Saturday, January 22, 2011

A bunch of pictures. Just for fun.

I quote Andrew: "This equipment is Awesome!" "I love running!" =)

Snow in our back garden

Snow in our back garden at night.

My feet.

The book that TriciaRunning from Twitter sent me because I was the 1400th subscriber to her blog. I KNOW. Awesome, eh?

Art by Andrew

Andrew's little hamster, "Nugget" enjoying miso soup at Sake.


danny said...

you got a great kid in andrew!

Small Town Runner said...

Cute drawings! I'll have to show those to Nathan. :) Andrew's hampster seems like the quite type, no? Nathan has a parrot named squak. It is NOT real. =D

gary said...

wow. andrew is a stud AND a genius artist. i sincerely hope you reconsider your plan to sell him on the black market.

Melanie said...

i love his drawing of a hen! you could totally illustrate a cute kid's book with his drawings. they are adorable!

EJN said...

Those are great pictures Andrew. Thanks for sharing them Keeley!
Love Jo

Keeley said...

@Danny You are correct! I admire your ability to discern the amazingness of my child. =) Thanks.

@STR: The book we use is I Can Draw Animals, an Usborne Playtime book. It's faaabulous because it has step-by-step instructions that make 5yos and their mothers feel like artists. =) The drawback: it doesn't have instructions for how to draw penguins. And Andrew really likes penguins.
I'd like to see a picture of squawk. What a great name.

@gary: Yes, Andrew is amazing! I can't believe I gave birth to someone so fabulous. I quietly admit to you and you alone that he makes up for it with intense bouts of whining. =P Hahahaha! How come the thought of selling him on the black market is so disturbing yet it's making me laugh? =D

@Melanie: Thank you! =)

C2Iowa said...

great kid and pics.

Keeley said...

Thanks Jo, and C2Iowa! =)

Anna P said...

You could TOTALLY frame those art pictures, too cute!!

Your every loving Grandma and Granddad. xoxoxoxo said...

Brilliant pictures, Andrew. Grandma and Granddad think you are very talanted.

Love you heaps and heaps.

Heather the Mama Duk said...

Those are great pictures and writing! Good job, Andrew.

Keeley said...

Thank you, all. =)

He just finished his "I can draw" book and tomorrow will be moving on to Ed Emberly. He wasn't so thrilled with the book when he first saw it, even though it has penguins in it, so we'll have to see how that goes.