Saturday, April 16, 2011

Prom and fencing fun

Got to post this quick as the DH came back from his 40 mile bike ride full of pep and vinegar and wants to take us out to Sweet Ceces. =D He's so cool.

Ok, first is Ben's Prom.

No wait, first is info about Ben's new school.
It was clear that Independence wasn't working out for Ben. The teachers were too busy to help him; they have so many other children to think about and Ben was completely passionless and uninterested in school. So he was totally falling through the cracks. Furthermore...there was just other not-good stuff going on. After a particularly not-good thing, we decided to pull him out of Independence.

To cut a very long story short after several weeks of searching Bert found a school that we thought would work; I may post more about the school later when I have a little more time. I went to check it out last Weds. Ben went for the day on Fri to see if he liked it. He did. Bert and I went again the following Tues and Bert liked it so we signed him up, I went to Independence and withdrew Ben and he started at his new school Weds morning.

By Weds afternoon he'd been hailed as a rock god in his music class and was recruited to play with the band at the school prom on Fri, and perform a wailing solo. By Thursday he had a date to the prom and had joined the soccer team. He appears to be getting excellent grades thus far. We're thrilled.

Ben's Prom
When Ben went to visit the school we were surprised to see a member of our church there. We had no idea she attended this school. =) Ben heard that she wanted to attend prom but didn't want to go alone, so he asked her to come with him. And she did.

Anyway, the theme of the prom was a night in Paris. Look at the Eiffel Tower they built:

And by "they" I mean the students, teachers, and parents of the school. Some of them, anyway.

Here's a fuzzy picture I managed to get of the fast-moving couple:

Pic of them dancing:

Sorry the pictures aren't very good. All I had was my iphone and it was dark. And I'm not a very good photographer.

We were there until about 11pm helping to clean the room up (in this school everyone pitches in), so we slept in the next morning til about 8am. WOW! I can't remember the last time we slept in so late! =) Then we got up and got ready for:

Andrew's First Fencing Tournament

We drove down to Columbia. There were two other children in the 6-7 year old "junior fencing" section, both girls.

Here's Andrew suited up ready to go.

Look at that awesome lunge!!! That was his touch, I believe. =)

He played first against a girl a little older who had clearly been fencing longer. She beat him. Then he played against someone else and won. Then he played against that someone else again and won, then he played against the first girl again and lost. He came in second overall in the junior fencing division and got a trophy. He seemed simultaneously disappointed he hadn't won and thrilled to pieces with his trophy.

I have to say, Cheney Fencing is absolutely fabulous. The story of the owner and his brother is fascinating and I'll have to write about it at some point in time. Chris and his wife are so kind, gentle, and encouraging. They make fencing so much fun for Andrew. The tournament today was so well organized and run. As we were leaving Andrew said "Can we come to this tournament some other time? It was really fun." =)


juanitagf said...

Hubby did one fencing tournement and I loved watching it! That is a very nice lunge and look at his hand placement! Olympic fencer coming up!

danny said...

You mentioned Ben's cameo in the prom band, but then no follow up. I am bummed. You better make it up.

PS the video on my blog that didn't work for you; if you used Safari try firefox or Chrome if you have the options.

Shane said...

Wow, seems like an eventful blog post. I love the trophy pic. I'm sure he could crush me on fencing. Missed the pic of the pie in this one though.

Ritsumei said...

This looks like things are going great for you guys! So glad that Ben is settling in well; that's an awesome reception at the new school! And the fencing pictures are priceless. What a cutie!

nobles said...

Hi! I'm a new follower! I love your blog. I'm glad your son has settled down and likes his new school! That always makes a difference in the atmosphere! and the little guy with the trophy! Good fencing skills!