Monday, January 10, 2011

I love snow days. Except when I have to go out in them. And I have no milk.

Massive snowstorm last night. Snow day today WHOOT!!! Wrote to ladies of the ward bribing them to take Andrew sledding so I don't have to. No takers yet. =) I offered money and cookies! How could they resist?

DH said he'd go shopping for me to purchase much needed supplies - the most salient of which being MILK. However, he then ran late and so I said I'd go and he was really really relieved. Poopy. Now I have to get off the couch and put on warm stuff and brave the evil white stuff.

I told Ben I'd pay him to take Andrew out sledding. He wanted $15. FIFTEEN DOLLARS! I said I'd feed him if he took him out and I wouldn't starve him to death. He laughed. LAUGHED! Like he was sure I wouldn't really starve him. What? Obviously I'm not scary and threatening enough.

I have things to post on this blog. Important things. Things you want to read. Unfortunately I can't remember what they are. I believe I promised my parents to put pictures of the family on the blog. Actually, pictures of me specifically. So be prepared, blogreaders. I must gather up my courage in the near future and put those pics up.

That's all for today. Ok. That's all for now. I'll probably waffle some more today. It's a snow day and I'll be staying indoors for most of it. What else am I doing to do except waffle to you?

Dress warmly, beloveds! Don't freeze!

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NattyBumpo said...

We are supposed to get a nice little bit of weather in the next 36 hours or so. Tomorrow's commute home is supposed to be, ice pellets, followed by snow, followed by freezing rain, followed by regular good ol' warm rain. This is starting at about 4 tomorrow afternoon. I would take regular snow over what we get for driving ANY day of the year.

Enjoy the sledding, go on, you KNOW you want to. Besides, it would be an excuse for NOT posting pictures of yourself.