Wednesday, March 09, 2011

In other news...

Bert informed me that our dog turned 10 yesterday.

His name is Maus.

You say it "mouse". It means...uhm..."mouse".

When we first got him he was the size of a hamster and when he tried to bark all he could do was squeak.

We were going to call him something fancy schmancy and in the meantime Bert would call him "Du kleine Maus"...and he started answering to it, so the name stuck. =)

He's been pretty sick lately. His heart is giving out and he's on a lot of medication.

Someday soon his heart will give out. I'll miss the little hairball when it does.

But in the meantime he's the perfect dog for our family. Very quiet and peaceful. Obedient with a sweet disposition.

Happy Birthday for yesterday, Maus.


juanitagf said...

Dogs are such wonderful companions! Happy birthday, Maus!

Small Town Runner said...

Love the name. Ten is a good dog age :)
Keep strong, Maus!

C2Iowa said...

Nice b-day tribute.

NattyBumpo said...

I knew someone whose dog was named, "Dee-Oh-Gee." They would occasionally get asked what it meant and what language. Pets are a grand thing, I need a new cat soon.

Ritsumei said...

Happy Birthday, Maus! I don't think we met him when we visited, but he's a cutie.

Emily Sarah Brooks said...

I was just thinking about Maus and how long we had had him :) What a sweet little guy. Happy Birthday you old doggie geezer!