Sunday, January 09, 2011

My son drank all the milk





AND he ate an ENTIRE pizza while we were at church and so therefore was too full to eat Sunday dinner with us - which because of my husband's schedule is THE ONLY meal we get to eat together as a family each week. Yeah. One meal a week together. That's it. And he was too dang full to eat with us.


No hot chocolate. No peanut butter chocolate smoothies. No caro made with milk. No cereal.

Please excuse me. I'm going to sob now. It's either that or beat the prickly teen, one of the two. And I don't want to beat the teen.



danny said...

he may not eat with you, but I say he still sits at the table with you - while you and rest of the family eats.

jugglingpaynes said...

LOL! Teen boys can really pack it away. One of our friends once told us about the time her son at an entire roast chicken--meant for the entire family--by himself. Another mom lamented about how she couldn't keep milk or juice in the house because her sons could down the entire carton in one sitting. :o)

Maybe he's having a growth spurt!

Peace and Laughter,

Keeley said...

@Danny - of course that's what happened. =)

@Cristina - An ENTIRE roast chicken meant for the whole family???? Oh my gosh! =D

Well, it's my fault for not buying enough milk, I suppose. Note to self: Buy double what you think you need. =)

I hope he's not having a growth spurt. The kid is huge. =) Ok. Maybe he can have a growth spurt. he's cute when he's so much bigger than me. =)

NattyBumpo said...

I know it's a little late there, but don't you have any non-LDS friends that might "take pity" on you and go get you some? Or are there no stores? I mean, just because YOU can't buy anything today, doesn't mean someone else can't buy you something and you PAY them tomorrow... Loopholes make the world go around.

Keeley said...

@Natty LOL! =D Nah, I don't do loopholes. Besides, I have calmed down somewhat and it's not so bad. I even had a Roma (remember, the barley drink? =D) without milk and the world didn't end. Ate the leftover spinach and mushroom enchilada instead of having a peanut butter chocolate smoothie and it was quite delicious.

That's not going to stop me from purchasing milk asap tomorrow though... =D Oatmeal made with water is GROSS; gotta make it with milk. =)

jgf said...

As one of seven kids, the rule was no eating without clearing it with mom first. That meant no unauthorized snacks or drinks (other than water) that mom did not approve before it was eaten. She always said that if she didn't she would not have had anything in the house for dinner!

Then there were the consequences for being late for dinner...whoa!!

Emily Sarah Brooks said...

Well I say you just come to Provo and we'll have an entire gallon of milk to ourselves. BAM! Problem solved!

Keeley said...

Snowstorm this morning. Dreaded going out. Asked your Dad to go shopping for me. Of course he said yes. =) WHOOT! Gallons of milk arriving at our house in the very near future! =)

I'd drink an entire gallon of milk with you, Emily, just for fun.