Saturday, January 08, 2011

My first 20 miler!!! =)

I had 23 miles on the books today and I was very very very very nervous about it. Really nervous.

I set my alarm clock at 6am to give myself an hour to get ready/eat breakfast etc. I turned it off instead of hitting snooze and didn't wake up until 6.47am. GAH! I threw on my stuff and headed on out. Yes. Without breakfast. I know. *sigh*

I chose a circuit that was about 10 miles that I'd run twice and add a little bit more so I could stop back at the house for a potty break. I was marveling that this is the circuit that a few weeks ago I had to take a deep breath to run once. And I was running it twice. Wow.

The weather was exceptionally cold. Very very cold. It snowed quite a bit during the first circuit, and though it didn't during the second, the temperatures dropped significantly. My fingers just HURT.

I ran along, walking the "uphills" (just gentle rises really, but I walked 'em anyway). The first circuit was tiring but fine.

Just a short way into the second circuit I began feeling tired and worn out. I thought this was normal. It took me a few miles to realize that this was a massive bonk. I hadn't fueled correctly before the run, and I didn't fuel adequately during the run. I walked for a long time. I couldn't face another gu. Then I remembered I'd stuffed a Balance Bar in my camelbak so I chowed down on the frozen thing. Man it was good! A short while after that (and I'd been walking about 3 miles or so by this point..) I felt so much better and ready to run again.

As soon as I started off I felt a wicked pain on the outside of my left knee. Holy cow!!! It altered my gait and I was limping. At this point I thought "I can push the pace and force myself to make it home running, and possibly injure myself a great deal...or I can walk home and hopefully save myself from a painful injury."

I decided to walk home. I ran for maybe 2 to 3 more miles off and on. And by run I mean a pace of maybe 12:00-13:00.

I also made the decision to cut the run short and do just 20 rather than the planned 23. I was disappointed, but I also knew I'd made the right choice.

So, 20 miles in 4:31 - which is not bad at all considering all the walking I did.

I arrived home in pain, aching, exhausted, starving, and shivering. I was soooo cold. I wanted to crawl into a hot bath and have someone bring me hot food and then crawl into a warm bed and sleep the rest of the day away. Unfortunately I had to take Andrew to his basketball game so that was out of the question.

During the run:
- Water
- Perpetuum 1 bottle
- 1 balance bar
- 1 hammer gel
- 2 gu

Post run nosh:
- whole wheat tortilla with egg whites and barbeque sauce
- A slice of cake with buttermilk syrup on top
- A banana
- Recoverite
- Roma (a warm barley drink that's sort of a coffee substitute but only people like Mormons would think it's an adequate substitute. Most coffee drinkers would think it was appallingly disgusting. However, I like it. =))

Then it was shower, throw on clothes, and go to basketball. Should have stretched more and rolled, but oh well.

I thought I'd managed to avoid injury, as my knee felt surprisingly ok for a while. However, I sat during the basketball game and when I got up...Oh WOW!!!! Oh holy cow!!!!! The pain on bending my knee was something else...and even swinging my leg hurt. The pain has come and gone throughout today, occasionally radiating from my hip to my ankle. Sometimes it's fine, sometimes it really hurts.

I am seriously pondering this 60k. I don't know. If this is what 20 miles does to me, what will nearly 40 do? At this point I know I can do a marathon....but just over 37 miles??? I'm worried. I want to be an ultrarunner for life, not kill myself on the first attempt and vow never to do it again.

Am I being realistic or indulging in Runner's Pessimism here because of a disappointing run? Thoughts/advice?

I hope everyone had a really fabulous weekend. I hope your runs/plans/whatever went fabulously and you are feeling great and accomplished. And that your knees and legs don't hurt like the dickens. =)

Oh, btw, I've eaten what feels like almost non-stop since my run, and I'm STILL hungry! My tummy just plain HURTS like I haven't given it anything for days.


EJN said...

Bravo Keeley! What an accomplishment, have a wonderful Sunday, and I hope your recovery is a good one.
Sending back pats!! Yeah !!!!

ERG @ Elkton Runner said...

Congrats on your first 20 miler!!!
Sorry about the weird post-run pain :(

I have no useful advice on whether to ultra or not---but I think you have a good understanding of yourself. You will make a good decision!

John Nguyen said...

Congrats on your first 20 miler!

It sounds like an inflamed IT Band. Make sure you ice it as often as you can. And if you don't have a foam roller, I'd get one and work on that IT Band. Hang in there. One run, one day at a time. I think you'll be fine =).

Jillian said...

Wow. I'm so impressed.

NattyBumpo said...

You rock. I too enjoy a warming barley drink, just not right after a run, usually right before dinner, or when the neighbor is over for a wee dram or two.

Prpetuum? Is this like Unobtanium? Some magical liquid that only superheroes can get?

Keeley said...

@Jo - Thank you so much! =)

@Erg - Thank you. =) I hope I make a good decision. I guess the pain'll make it for me if it lasts a while. *sigh* =(

@John - that was my diagnosis too. I have a trigger point roller so I'll use that puppy. Thank you. =)

@Jillian - Thank you! =) No need to be though - I walked quite a bit. =D

@Natty - At first I thought "WOW! Someone else drinks Roma!" and then I realized what you meant. =P LOL! Unobtanium. =D My gosh, I wish there was some magical liquid - I'd pay quite a bit for it. Though I guess that would be cheating then, wouldn't it? Sorry for spelling it wrong. Perpetuem. Is that better? =)

Emily Sarah Brooks said...

Mom you're such a BAMF! Way to go! And you can totally do a 60K! You just have to eat breakfast and stop injuring yourself.

I personally recommend Maple and Brown Sugar Instant Oatmeal. Breakfast of champions. and an apple, nice and cold right out of the fridge. Mmm.