Tuesday, March 30, 2010

7 miles on a taped up leg

I taped up my leg with beautiful blue tape this morning and headed on out for 7 miles. It was a pretty good run. I tried out the Lemon Sublime Gu and was surprised when it was quite yummy. Go figure. =)

I'm currently sitting here with a bag of frozen onions on my elevated leg. I hope it helps. I'll take a shower and then tape up my leg again for the day and see how it goes. It's vital that my leg stay pain free throughout this training.

4 miles on Thurs, then my first double digit run - 10 miles - on Saturday. I'm a little nervous about the ten miles, but if I take it slow and easy I should be ok as long as my leg holds up.

Music obsession of the day:
Muse - Resistance

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Wax, repentance, and freedom

Today's Gospel Doctrine lesson was on Joseph meeting up with his brothers again after many years of torment for all of them.

Joseph had shown incredible strength of character. He was obviously a born leader and didn't let any situation, no matter how dire - and for sure a lot of his experiences were really brutal - get him down. He didn't deserve anything of what he experienced - but he didn't get a chip on his shoulder. He just carried on righteously, trusting in the Lord, and using his incredible administrative and organizational skills for good.

Then there's his brothers who suffered in torment for decades because of what they did to Joseph. They had also learned and grown and showed maturity when they met up with him again - but yikes! I can't even imagine the spiritual and emotional pain they suffered.

So who was really in prison here? Joseph was physically in prison, but because he followed the commandments and trusted in the Lord, he was free.

Whereas his brothers, physically free, were spiritually and emotionally bound. The heaviness and pain of carrying that sin must have eaten away at them.

Which brings me to my experience today.

I spilled some wax on my favourite skirt. This is not a good picture of it. Sorry.


I was in quite a bit of despair thinking that it was ruined. It's almost the most expensive item of clothing I own (thanks, Mum! =)) and I love it.

So I took the time to check on the internet to see if there are wax removal techniques. Indeed there are.

So off I went to the ironing board with paper towels and skirt in hand. Five minutes later my skirt was wax free.

And as I held it up, marveling that this beloved item of clothing wasn't ruined after all, the Spirit whispered so tenderly to me.

"You are not damaged. You are not ruined. You can become as clean and brand new as your skirt, with just a little effort."

I bawled my eyes out.

Music obsession of the day:
Johnny Cash - Help Me.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Shin Splints and integrity

I bought an egg custard pie yesterday. It's nearly all gone. No-one else likes it. Sooo....who's been eating it? =P

Today I had Chinese food and frozen yoghurt with our friends from MI. Well...they're actually from Oregon now. We knew them in MI while the husband was doing his brain surgery residency. When he completed that they moved to Oregon where he operated on people's brains. I guess that's what a brain surgeon does, huh? =P Anyway, now they're moving to Tennessee! Whooooot! So we met up with them today and pigged out.

The husband checked out my leg. He went "poke poke poke" and I inhaled sharply and pressed my lips together. He poked and prodded and pushed some more then talked about shin splints and told me how to tape it so I could still run.

YES!!! Ohhh YES! I can run! It put me on cloud nine to hear that. He also said words to the effect of "if it continues to hurt when you walk around after your run you should stop running" but I didn't hear that bit. Mainly because the Pikermi is coming like a freight train.

Fast Sunday tomorrow.

I've been reading "The miracle of Forgiveness" by Spencer W. Kimball. That book seriously makes me want to a) live right and b) run away screaming. Woah. It's heavy stuff.

Lesson tomorrow on Joseph in Egypt. What a mind-blower it must have been to be yanked out of jail and a couple of hours later be the #2 head honcho in the entire land. But Joseph was prepared for it. He was a leader in Potiphar's house, and a leader in the jail because of his righteousness, integrity, positive attitude, hard work ethic, and his absolute insistence on doing what is right no matter what the cost. Maybe one day when I grow up I can be half as amazing as Joseph.

Musical Obsession of the Day: Mad World. Tears for Fears.
I find it kind of funny I find it kind of sad, the dreams of which I'm dying are the best I've ever had.

Funnily enough, the song has made a comeback for this generation too. Here's the version Ben likes:

Friday, March 26, 2010


Ok, well life has kind of sucked lately and that's kept me busy. I'm hoping things are on the upswing but I could be wrong - I have been before.

I have tendinitis, and it's been stopping me running. This is killing me. I'm used to running at least T Th Sa, but I'd run on other days if I could and occasionally I'd run doubles if I really needed to - and by that I mean "this day sucks I have to run again to cheer myself up."

I didn't run for a full week. Bert set up his bike for me and it helped some but it just wasn't the same. I'd be fantasizing about running while I was on the bike. =P I thought I was doing ok until I was driving in the car and I saw this runner and I had a weird mixture of "You go!" and "I want to kill you I'm so jealous". =P

I did 30 mins on the treadmill yesterday to see if my leg would complain. It did a little, but not too much. I'm planning on doing 5 tomorrow and seeing what happens. When I push on my leg ooooooh boy I can really feel it. However just walking around it doesn't bother me soooo...I'm guessing I'm ok to run?

The Pikermi is coming up hard and fast. I'm beginning to feel panicky that it's a month away and I haven't even run 10 miles yet. I'm worried. If my leg continues to bug me I just don't know what I'm going to do.

In family news, Emily is doing well in college but is burned out and ready to come home. Ben is breaking my heart. Andrew is growing like a weed. Bert is finally home after all his business travel. I'm having a rough time but I've dealt with worse and can get through it with the Lord's help. Without his help I'm sunk.

Did I mention I reached Lifetime at Weight Watchers? I can't remember if I did. My original goal was 127lbs but I reached the end of the 6 week maintenance period at 122.8lbs. Bless their hearts they bent the rules a little and switched my lifetime goal to 123lbs. Now if I stay within two pounds of that goal I can attend meetings for free. I weighed in yesterday at 121 lbs - right on the limit of where I'm allowed to be. Whoops!!! =P

Not to worry, Bert brought back chocolate goodies from Japan, and our friends are coming into town tomorrow and we're eating Chinese, plus I took the kids to IHOP last night where I had nutella crepes. Sooooo I think I'm going to be ok on weight next weigh-in. =D

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Whining vs compassion

Andrew is a bit of a whiner. Read "That kid whines so much sometimes I think I'm going to go insane."

Today He was bouncing on the couch at work (I know....but they allow their children to do it) and fell. The wail started.

I was my usual compassionate self when I'm attacked by whining. "Will you STOP whining?? Maybe you shouldn't have been bouncing on the couch, hmmmm? That's it! No more jumping on the couch! Everyone put the cushions back please!"

The whining continues. GAH! I look at him....and then I look at his hand.


He's sliced it open and there's blood everywhere. "Oh" I say, "That's a good one." Uh huh. I guess it's ok to wail when you've sliced open your hand. =P

So I clean the poor little guy up and put a gauze pad on his little hand and wipe his tears and nose and kiss him and hug him. And he's all better now. =)

Saturday, March 13, 2010


9 miles - my longest run - on only 3 hours of sleep. Dang! It was awesome! =)

But now I'm pooped and the dishes, cleaning, laundry, and shopping await. Grroooaaan.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Various thoughts on this week's Gospel Doctrine reading

Genesis 25:
Isaac and Ishmael buried Abraham together? Insteresting.

If Rebekah gave birth to Esau and Jacob when Isaac was 60, that means they'd been married 19 years before she got pregnant. Ouch.

Sounds like a difficult pregnancy too. "If it be so, why am I thus?" She seems to be really miserable. "Is it worth it?"

She found comfort in prayer - what a beautiful example.

Genesis 26:
Even when she was older Rebekah was still a hot item. Isaac was still after her - what was he doing messing around with her where the king could see? They obviously thought they were hidden. Whoops!

Isaac and Rebekah were good, faithful people.

But Esau married outside the covenant, which made Isaac and Rebekah very sad.

Genesis 27:
This whole story is bizarre. I can see that Isaac loved Esau and was going to bestow the birthright (preisthood?) on him despite him having married outside the covenant..and I can see that Rebekah was making sure the birthright/priesthood came to the person who would honour it - ie, Jacob - but it's still a bit of a freaky story.

Esau was pretty dang unhappy...it's really not ok to plan the murder of your brother. Understandable, maybe, but not ok.

Then Rebekah explained what she'd done to Isaac: It's vital that Jacob marry within the covenant.

Chapter 28:

Isaac tells Jacob - You MUST marry within the covenant!!!

And Esau, hearing this, married a girl within the covenant. He must have loved his parents very much, and after the experience with his birthright, finally got a clue.

During his seemingly excessively difficult journey, Jacob has a spiritual experience and follows the Lord, just as his father and grandfather had done, and promises to pay his tithing.

Genesis Chapter 29:
Jacob finally tracks down Laban, Rebekah's brother. And along comes Rachel...and Jacob kisses Rachel. He must have been quite a sight after a journey like that and here he is kissing her. She must have thought he was a right weirdo until he told her who he was.

So Jacob works for Laban for a month. "What shall I pay you?" asks Laban. And Jacob went for the gorgeous hot showy girl and asks for Rachel. He promises to serve Laban for seven years for Rachel. SEVEN YEARS!!!! That's one dang long engagement!

What the heck does "tender eyed" mean anyhow?

Ok, here's a love story, "And Jacob served seven years for Rachel; and they seemed unto him but a few days, for the love he had to her."

Dang!!! Can you imagine waiting seven years for the girl you've got the hots for???

What SHOCK to wake up the morning after the wedding and find out it was the different sister. Poor Leah!!! She must have been so humiliated. To know that your husband hates you and wants your sister - oh that poor girl. What a terrible thing Laban did to her.

But the Lord blessed her with a ton of children....was that some comfort? Or did she weep at night, knowing the man who was supposed to love, honour, and respect her, hated her? Poor girl.

And here you see the genesis of what Joseph's brothers did to him....which was the saving of the entire family.
If Jacob had loved Leah as well as Rachel, and treated her kindly, perhaps there would not have been strive between the children.
And if there was not strife between the children, they would not have been so mean to Joseph and sold him into slavery.
And if they didn't sell him into slavery he would not have been in a position to interpret Pharoah's dreams.
And if he hadn't interpreted Pharoah's dreams, Egypt wouldn't have stored all that food.
And if they hadn't stored all that food, Jacob's brothers couldn't have come to Egypt to buy it....and they would have starved to death.
And that would have been the end of the tribe of Israel (or, Jacob's family).

The Names of Leah's children:
Reuben - "Look! A son!" In other words "Nyah nyah, Rachel! You buggered off with my husband and he hates me, but guess who has the son."
Simeon - "Hearing"
Levi - "Joined, or Pledged" Poor girl was just dying for Jacob's affection.
Judah - "Praise"
Issachar - "(perhaps) there is recompense" (anyone else think it's funky that Rachel told Jacob to go sleep with Leah just so she could have some Mandrakes? Bizarre.)
Zebulun - "Exhalted abode"

Isaac and Rebekah

I'm reading Genesis 24 and really enjoying it. It's a most remarkable story.

Here's Abraham who makes his servant swear to go to his family and find a wife for Isaac, sight unseen. Isaac may NOT go with him. Talk about arranged marriage! What a difficult task for the servant.

The servant must have been very nervous about this and afraid he would fail, but Abraham comforted him saying "Well, if it doesn't work out, don't worry about it, I won't hold you to this promise. Just do your best."

So off goes the servant, seemingly scared out of his wits as he's praying pretty dang hard when he reaches the well. It seems he doesn't know anyone and doesn't know where to go.

So he prays, "Lord, please let the girl who gives me water, and who willingly gives the camels water be the one."

Thing is...drawing water for camels is a big deal. They drink an awful lot, especially after a journey like that. The idea of a young girl willingly offering to do that is astonishing. That's probably why the servant asked for this particular sign. It would be so out of the ordinary that he'd know without a doubt that she was the one for Isaac.

Think about the kind of woman it would take to do that. She would be willing to serve. She would be willing to work hard. She must come from a family that has taught her these principles and thus she would know them well enough to raise her children in like manner.

So out comes Rebekah who was, by all accounts, an absolute stunner. And the servant thinks "Woah. Might as well start at the top."

So he asks her for water. She doesn't give it grudgingly, she willingly "hasted" and gives water to him. Then of her own accord says "Hey, how about I get water for your camels too?"

I love this scripture:

Genesis 24:21 - And the man wondering at her held his peace, to wit whether the Lord had made his journey prosperous or not.

To me that says "The servant had his mind blown by her absolute awesomeness and couldn't believe the Lord had answered his prayer exactly as he'd asked it." =D

It actually makes me wonder: was she amazingly awesome? Or was there some stuff going on back at the house that she wanted to avoid and so she didn't mind the backbreaking work of hauling water for the camels? =P It was probably the former because of her later behaviour, but it's fun to think about the latter. =D

Then here comes the kicker - He gives her massive ring and bracelets - that must have made her eyes widen a little - and then asks firstly if he can stay with her family and secondly, "who the heck are you anyway?

It must have blown his mind that she was the granddaughter of Abraham's brother.

WITHOUT EVEN ASKING IF IT'S OK, she offers her family's house to him. This tells me that she knew her family would welcome a stranger and all his camels (and those things aren't cheap to feed) as a matter of course - this tells us that her family had done this kind of thing in the past - that's the kind of family they were.

So when Rebekkah hears the servant is a servant of Abraham, the brother of her Grandfather, she runs off to tell her family.

Laban, Rebekkah's brother, takes one look at the ring and bracelets and goes "woah!" He hears her story then runs out to Abraham's servant and says "What the heck are you still doing standing out here? Come in and be comfortable!"

They take good care of the animals and the servant...but the errand is weighing heavy on the servant's mind. He must have been a man of great integrity, wanting to do all he can to fulfill Abraham's wishes. This also tells us somewhat of what kind of man Abraham was, to inspire such service and loyalty in another.

So the servant tells Laban that Abraham is stinkin' rich - and, furthermore, Sarah had a child when she was amazingly old. That must have blown Laban's mind. So Isaac is an only child - and Abraham is stinkin' rich - which means Isaac's wife would be stinkin' rich...

And the servant spills ALL the beans to Laban and finally gets to the point: Can I have Rebekah for Isaac?

Laban and his father, Bethuel recognize that Heavenly Father has had his hand in this whole affair from the beginning, and willingly give Rebekah to the servant for Isaac.

Wonder what Rebekah thought of that, hmmm? Doesn't matter what she thought really, as she didn't have much say in the matter. But still...was she excited to be going off to a rich family? Was she bummed to be leaving to go live with a bunch of provincials and be married to a guy she'd never met who probably smelled of sheep? She'd been living in a house her whole life - was she excited/nervous or disgusted and horrified at the thought of living in a tent?

Was she thrilled to pieces or overwhelmed by the riches poured upon her by the servant?

What the heck is the servant's name, anyway?

Then THE VERY NEXT MORNING the servant's like "ok, I'm off baby, say your goodbyes."

And the family are like "Woah! Hold up soldier!! We need at least ten days to get her ready and say goodbye!"

Which means either they wanted more gifts heaped upon them, or they really loved Rebekah and it was killing them to see her go. Maybe she cried quite a bit in the night about leaving her family.

The servant says "Nope, I'm off"

"Let's ask Rebekah" say her family. Interesting! Were they assuming she'd say she wanted to stay? Or did they really respect her opinion so much? Astonishingly, Rebekah agrees to go with this complete stranger immediately. Go figure!

So after her family blesses her with a blessing that may actually be a curse (mother of thousands of millions? That's a lorra lorra pregnancies)- though it must be nice to know that they'd be victorious in any battle - off she goes with her nurse, Deborah, into the wild blue yonder.

So here's Isaac thinking some pretty deep thoughts in the field. He must have been just a tad bit nervous wondering about the woman that was going to be brought back to him. He was probably freaking out. What if she was awful??

He sees them coming. Can you imagine it? His stomach must have been in knots and his heart in his throat. He must have been ready to vomit, but amazingly full of courage as he starts walking towards them.

And Rebekah sees Isaac. She asks the servant, "Who's that dude there?" And he says, "That's Isaac" so she covers herself with a veil (hmmm. what's the significance of it being spelled "vail"?) and gets off the camel to meet him.

Can you see it? These two young things (ok, maybe not so young as Isaac was 40...wonder how old Rebekah was?) terrified out of their wits, but trusting in the Lord that all would be ok?

So they got married. And Isaac must have been thrilled to pieces to have such an amazingly gorgeous woman, a hard worker, who had been taught to serve.

"and he loved her"

Is that not the sweetest thing ever? That just makes me heave a huge sigh. What an amazing story. I love Genesis 24.

The desire for perfection

Andrew was Grrrring in anger and frustration because he can't stay exactly on the line when he cuts.

Me: "It's ok sweetie. It doesn't have to be absolutely perfect. If you try to be perfect you'll just get angry with yourself. Just do your best and it'll be ok."


Does this apply to us too? In one instance, yes it does, because we're never going to be perfect in this lifetime, and if we insist on perfection in ourselves and others we'll be utterly miserable, and have the potential to make those around us miserable too. Especially our little ones.

On the other hand, we're commanded to "Be..therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect." Matthew 5:48

So how do we reconcile this commandment with our obvious inability to come anywhere close to perfection?

I think humility is the answer. And integrity. We can strive for perfection in a certain thing...as long as we don't beat ourselves up when we fall short. If we just keep doing our best - and here's where integrity comes in because it has to be our very best - eventually we'll be perfect in that one thing and can move onto the next improvement we need to make in our lives.