Monday, June 13, 2011

CRAM - Meh

Earlier this month Bert, Ben and I rode the CRAM.

So here was the deal on this one:
- Pre-registered riders were to get t-shirts. Day-of registrants weren't. come the pre-registered line to sign in/get wristbands was HUGE and the day-of registrant line was non-existent and they got all the t-shirts and the pre-registered riders had to put their names down to have a t-shirt sent to them? A t-shirt that has not yet arrived?

- No send off. There were official times for the various routes to leave; 7.30 for the 100 milers, 7.45 for the 62 milers, 8am for 35 and 20 milers. So Bert left at 7.30 and Ben and I waited til 8. 7.55am there were only two other riders left. No-one was there giving instructions or anything so we just...kind of...set off by ourselves. Ben was disappointed.

- First rest stop was at 10 miles. There were some off-brand nasty looking granola bars and rice krispie treats. Uuuggghhhh so gross! Ben and I looked at the box and decided to skip this rest stop. I didn't even get water, as my bottle was a little over half-full. I went to the port-a-potty. I hope we were allowed to use those. They were parked by a farmer's field some way back down the road and were kind of gross.

- So...we rode. It was beautiful! The course is really lovely. And flat. I like flat. =) And we rode. And we rode. Surely there'd be a rest stop at 15 or 17 miles, right, that's the half-way point? No. Ok....then CERTAINLY at 20 miles?
Ooookay, then as a last resort, as this was an out-and-back course we could stop by the first rest stop which would be at the 25 mile point at the ride and at least fill up on water.
Nope, it was gone.

Soooo...yeah. And the 35 miles turned out to be 38 miles. 38 miles on one bottle of water. GAH!

Furthermore, the course wasn't very well marked at all. We met up with one chap who had signed up to do the 20 miler but ended up doing the 38 because of course confusion. He was hurting. We felt so bad for him.

The spaghetti dinner at the end was good. We may do this ride again just because the course is so beautiful, but we'll make sure we have our own supplies and we won't rely on support again. Even the SAG support was conspicuous by its absence. On the website it says it's one of the best supported. Ooookay...slight false advertising there....

We rode right past the Kentucky border. So, of course, I deviated off course and rode a few feet into Kentucky just for the heck of it. =)

What on earth happened to this silo? Did a giant come along and squish it?

Ben and I had fun riding together. =) Bert had a better time as the 100 miles was better supported. Not great, but better.

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