Saturday, January 29, 2011

My parents are homeless, and a blast from the past

Beloveds, I think it's hysterical that I can now seriously tell people that my parents are homeless. They signed the contracts on Thursday, and were out of the house on Friday. And currently have no other house to move into. =D They are looking - and what a great buying position they're in right now. I envy them. Though I think the move has been quite stressful for them thus far. Hopefully they're able to purchase a home they love.

Today was WICKED awesome. Firstly, Andrew woke me up just before 7am because he'd had a nightmare (that wasn't awesome) but then I dozed for just over an hour. Then I got in a rockin' workout for an hour and a half which included:

- Bike. Tried spinning and keeping good form. Felt a tug along the outside of my leg so kept it nice and easy and didn't push it
- Strength. One of the first apps I downloaded on my iphone was the Nike Training Center for Women thing which I'm really enjoying. I did a strength workout and it was great.
- Abs. Another great NTC workout
- Stretching. Oh baby. Soooooooo good. Can I tell you how good it felt? Ohhhh it was goooooood.
- Foam rolling. Ow. That is all. Just Ow. My poor butt and ITB.

Then I hopped into the shower then took Andrew to his basketball game. He did fine, though his coach is a little too intense for my liking. These are 5 year olds! At the YMCA! Lighten up dude.

Then we went shopping at Kroger - Andrew is getting to the age where I need to not take him so I believe shopping day may change to Mondays. Then we came home and I put all the shopping away - i hate doing that.
Then I made lunch.
Then I did the dishes.
Then I did the laundry.
Then I made: a big pot of Mexican bean soup, a big pot of beef stew, a ton of roasted vegetables, a big bunch o' salad. I didn't get to the cookies, dangit. But maybe tomorrow. =)
Then I made dinner.
Then I prepared my lesson for tomorrow.

WHOOOT! It was a day of accomplishing things. However, as much as I accomplished, my beloved accomplished a lot more. He rode 101 miles. Again. The man is a BEAST!!!

FURTHERMORE! My daughter PRed in her 5k this morning. =)

And now I'm tired. And need some ice cream. But not before I share this fabulous music with you. I was sitting here and right out of the blue I remembered a song by Japan that I loved in my youth. Within a few seconds I was on YouTube & had found it. I love technology!


jgf said...

Wow! That was quite the productive day! You might really enjoy shopping on Mondays with fewer shoppers. Althougth Tuesday and Wednesday are statistically the lightest grocery shopping days.

danny said...

Man! MIC today - XL style!

Keeley said...

@jgf, thank you for the grocery shopping info. :) i' e also considered shopping at 6am after I drop Ben off at seminary. The store's practically empty then.

@ Danny - I had no idea what MIC meant, so I went to the source of all knowledge and wisdom, and this is what I found:
irish person. kick ass and dont only drink and fight all day long. good at soccer and better than the brittish scum.
irish people are better than dritish people

Which, other than the spelling and grammar mistakes is pretty funny be because I'm originally English. :D

So what DOES MIC mean anyhow?

NattyBumpo said...

DANG! That was a busy day. I think, I could be wrong though, that Danny is referring to another blogger who uses the name XLMIC which stands for eXtra-Large Marge In Charge. Since she is a bit diminutive it is a play on her hight but not her personality. You might find her quite fun to read...

Anna P said...

Busy day girlfriend! And GREAT job on the workout!! I cant seem to get past an hour for a workout lately...cant wait til I can get some long runs in again!
Back to the daily grind tomorrow right? =)

Heather the Mama Duk said...

My dad likes to say we're homeless and he took us in. We share a house, but my parents own it so technically, while we pay a good portion of the costs for running the household, we are homeless. We're not on the deed and we don't have an official renter agreement or anything like that.

XLMIC said...

It's actually mostly my skinniness … and then my height … relative to other rowers, that is ;-)