1 bottle
- 1 balance bar
- 1 hammer gel
- 2 gu

Post run nosh:
- whole wheat tortilla with egg whites and barbeque sauce
- A slice of cake with buttermilk syrup on top
- A banana
- Recoverite
- Roma (a warm barley drink that's sort of a coffee substitute but only people like Mormons would think it's an adequate substitute. Most coffee drinkers would think it was appallingly disgusting. However, I like it. =))

Then it was shower, throw on clothes, and go to basketball. Should have stretched more and rolled, but oh well.

I thought I'd managed to avoid injury, as my knee felt surprisingly ok for a while. However, I sat during the basketball game and when I got up...Oh WOW!!!! Oh holy cow!!!!! The pain on bending my knee was something else...and even swinging my leg hurt. The pain has come and gone throughout today, occasionally radiating from my hip to my ankle. Sometimes it's fine, sometimes it really hurts.

I am seriously pondering this 60k. I don't know. If this is what 20 miles does to me, what will nearly 40 do? At this point I know I can do a marathon....but just over 37 miles??? I'm worried. I want to be an ultrarunner for life, not kill myself on the first attempt and vow never to do it again.

Am I being realistic or indulging in Runner's Pessimism here because of a disappointing run? Thoughts/advice?

I hope everyone had a really fabulous weekend. I hope your runs/plans/whatever went fabulously and you are feeling great and accomplished. And that your knees and legs don't hurt like the dickens. =)

Oh, btw, I've eaten what feels like almost non-stop since my run, and I'm STILL hungry! My tummy just plain HURTS like I haven't given it anything for days.

Continuation of the jury duty post

I'm so sorry I quit in the middle of the post yesterday. We were called into the court so I had to quit typing and then it got really busy.

Anyway. Where was I? In my run yesterday morning I pondered the case and came to the conclusion, upon weighing the facts, that she was guilty. Total bummer. I really really really really didn't want her to be.

Of course I was undecided again once the lawyers gave their closing statements. Deliberations went very well. I have to say the other members of the jury were some of the nicest people you could ever hope to meet.

It was just myself and one other gentleman who were undecided. It took....I don't know...2 hours? Of deliberating before the both of us were settled in our mind. Two members of the jury came up to me and thanked me for my courage. I was so touched. I didn't think I was being particularly courageous; I just knew this was someone's life I was handling so I had to be absolutely sure. It's nice to think other people think good things about you, even if they're unwarranted, so I treasure what they said. =)

I worry about the young lady and the impact this will have on her life. I really hope she dumped the dude that let her take the fall, and I hope he had the book thrown at him. I hope this experience will help her to make better choices in the future. I didn't stay around for sentencing, so I don't know what happened there. I wish I did know...otoh I'm a little glad I don't.

Because we were in court for two full days the Judge said we could be excused jury duty next week. WHOOT! That makes life a lot less complicated for us. =)

Friday, January 07, 2011

Jury Duty

I'm sitting in the jury room waiting to be called into court for the second day of the trial. Both parties have rested. Today we just ha ve closing statements, the charging of the jury, and deliberation. I'm hoping I will be chosen as alternate so I can go home. Something tells me that won't happen though.

I've already annoyed a fellow juror. Sigh. She felt attacked and on the defensive when another juror teased her about being a mean mother. I made an innocent comment shortly thereafter that was taken as an attack when it was in no way meant to be. Sigh. SO thankful I'm a SAHM. Humans are really weird.

I ran 8 miles this morning and pondered the case.....Hahahaha!!!! We've just chosen a foreman much to his chagrin. I'm tickled everyone wanted the same guy I'd already been thinking about. Group think is occasionally useful. :)

Anyway while running I pondered the case ....

Sunday, January 02, 2011

First post of the New Year - and I'm waffling about nothing in particular. As usual. Move along. Nothing to see here.

I can hear my daughter and her two friends in her bedroom. I turn to my husband and say something that I have censored because while it's funny it could also be taken the wrong way and be hurtful even though it's not meant that way.
This makes my husband laugh and declare, "I love you!"

Apparently it's an untypical thing for a woman to say. I will add that to my list of non-womanly traits:
1. I hate shopping
2. I really hate clothes shopping
3. I don't know why anyone needs more than 3 pairs of shoes. 4 max.
4. I really hate talking on the phone.
5. I don't know why anyone needs more than 4 outfits. 5, maybe.
6. I'm not telling you this one because it's none of your business so nyah!

At this moment in time I have a TON of outfits because my friend went through her wardrobe and gave me a bunch of clothes. I currently own more clothes than I think I've ever owned in my life.

Of course, none of the above applies to running stuff. I have 3 prs running shoes
- My old old ones which are now my biking shoes
- My old ones which are my everyday walking-around shoes
- My ones that I run in now

I think it's perfectly obvious to any sane-minded person that I need at least one, if not two more pairs of running shoes.

Furthermore, one can never have too many running capris/skirts/tights/trousers/tops etc. I need more.

I would like to qualify the above statements, "I hate shopping, I really hate clothes shopping", adding the rider "unless it's shopping for running stuff."

Though truth be told I have a limit for that too. But I only reach that limit after several hours rather than five minutes.

This is not what I wanted to write for my first blogpost of 2011
But it's what's in my mind. Therefore, it's what is on the page.

There is one unwomanly trait that I definitely do not have. I definitely do not like watching sports. Boooorrriiing. I couldn't care less about football, American football, rugby, golf, basketball, baseball, or any other thing like unto them.

I AM interested in ultrarunners though. And I do really like freestyle motocross. And I'm vaguely interested in snowboarding. And suchlike stuff.

Alright. I had something else to say. What was it? Oh yes.

My other hip hurts now. WHAT THE HECK?!?!?!?!!!!???!!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!

Hellooooooooo - I believe I have 45 miles planned this upcoming week. I don't have time for this.

So. I think I'll just jump in where I am and see how my body holds out. Hahaha. =D If it complains too vigorously I'll slow down a bit. Or not. We shall see what this week brings. This whole training-for-an-ultra thing is an experiment anyway, just to see if I can do it. I'm learning as I go.

I'm shutting up now. For I must plan my menu for next week. Want to know what it is? =) Me too. I'll let you know when I'm done. Maybe. If I remember.

Oh Oh OH!!! I wanted to tell you this last time I wrote but I couldn't because he hadn't officially been called yet - but my dh has been called as Gospel Doctrine teacher. Yeah, my calling! =) Which means we'll be team teaching WHOOOT! Hopefully this means we will spend many spiritual hours together, not that we'll rip each other's heads off in disagreements on which direction to take the class. Haha! And hopefully this doesn't bruise my fragile ego as he's pretty good practically perfect in everything he puts his mind to.

Nervous? Me?