Monday, June 13, 2011

Muskrat miles

Some time ago there was this crazy dude who challenged The Loop to run 3 miles every single day. If we quit before him, we had to hold up a poster saying, "Muskrat Love is my favourite song" If he quit before us, we got a handsome mug.

At first I said "Oh darn I can't do it because I don't run on Sundays" but he, curse him, gave me a Sunday Exemption. So me and my ITB pain were stuck. What kind of idiot signs up to run 3 miles at no slower than 15:00m/m when she has ITB pain?? Clearly, this idiot.

So out I went. Rain or shine. I ran 3 miles every day. It didn't take me long - the very first day, I think =D - to realize that I needed to do the run/walk thing or I was never going to survive and my ITB would explode into a million pieces. So I ran 4 minutes, walked 1. Every day except Sunday.

I tried to get the runs in in the morning, but sometimes my schedule didn't allow it and I found myself heading out the door late at night. Those runs weren't too bad actually, and I remembered that I really like running in the dark. No-one can see how slow you are if they can't see you....

Amazingly enough, my ITB got better. Who'd'a thunk? Near the end I got tired. Really tired. Several people quit the challenge and held up their posters declaring their love for that hideous song. Several times I wanted to quit and hold up the sign - but I just couldn't do it. Firstly, because I can't lie and say I love a song I hate. Secondly, because I'm too damn stubborn to give in. And Thirdly, because I couldn't be bothered to make the poster.

Then Zam declared she was going to stop at day 100, and Garbo offered to let everyone quit. We wouldn't get mugs, but we also wouldn't have to hold up the poster. WORKED FOR ME! Unfortunately no-one else got on board with the idea, curse them.

Then Alice showed her workplace - and there was a picture of the mug on the wall as a reminder and an encourager for her. This is the same Alice who continued running 3 miles a day right up to running a marathon....and then THE DAY AFTER THE MARATHON ran 3 miles. Woah.

Then Mildsauce smashed up her car and missed a day of running. Poor girl. =( I felt so bad for her. At which point Garbo declared the contest over and said everyone could get mugs, including Mildsauce. That Garbo. Such a softie. =)

So here's the sticker for reaching the 100 day mark. =)

And here's the mug!!

Even better, the mug came wrapped in AWESOME bubble wrap. The whole family was thrilled.



slow ernie said...

Hideous song? I respectfully dissent. Garbo's a great guy? I concur.

NattyBumpo said...

I was told by the ruler of said contest that I was not allowed to enter since I was a "ghost" at the time. Clearly you are a better runner than I. I would have stuck it out, save for the fact that I have been effectively banished from the Loop. The place is no longer any fun.

And Ernie, you really are pretty cool even if...

Anonymous said...

LOVE the mug! I didn't hear about the contest until it started, but probably wouln't have signed up...too wussy... You rocked the challenge and totally deserve the mug!!


Keeley said...

@ Slow Ernie - it is too hideous! =)
@ Natty - it is still a fun place. Well, the people are. The pluck is really really really really really really irritating.
@JGF - Thank you! =)

Ritsumei said...

Woot you!! That mug is awesome, and it sounds like you *really* earned it!