Monday, June 13, 2011

Andrew's first Tri

Andrew competed in his first Tri! It was ridiculously cute. =) It was a 1 minute ride, a 1 minute run, and the "swim" portion was jumping through two sprinklers. Andrew was one of the oldest there and was in the last heat. He did a great job waiting ever so patiently for his turn.

Ready? Set....

Go go go!!!

He immediately got the post-event blues. He was sad it was over so soon.

But oh my good gravy is he proud of his medal. =)

His next tri is a bit more serious, with a 50 m swim, a 2k bike ride and a 1k run. He's much more nervous for it. I hope he has fun with it even so. I won't be there, which is just KILLING me. =( I'll be in Utah picking up Emily. Actually, at that point I'll be in Kansas. Bert says he'll take lots of pictures for me. =) Ooooh I hope Andrew has a good time and feels really accomplished and strong.


Small Town Runner said...

Oh this is GREAT! I can't let my kids see it though, Or you can be sure I will have to organize something like this for the neighborhood. Ah...maybe i should!

Keeley said...

I think you should. =) The kidlets had a blast. They were all about the bling - so cute.

Ritsumei said...

Sweet! I didn't know they had kiddie stuff like this?

I wanna do a kiddie tri. Maybe I'd do good there!

Keeley said...

Ritsumei, there appear to be a plethora of kids tris around here this year. I think they're gaining in popularity which is cool cos they're so much fun. I'm sure there's probably a few in your area. Maybe check at the local rec center or ymca or something?