Tuesday, January 19, 2010

What we did in homeschooling today

In a complete break from our normal routine, Andrew and I homeschooled on a non-work day.

We received the Rod and Staff first grade books and they're absolutely fabulous. =) We started on them last Friday. However, I have discovered that there's not enough hours in the day to do what we were doing before AND Rod and Staff. Furthermore, carrying the myriad of books up and down those stairs was killing my back and arms.

Thus, I decided we will do Rod and Staff at work (MWF) because there are fewer books and less activities, more seatwork - read "about 1/3 of what I was carrying before".

On Tuesdays we will do what we were originally doing at work.

On Thursday we will go out and do an activity or field trip: Pump it Up or Jump Zone or Discovery Center or suchlike things.

When I originally made up the schedule, I had the week's work spread out over three days. After a couple of weeks Andrew started doing an entire week's worth of work each day....soooo now we're just back to doing one week's work each week...but we'll do it all on Tuesdays.

We're about 30 weeks or so into the original schedule, so we'll be done in about six weeks. I'm sure I can find other stuff to do after that. =)

This is what we did today:
Geography - put together a jigsaw puzzle of North America and sang the States songs.
Science - Put water and colour tablets in to the test tubes and recorded observations.
Kumon - the pine tree from the cutting book
Math - copying, extending, and creating AB and ABB patterns with linking cubes.
English - Read a poem about a lighthouse and discussed what lighthouses are.
R&S preschool book - Cutting and pasting matching pictures
Bible - read the story of Shadrach, Mesach and Abednego and coloured the picture.
Reading - How do you lift a Lion?, Then and Now, First book of Nature, Milly-Molly-Mandy ch. 15.
I'm sure I'm forgetting something.

We completed all this in about 2 hours. That was an entire weeks worth of work. No wonder we're moving on to first grade already; the kid just gets it done! =D

You know you're a runner when.....

Lifted straight from the Runner's World forums.

From Lefty_Logan:
...you can sharpen an axe blade on your calves.
...you think sprints are for wussies.
...you own spandex in more than 1 color.
..."Chariots of Fire" is actually entertaining to you.
...pizza, pasta, pizza, & pasta are your four food groups.
...you don't know what an "off-season" means.
...you hit targets with your snot rocket.
...the song "Bad Moon on the rise" sounds like "Bathroom on the Right."
...you can't go a day without some little brat saying "run forest run".
...you can pronounce those funny Kenyan names.
...you always win in your sleep but never in a real race. (Hahahaha!!!)
...every road you drive on you think what a great hill workout this would be. (Oh my gosh, I do this!!)
...you know every PR you have run at every distance, even your friends', teammates', and idols' PRs.. to the tenth of a second, but you have trouble remembering things like your phone number or your mom's birthday.
..."Forrest Gump" really PO'd you off (like he wouldn't have gotten shin splints)
...Gatorade is your drink of choice.
....you spend more on training clothes than school clothes. (Oh yeah, ain't that the truth. I spent nearly $100 on running trousers and consider it money well spent. I love those trousers.)
...your weekends are shot.

From JohnLikeRun:
Not running your scheduled run never crossed your mind, even if it is raining/snowing/tornado outside.

From RunSLC
...45 degrees is perfect weather for shorts and a t-shirt.
...you have an intense aversion to cotton.
...you've worn your Garmin while you were sleeping to record heart rate data.
...you plan your weekend around your long run.

From Dnancejr:
people look you crazy when you walk out looking like a ninja.
you immediately get a little jealous when you see someone else running while you are driving.
you are sitting a the table with non-runners and they don't understand why anyone would buy body glide.
you look at mud and say, meh, it'll wash off.

From Happylily:
You have become a running snob. You think all other sports are inconsequential. They are merely cross training for that glorious action that running is.
(Which reminds me of this wonderful tshirt)

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Simple Woman's Daybook

Lifted straight from Ritsumei

Why yes, I am a simple woman. =D Very simple. And thus....a simple daybook entry.

Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY... Tuesday 5th January 2010

Outside my window... It's sunny and absolutely freezing cold.

I am thinking... I wish my feet were warmer. I'm in a jumper and a cardigan...and I'm thinking I should have a couple of pairs of socks on. Andrew's in a shirt and underpants and nothing else. "Aren't you cold?" I ask him. He looks at me in surprise and answers "No", as if he thought it was odd I was asking the question. Huh. Takes all sorts to make the world, I suppose. Young warm ones and old cold ones. =)

I am thankful for... warm house, warm food, warm clothes, sweet family, the gospel and running.

I am wearing... tech wicking socks, pair of brown trousers, underwear, harvest orange shirt, brown cardigan.

I am remembering...sweating like a pig when I ran in the summer. One day I will be that warm again.

I am going... to pick up the house a bit, buy a gift card for a wedding reception on Saturday, get off the computer, and make Andrew pretzels and dressing.

I am currently reading...The mortal's guide to marathoning, the old Testament, my lesson book. I need to read The Wedding by Nicholas Sparks by Thursday. It ain't gonna happen.

I am hoping... to OWN the road when I run my HM. I'm also hoping I have lost some weight this week.

On my mind... I spend too much time faffing about and not enough time getting things done.

Noticing that...Andrew's wearing camo underwear.

Pondering these words... What Ritsumei posted:
The Importance of Rewards. "People do what they do because of what happens to them when they do it" (Dainels, 25). This illustrates one of the basic principles explaining human behavior. Furthermore, the more instantly gratifying a behavior is, the more likely it is that that behavior will reoccur. "Immediate consequences... far outweigh... delayed and uncertain consequences" (Daniels, 31). If our children misbehave, regardless of what they have been taught, one can only conclude that the consequences of misbehaving are more desirable than the rewards of good behavior. That is why it is so important that parents are pleasant to be around and that they create a pleasant, safe, Christlike environment at home so children will be gratified for being there - and will want to be there rather than somewhere else. --Christlike Parenting, pg 55
Very interesting. It bears some thinking about.

From the kitchen...I need to clean it.

Around the house...I need to clean it. And the washer just beeped at me so I'd better put it in the dryer/hang it up.

One of my favorite things...my family

From my picture journal...I got a new computer for Christmas and I don't have many pictures on it - maybe 50. let me see what I can find in that limited library.

Andrew after bouncing on the trampoline.

Sunday, January 03, 2010

Happy New Year! =)

Hello all!! How was your Christmas? Did you have fun. =) Did you stay up to see the New Year in? =)

The Brooks Family had an absolutely wonderful Christmas, with Emily home and my parents here from England. We had a wonderful time, and I was so so sad to see everyone go.

Back to work tomorrow.

Advice needed on the homeschooling: I'm about ready to buy curriculum for Andrew as he's blasted through pretty much everything I prepared for his "preschool" "year" - that turned out to be a preschool-kindergarten six months. I can't believe how fast he blasted through it all.

Anyway, I suppose as he tested first-grade ready I should start him on first grade stuff. I've felt for some time now that Rod and Staff was the way to go.....but I'm feeling kinda..I don't know. I think I'm just going into sticker shock at having to lay out $150 on the basic curriculum (English, reading, handwriting, math) and another $150 on extra fun stuff (Geopuzzles, pencils, blast of colour, atlas). Plus I need to get some more underwear which will be quite a lot of money....all this together is giving me palpitations.


In other news, I've decided to run a half marathon in April. Or maybe a marathon. I haven't decided yet. I'll train for the full and if it kills me I'll run the half. =D