Friday, January 07, 2011

Jury Duty

I'm sitting in the jury room waiting to be called into court for the second day of the trial. Both parties have rested. Today we just ha ve closing statements, the charging of the jury, and deliberation. I'm hoping I will be chosen as alternate so I can go home. Something tells me that won't happen though.

I've already annoyed a fellow juror. Sigh. She felt attacked and on the defensive when another juror teased her about being a mean mother. I made an innocent comment shortly thereafter that was taken as an attack when it was in no way meant to be. Sigh. SO thankful I'm a SAHM. Humans are really weird.

I ran 8 miles this morning and pondered the case.....Hahahaha!!!! We've just chosen a foreman much to his chagrin. I'm tickled everyone wanted the same guy I'd already been thinking about. Group think is occasionally useful. :)

Anyway while running I pondered the case ....


NattyBumpo said...

Enjoy doing your Civic Duty. I have never been called to serve on a jury, and I know people that have been called more than once. Go fig... They are ALL GUILTY anyway.

Ironracer said...

I used to try to get out of jury duty and managed to get out of it a couple times, but actually enjoyed the time I served on a case. Good luck!

C2Iowa said...

who needs humans anyway?

good luck getting home soon.

Jill said...

The one time I got called for jury duty, I wormed my way out of it *(my kids were very little and now sitter available). Now, I pray everyday they will all me so I can get out of work :).

Nice running, though!!

slowlearner said...

I find it's helpful to ask questions. Like, "When do we get to hang somebody?" You can also proclaim that you've seen this one on Matlock before and know exactly how it ends.

Keeley said...

@Natty - everyone's guilty of something. =)

@Ironracer - I did enjoy the process too...and some bits were quite amusing. I must admit I could have done with the young lady being innocent, dangit. It was unpleasant finding her guilty.

@C2Iowa - I know it! Humans! Who needs 'em? =D Freaky things. =D

@Jill - Really hope you get called soon then, and that the case is fun and enjoyable. Thank you. =)

@slowlearner - Hahahaha!!! =D That would have gone over well, wouldn't it?