Friday, January 21, 2011

Well howdy!


Has it really been nine days since I last put fingers to keyboard and waffled aimlessly in my blog? What is WRONG with me?

Snow day today. WHOOT! I love snow days. Hold on. Wait. Let me see if I can get these pics off my phone and into my computer. Uuuhhhhmmmm.....

Well that only took an hour.

It's been going very well. I've done 11 miles this week which is very good compared to last. My training plan says 13 for tomorrow so I think I will run the 2 mile loop by the house over and over. That will allow me to do 13 if I can, or less if my ITB starts hurting. We'll just see how it goes.

I've also been biking quite a bit, and doing weights and ab workouts. It turns out my Visiting Teaching companion is a personal trainer and nutritionist - Yeah, I KNOW! How cool is that? She's very busy but I'm hoping she can fit me into her schedule. I'd like to get whatever-I-need-to-get-strengthened strengthened so I quit having these dang injuries. I need to run! I need to run long! Please body, keep up with my head!

There's more news. I can't think of it right now. I must dash off to take Andrew to his gym class. I have oodles of photos that I just stuck on my computer so I think my next post will be image rich. =D

Love y'all!


Melanie said...

good job on the running and cross training this week! keep it up!
how much snow did you all get? we got somewhere between 4 and 6 inches. looks pretty, but it is COLD today. (windchills below zero). glad to be inside. :)

Keeley said...

Hi Melanie! =) I think we ended up with maybe an inch or two. Not even enough to completely cover the grass. =D Ohhhhh I do not miss the oodles of snow that you're getting. Stay inside! With hot chocolate! And a fireplace! =)