Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I am eating Chinese food. Yum.

Howdy y'all! How's it going? =) Not much going on at our place lately. Here are the hightlights:

Tried to do a 9 mile run on Monday as the DH REALLY wants me to run the country music pikermi with him. I ended up in a world of hurt and walked the last 3 miles home. =( I was sooo sad. I talked to the DH about it via Skype (he's in Japan again) and he got all excited when I said I had tried to run. And then when I told him it didn't work out he said "Oh".

Once you've been married for a while you can tell what your beloved is thinking, so I said, "You want me to try again, don't you?"

"YEP!" came the immediate answer. =P Oh boy. So I'll wait a couple of weeks and try maybe six miles. If that doesn't work then the half marathon ain't gonna happen no matter how much he and I want it.

I'm ok for short distances, which is good as I signed up for Garbo's GADZOOKS challenge. I WILL have that mug. I think pigheaded stubbornness will trump Garbo's running talent, don't you? =)

Well we're in a nice little routine. This is how our day usually goes:
Scriptures in the morning with Daddy
Memory verse
Rod and Staff 1st grade Math

Rod and Staff 1st grade English, alternating with Language Lessons for Little Ones book two and Explode the Code
Andrew has added a dinosaur sticker book and that comes next
Art using Ed Emberly's purple book. Andrew's not as excited about it as he was the I Can Draw book.
Reading which includes Sonlight core 1 history (not the reading books; Andrew's way ahead of those), as well as McGuffey's Primer (almost done) and Christian Liberty's Nature Reader (book 1)

Things I've dropped:
Recorder, piano, classical music study, artist and composer study (actually, never started those...), memorization of the states, geography. Though once we're done with the dinosaur sticker book we'll start work on the geography sticker book.

Things I wanted to start but didn't:
Some kind of foreign language, preferably Latin, Habit training.

Other stuff:
DH, as I mentioned earlier, is in Japan.
Emily had a bit of a scare with lumps in her breast. It was a dodgy few days with everyone trying to remain calm. Diagnosis of fibroidadenoma came on Monday, just as my 9 mile run was blowing up and just as Bert was getting on the plane for Japan. We were thrilled with the news. =)
Everyone else is just fine. =)

Now I'm off to catch up with everyone else's news. =)


danny said...

I'd give pigheaded stubbornness 3 points over running talent if I was setting the line in Vegas. But we'll see.

gary said...

sadly, you are impaired by having a life. i have no such frills to get in my way.

Small Town Runner said...

Hi Keeley- I am glad about your news that it was not cancer!
I have heard of Rod and Staff- need to check it out.

Doing a pretty good job here with the vows- but I don't recommend the chocolate rolls for a pre run PM snack :)

Keeley said...

@Danny - let's hope so. We shall see indeed! Recent developments are not confidence-inspiring.

@Gary - yes, but with no life you still manage to get out there and run, damn you! =D

@STR - I really like Rod and Staff. We don't follow it exactly as it's set up for a classroom not homeschool, but it's very thorough. When Ben was in 8th grade he was doing the Rod and Staff 6th grade English. When he went back to public school he was still way ahead of them. That inspired great confidence in the curriculum. =)

Congratulations on keeping up with those vows!! =)

Anna P said...

Glad its not cancer!
Bummer about the run, but maybe you're not ready for that kind of distance yet...? It'll happen if its suppose to =)
I've heard good things about Rod & Staff! We like their readers.
We use My Father's World for everything but math and language arts =)