Monday, January 24, 2011

Nothing to see here.

Well. I didn't run this morning. Because I must rest and recover and allow my slow-working Wolverine gland to rejuvenate and repair my body. It feels weird. I don't know what to do with myself. I find myself fantasizing about running.

And I've suddenly put on 4lbs. How in the world did that happen? I have to weigh in at WW tomorrow and I'm 5lbs over. Yeaaaaaaah. That's not good. Going to have to pay. I hate paying.

I'm coming to the conclusion that although I'm happy with my body at 120lbs, my body really wants to be 130lbs. It's where it keeps bouncing back to whenever it gets the slightest chance. Do I give into it? Or do I fight and keep my weight low? Thoughts? Opinions?

I have nothing of interested to tell you. The movers are coming to my parents' house tomorrow. Tomorrow. I never lived in the dang place but I'm having trouble with the idea of it being sold just like it was my childhood home. What. The. Heck. is up with that? Bizarreness.

However, when we visit them in the future we'll be going to Cyprus. How cool is that, eh? Can't be beat.

Here's an interesting video of Nissi Beach. What's bizarre about this vid? The amount of people!!! What's with all the people? Last time we were there there was *no-one*. Furthermore, we used to call it Messy Beach because of all the seaweed. Where's the seaweed? What happened to it? Bizarre.

Anyway! On to other stuff. Here are the rules of trail running.

Here's a graphic showing Homeschooling by the Numbers:

To vacuum or not to vacuum, that's the question.

How to feel beautiful.

A conversation I had with Ben:

I walk into the house.

Ben: hey
Me: Hey hot stuff, what's up?
Ben: Oh. You know. Just eating my own arm.
Me: Taste good?
Ben: No.
Me: Oh. Well put some barbeque sauce on it then.

This is the kind of conversation Ben and I have ALL. THE. TIME.
And yes, I do tell my children they are hot stuff. Because they are. Don't argue with me.

Things I have said to my son.
When he was five: "BEN! Stop eating the furniture!"
When he was six or seven: "BEN! Don't spit in the pool!"
Yesterday: "BEN! Stop eating your phone."

Alright. Thatisall. I must now get ready for a faaaabulous lunch date with a faaaabulous friend. =) I'm looking forward to it. Though something tells me this isn't going to help my weight loss any...unless I laugh it all off. =D


C2Iowa said...

Not fair. I am calling FOUL. You cannot post videos of Cyprus without a one way ticket give-a-way! Just kidding. I have always wanted to visit there. The problem is that I may not want to ever come back.

nice post.

Jill said...

My weight always want to be higher than it is, no matter what weight it is. Maybe if I gave up the sugar??!! I say fight for the lower weight...will make you mentally tough.

Beach pictures in the middle of winter is a pretty cruel joke. Just sayin'. :)

jugglingpaynes said...

Ben might be hotter stuff once he puts bbq sauce on!

I hope your knee is feeling better now. I've been having knee trouble lately too, but I tend to blame the extended sub-freezing weather we've been dealing with for two weeks now. Or was it three? I've lost track, it's been so long!

Peace and Laughter!

bangle44 said...

For a post about nothing, that was full of all kinds of awesome.
Alas, poor Oreck....hoo boy

gary said...

mr. pants says split the difference and go for 125.

of course mr. pants just ate 47 cookies in one sitting so is likely not the best source for healthy diet habits.

Emily Sarah Brooks said...

I agree Mom, my weight always seems to settle right around 130. I blame you :P
hahahaha I BLAME YOU!

When are we going to Cyprus? I feel like you should take me out of school and we should go for Ben's spring break :)

Your ever loving Mam and Dad xoxoxoxoxo said...

Hello there my love great blog. Now then on losing weight I have a great fix for that - move house it is the most stressful thing to do as you well now.
Looking forward to you all coming out to Cyprus and spending the day splashing in our brilliant pool.
Love and hugs to you and thank you once again for being so kind and calming.
Love you heaps and heaps.
PS. Love the conversation with Ben.

Anna P said...

I would LOVE to be about 10lbs less than I am now. I know according to numbers, that I am not overweight, but know that for my frame, I could handle to loose a few 'libs' =) ESPECIALLY in the tummy =)

Keeley said...

C2Iowa - Go go go! You should go! =) I have nothing but happy memories of living there. Yes....not wanting to come back is a problem...which is why my sister emigrated there several years ago and my parents are in process of doing so...sold their house yesterday.. =D

Jill - Give up sugar? What?!?! What madness is this? =) I *really* like the "make you mentally tough" thing, seeing as I'm about as mentally tough as a marshmallow. =D Probably need some practice in that. Sorry about the cruel joke. =P

Cristina - Hahaha, he might be. =D I'm so sorry your knee is hurting you. That's not fun at all. I hope it starts to feel better. I've been given a list of exercises & stretches to do for my ITband & I'm really hoping that'll take care of the problem foreverandeverandever.

Bangle - Thank you! =) Are you 44, btw?

Gary - Mr. Pants is a wise wise man. What a great idea. Ok, I'll head for 125 and if I like it there I'll stop there. And if I don't I'll attempt to develop some of Jill's mental toughness and soldier on.
Mr. Pants ate 47 cookies? FORTY SEVEN? I love Mr. Pants. He's my hero.

Emily - Hahaha. =D I BLAME YOU! =D You're ruining my LIFE, GOSH!
I do not know when we're going to Cyprus. First of all, Grandma and Grandpa don't actually officially own a house there yet. Secondly, they need to get settled. Thirdly, it's a 2-day travel time and costs $10,000 for airfare alone. You read that right.

Mum and Dad - Well, today's the day! You're probably out of the house now, on the way down to Caroline's Wow! Hope you felt ok driving away - sad plus relief you don't have to take care of the garden anymore plus excited to move on to Cyprus? =) We're looking forward to coming too! Though, admittedly, not sure when that will happen...but it will happen. Oh yes it will. =) Love you!

Anna - That really is the way it is, innit? One looks at oneself and thinks "hhmmm, not happy with this floppy bit right here..." =D Good luck on losing the 10 libs. Love the libs Hahaha. =D
Bert once said that your body thinks tummy fat is so precious and will hang on to it as long as it can. Your body will eat brain tissue before it lets go of the pouch. I think he might be right. =D

Heather the Mama Duk said...

I'd go with what your body wants or some compromise between.

Jamie had a shirt a long time ago that had a person eating his own arm on it.