Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Oh! Well HI! How are you? =)

It's been TEN DAYS since I posted something. Yes. I am a bum. Furthermore, it's been busy round here and I'm STILL not ready for Christmas. I've been threatening the past couple of days that next year I'm running away on a cruise ship to the Bahamas and I won't send ANY Christmas cards.

So. What's been happenin'?
Not much really.

Not ready

I'm up to 16 miles. WHOOT! That was a slightly emotional run last Sat as the last time I ran 16 miles I was pregnant and a few days later I started bleeding and was banned from running. I kinda bawled my little heart out when the Garmin beeped 16 miles. I have to stop talking about it now as it ticks me off and I think really naughty words in my head.

Saturday is 19 but Bert won't be here (unless that evil storm front that's meant to come in right now...and isn't here yet even though the school sent the kids home early for NO REASON WHATSOEVER...hits us hard and his business trip gets canceled which would RAWK as his daughter comes home Sat and he's sad he won't be here and furthermore I don't want him to go.)


Saturday is 19 and I'm not sure what to do about that.

Option a) Blow it off. Hahaha. Yeah. Like that's going to happen
Option b) Get up REALLY EARLY (ie 3.30am) and do it outside and hope Ben takes care of Andrew. Hmm. Dodgy.
Option c) Get up REALLY EARLY and do it on the treadmill so I'm around when Andrew wakes up. Problems with that are the display on my tm is broken so I won't know how far I've come and furthermore nineteen miles on a treadmill? Yeah, I can do it, but would I be sane afterwards?
Option d) Do it in the afternoon after I pick up Emily. Problem with that is..."Oh hi sweetie welcome home oh btw your Dad's not here and I'm heading out the door for four hours now, k?" Uuuhhmm....yeah, don't think I'll do that one.

Do y'all have any advice? Pretty please?

We've been slowing down as I've been so busy, but we've managed to get in the basics.

Other stuff
I forget. I think about brilliant things to say while I'm running but then I forget them all when I'm sitting here typing.

Here's some random pictures.

Where do you think you're going? Because I don't think you're going where you think you're going. I LOVE Portal! =)


Yu huh.

How to freak out your neighbours. Hahahaha! =D

Ok. Is this or is this not just about the FREAKIEST Einstein picture you've ever seen? I had to post it because it's so BIZARRE. And frankly is like UGH.

Have I posted this one already? It's Andrew talking about his Book-In-A-Box at his tutorial.

And here's one of his lego creation as of yesterday. He said "This took me like TWO DANG HOURS to make." =D Actually it was about ten minutes. He hasn't quite got the concept of time down. =) In case you didn't know, it's a flying machine ship thing and the guys live in HERE and they can sleep in HERE and they can drop bombs down HERE.

And, furthermore, I LOVE this song. It's my latest musical obsession. And it's funny. And really sweet. =)

Oh yeah, and you know what? The Manchester police are AWESOME!!!!! Check it out. SO fun. =)



John Nguyen said...

Can you run 10 miles in the early morning on the treadmill (or 2 hours), and then do another 9 in the afternoon? Emily can watch the boys for 1.5 hours with a healthy bribe, right (4 hours would probably be pushing it)? I know it isn't the same as doing 19 miles all at once, but it would still be good ultra training. And will ultra training, sometimes time based runs are more important than mile-counting anyway.

NattyBumpo said...

I'm with John, two-a-days, may be what I will need to do when I start doing marathon training.

As to the Lego creation, all those features are clear as a bell to me. Must be that pesky Y chromosome.

FBI Surveillance Van is good, but DHS Neighbor Watch has a more Orwellian vibe. Now that I think about it, I may have to do just that.

Good luck with the rest of your preparations for next week. We are down to cooking, baking, and some stocking stuffers for adults. Whew.

Keeley said...

My gosh, GENIUS! You guys are awesome. Yes, I can totally do that. I'll just get up early and do as much as I'm able in the morning, then finish up what I didn't complete in the afternoon/evening. Excellent. Thank you so very much.

@Natty - DHS Neighbour Watch is absolute EVIL! What a fabulous idea! There are even some other homeschoolers across the road; that'll really freak 'em out Muhahahahaa.

jgf said...

I was going to agree with John, but you already thought it was a great idea. Can't agree now as it would be redundant. I wish I were doing 16 miles right now. I just hope to get 4 tomorrow... Got. To. Get. Better.

You could do like hubby and I do for Christmas. It is just us and the 2 dogs. No gifts. No mess. We cook whatever we want together, play a game or two and have a jugsaw puzzle going. Guess it wouldn't work if we had kids...

Surveilance van: Hilarious!
Einstien: Disturbing.
The Boy: Love the way he talks with his hands. I have enough nephews that I get the lego thingy.

C2Iowa said...

Surveillance Van -- awesome!

Are we ever really ready for Christmas? I say "nope". Here is to a good weekend for you! Cheers

Keeley said...

jgf - I wish I could cheat and reorganize the comments so yours comes before mine and then you wouldn't feel that it's redundant. Not that it IS redundant even though it's after mine. =) Did you do 4?? How did it feel??? Are you feeling good?
You don't do gifts for Christmas? Wowsers, that'd cut down on the stress. OTOH, I'm 7 years old and neeeeeeeeed my toys. =D

C2Iowa - Hoe you have a fabulous weekend too! Next weekend it's Christmas. Scream in panic with me now.... AAAAAGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!!! =D

At least I got (most of) my Christmas cards out. Phew.

Anonymous said...

I think this is so funny because i have the muscle-y einstein in the front pocket of my binder.the bad thing is everyone asks me who it is....