Thursday, December 23, 2010

What, no picture?

My sister lives in Cyprus and my parents are in the process of moving out there. In a miracle of miracles they actually got an offer on their house in an incredibly difficult market in England. I shouldn't be surprised really, as my parents keep an I.M.M.A.C.U.L.A.T.E. house. Which makes one wonder what the heck happened to me, eh, and why didn't I inherit any of that?

But anyway, as a Christmas gift they got an offer on their house and are being drop-kicked out of it in about four weeks which certainly makes life exciting when one is expecting it to take several months - if not more - to sell one's house.

Where was I? I got off track.

Ah yes. Sister in Cyprus, parents moving there. Good move, parents!!!! Buy a house with a couple of guest rooms so we can come hang out like the hoi polloi in the Mediterranean.

In other news, I always thought hoi polloi meant the select few, the upper crust....but it appears to mean the exact opposite. I'm crestfallen.

I still remember the old BFBS jingle: "Somewhere in the Mediterranean this is Beee Efff Beee ESSSSS!" Remember it?

And then The Archers would play. Do do do do do do do, do do do do doo dooo, do do do do do do do, puddly puddly pum.

Ok ok ok ok, I'm off track again. I shall get back on it.

What this post is really all about
Sister in Cyprus, parents moving there. And thus I read this article with great interest. VERY great interest. (I'll paste it below just in case the link disappears) And after I read it I scrolled all over the place and could I find a picture???? NO!!!! What is the POINT of having an article about naked goddesses on the new Cypriot passport if there are no pictures of said naked goddess??????

That's all. I have nothing else to say.

Except that yesterday I was bad and didn't run. And it's 10.50am right now and I'm still in my nightdress. But I'm going for a run right now! =)

Goddess of Love emerges into foaming Cypriot row

– Thu Dec 23, 6:13 am ET

NICOSIA (Reuters Life!) – She may be the ancient Greek Goddess of Love, but a picture of a nude Aphrodite on the new passport of Cyprus has set more than hearts racing.

Cypriot diplomats are furious with the interior ministry for failing to consult with the foreign ministry before issuing passports with a depiction of a naked immortal that might offend conservative foreign cultures.

"They are worried that civilians and diplomats could get into trouble, particularly traveling to very conservative Islamic countries," the authoritative Phileleftheros daily newspaper wrote on Thursday.

The interior ministry said it was too late to change them, the newspaper said.

Local legend says Aphrodite (also known as Venus to the ancient Romans) emerged from the sea on a crest of foam just off the Mediterranean island.

The image on the new biometric passports is modeled on a Greek marble statue of a completely naked Aphrodite in the Cyprus Museum located in the capital Nicosia.

(Writing by Michele Kambas, editing by Paul Casciato)


EJN said...

Funny- made me chuckle. Enjoy Cyprus visits - that's going to be really rough AND - enjoy your run.

danny said...

perhaps sometimes the imagination is more rewarding than actual pictures?

Counsel said...

No, sometimes the picture is more rewarding and descriptive...

Imagine this...

Police officer shoots terrorist.

Now see this picture by Eddie Adams...

The picture does a little more than the text...

Keeley said...

Thank you, Jo! =)

Danny - agree
Counsel - Ugh, how did I know that was going to be the picture? It's so dang disturbing. =(

To anyone reading the comments: if you're of a sensitive disposition do not look at the pic.

NattyBumpo said...

Well, the Cyprus government hasn't let anyone take any pictures yet...or at least they aren't ranking within the first 5 pages. Oh well, if you've seen one naked statue of Aphrodite you've seen 'em all.

Loving Mam and Dad. said...

Packing a home up is the 'pits' especially when one is going on ancient!! No doubt the wall to wall sunshine will make things ok once we are there??
Love you heaps and heaps cookie daughter. xoxoxoxoxox