Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I'm tired

Just got to keep putting one foot in front of the other. Days like this are difficult. I hate days where I just *endure* until I can crawl back into bed. I try to keep myself doing things so I can't think. Sometimes it helps, sometimes it doesn't. Even if I'm still pooped, it's great to crawl into bed knowing I've accomplished X, Y, or Z. =)

Andrew read the Clifford book again. He talks about Biscuit a lot - he really loves that little dog. (Biscuit is a little (Yorkshire Terrier?) who belongs to a runner friend. Biscuit loves to run and is super fast. Andrew is fascinated by the fact that Biscuit is so fast. =D)

Today I did 30 mins elliptical, 30 mins weights and 30 mins bike. This afternoon I took Andrew to the YMCA to go swimming. We were all excited to go on the slide but the rules are so stringent there that he wasn't able to go on at all. =( How sad is that? He has to be able to swim a full length by himself before he's allowed on the slide. Have you ever heard of anything so ridiculous and so calculated to break a little kid's heart?

Emily's at the Lake with David and the Farrells. David leaves on his mission to England London South in less than two weeks. That's just bizarre. It's going to be very painful for Emily and David and I'm really not looking forward to that separation one bit. It will be interesting to see what the next two years brings. Two years is a long time.

Monday, June 21, 2010

I am, in fact, still alive

Well, you wouldn't know it from my copious amounts of blogs posts lately, but I do still exist. Here's an update:

I ran the Country Music Pikermi. It was hard but I did it. I got a medal and t-shirt...though truth be told both of them don't mean a whole heck of a lot to me at the moment. The t-shirt, although tech fabric, comes too high on my neck. Blech. Bert wears it on his bike rides occasionally. The medal is currently hanging in my kitchen. Here's a pic of it:

Re: my concerns for the race:
- Parking for the expo was difficult and I was nervous but it turned out ok. I picked up my packet on Thurs before a lot of out-of-towners arrived. It was still pretty crowded though.
- On the Friday I met up with a bunch of runners I know from online. The traffic was truly horrendous then and I had Emily (She'd come home a couple of days previously) drive me down and pick me up; that was sooo helpful.
- I also avoided parking fears on actual race day by having Bert drop me off and pick me up.
- The portapotty fears also didn't materialize as I popped into PF Changs instead. Running water! Whoot! =)
- During the race it was quite hot, but bearable. I walked a couple of hills which helped. By the end of the race the wind kicked up. The first thunder hit just as I was picking up my medal and the rain started to fall immediately after my race photo. It POURED it down and I was absolutely soaked by the time I found Bert and the children in the car. I was so sad they weren't there as I finished the race, but they weren't able to find a place to park as it was so terribly crowded.
- I probably did look like a dork. Oh well. =)
- I did see Benjin Facer though. He was with a group of people in the middle of the race giving high fives and being encouraging. I was so happy to see him and said "HEEEYY!!!" =) It took him a moment to recognize me and by that time I'd blasted past. I heard his "HEY!" as I sped away. =)

Good times.

I'm currently training for the Nashville Ultra Marathon. I'll be doing the "kindergarten" ultra marathon; that is, the 50k. 31 miles.

My long run on Saturday was 15 miles. Next week it'll be 16 miles. It goes up on an average of 2 miles per week after that until I hit 26 miles; I believe 26 miles is my longest run before the actual event, and I do a couple of those and a couple 24 mile runs. This is a grand experiment for me. It will be interesting to see how my body handles the mileage. It may be that I will get injured and have to drop out; I hope not as I have my heart set on racing that dang thing and will feel like a total loser failure if I don't.

Stuff happening with the family:
Bert's working all hours. He's also seriously taken up cycling. His weekday rides are 20 miles or so, and his weekend rides are currently at 50-60 miles, and he's building up from there until he reaches 100 miles. He runs a 5k circuit twice a week for cross-training.

Emily is home from college and it's so awesome to have her here. She's such a great help and peacemaker in the home. She gave a talk in church yesterday about honouring your parents and told the whole ward that we were geniuses and awesome. I like talks like that. =)

Benjamin is having a restful summer, which is good. He is definitely a teenager, but is doing ok at the moment.

Andrew plays far too many video games and after I've posted this I'll be turning off the TV. However, his reading has totally exploded lately, so I don't feel too much like a failure as a parent. Below is what he read to me today. It took him about 20 minutes.

I almost bought Bert a miniature dachshund for Father's Day. $100 - bargain! But he said it wouldn't be fair to Maus to bring a puppy into the home. He was absolutely correct, of course. Plus, I really don't want another dog so what on earth was I thinking? Still, look at the little guys. Emily saw the pictures and decreed if we got a puppy it should be named "Bacon". The girl's an absolute genius.

What Andrew read to me today.
(Words in italics are the ones he needed help reading)

Clifford the Big Red Dog - The Runaway Rabbit

"Wally, this is Clifford," Emily Elizabeth said.
"Clifford, this is Wally. Wally is our classroom bunny," Emily Elizabeth explained.
"It's my turn to take care of him this weekend."
"But I have to go out now," Emily Elizabeth said.
"Will you stay home and watch Wally?"
Clifford wagged his tail and woofed.
"Thanks," Emily Elizabeth said. And she waved good-bye.
Cleo and T-Bone came to visit.
Clifford introduced them to Wally.
"He is so cute," Cleo said. "Can we take him out and play with him?"
"Why not?" Clifford said. "How much trouble can a little bunny be?"
He opened the cage.
Wally wrinkled his nose. He wiggled his ears. Hippity-hop! Off he went.
Wally hopped off the table. he hopped across the floor.
Hippity-hop! And off he went.
Clifford and his friends dashed after him.
Wally hopped across the yard and into a hollow log.
T-Bone followed him.
Wally hopped out the other end. But T-Bone got stuck inside the log.
There was only one thing to do. Clifford took a deep breath and...
WHOOSH! Out popped T-Bone.
But where was Wally? The three dogs ran here and there. They looked high and low.
"There he is," Clifford said.
"There he was!" Cleo said. "Gosh, he's fast!"
Clifford, Cleo and T-Bone ran as fast as they could. But Wally was faster.
Where did he go?" T-Bone asked.
"I don't know," Clifford said.
"But I know where I would go if I were a rabbit," he added.
Clifford, Cleo, and T-Bone raced to Farmer Green's. And there was Wally.
He'll never want to leave here," Cleo said. "And I'm too tired to catch and carry him."
"We may not be able to catch Wally," Clifford said. "But we can catch a carrot."
Wally followed Clifford all the way home.
Clifford led Wally back to his cage. Then he gave him the carrot.
"I never thought a little bunny could be so much trouble," Cleo said.
Just then Emily Elizabeth came home. "Thanks for watching Wally," she said.
"Poor Wally has been cooped up in his cage all day. I think I'll let him out."
Emily Elizabeth opened the door. "Why don't you guys play with him while I clean out his cage!" she said. "After all, how much trouble can a little bunny be?"