Monday, December 27, 2010

OH my GOSH my butt hurts.

HUGE news for the day is that I have injured myself somehow. In my right butt cheek. Holy cow. I could hardly walk yesterday and didn't sleep well last night. Sitting on Andrew's robot boo-boo ice pack didn't help much really.

Today is a little better, but it's still not entirely painless to say the least.

And just think, this time last week I was quietly preening myself on my lack of injuries. GAH!!!! This week I'm meant to do 43 miles. That is SO not going to happen. And now I'm panicking because I'm behind in my running plan. Hyperventilation time!!!!

So, what did Santa bring you, eh? Eh? Spill the beans!!!!! Everyone comment and tell me all about your fun Christmas. Gosh there's nothing like new toys is there? YES! I *AM* seven years old, thankyouverymuch. But ooooohhhhhh I got some awesome toys. Want to know what they are? Hey? Hey? Well aaahm gonna tell ya.

My awesome nifty toys
And Iphone 4. Yu HUH!!! Yes I did!!! And I've had sooooo much fun with it. Those apps are fun! Can anyone recommend any way cool apps for me to play with?

Ok, I also received a Garmin:
- bike mount so I don't have to wear the G on my wrist
- cadence sensor for the bike
- foot pod which I have not yet been able to use because my butt huts so badly.

Yeah. I made out. Yeah. I'm totally spoiled. I love it. =)

Also, it snowed
Yep. White Christmas in Tennessee. How awesomely cool is THAT? =)

Tell me all about your Christmas! Did you have a wonderful time? Was it magical and special like mine? I had my whole family with me for one of the last times as soon Emily will be off and married and then before we know it Ben will be (hopefully) on a mission and then married. *sigh* Time flies.

Next time I'll probably waffle about the New Year. Do y'all do New Year Revolutions?


John Nguyen said...

Sorry to hear about your "pain in the butt". You have a foam roller, don't you? If so, that should help.

I had a very pleasant Christmas, but it went by in a blur. I haven't run for 3 weeks in an attempt to rest and heal a nagging calf/soleus injury that's plagued me for over 7 months. I've been taking Bikram Yoga classes to help the healing process. So I got a bunch of yoga stuff for Christmas.

Hope your piriformis/ gluteal muscles heal quickly so you can get back on track. Maybe you should book an appointment with a chiropractor for treatment? Most chiropractors can treat soft tissue damage and hopefully the insurance will cover it. Good luck!

EJN said...

Hope you feel better, love the ice pack. Definately a mom sentence.
Enjoy your new running stuff.
Happy New Year - Jo

blackjazz said...

My iPhone is just about my favourite gadget ever!

There's lots of great apps.

Are you only interesting in games? (I'm not much of a gamer)

danny said...

I struck out on the toys, but got a very cool weleweke necklace from Hawaii. I figure if Michael Johnson can wear 5 lbs of gold around his neck and win gold in the olympics I can wear a pound of tropical beads and run a marathon in three hours!!

NattyBumpo said...

I got some new LED finger lights, and a new 9 LED flashlight. And a new pair of gloves, that I don't know if I will replace my wool Army inserts with when running, but they have been added to the arsenal.

ERG said...

maybe try sitting on a tennis ball? sounds goofy, but it's supposed to work like a foam roller on the glutes/piriformis.

Sorry you are hurting!

I got nuttin' but a box of flashign LED lights. That's good enough for me :)

gary said...

i know nothing about iphones. i still don't know how to get messages on my phone. but nyt recently had this story

that made me wish I had one.

Check the constellation apps. Just point phone at the sky and it tells you what stars you're looking at. wow.

Keeley said...

@John - of course! Duh! Why didn't I think of the foam roller! I'm glad you're allowing your body to heal. Bikram Yoga sounds excessively difficult. And hot.

@ Jo - Happy New Year to you too! =)

@Paul - I don't play games really at all...I tend to get addicted to them really quickly so I try to avoid them. =P

@Danny, Natty & ERG - Fabulous gifts! YAY! Though I have no idea what a weleweke necklace is because I'm a n00b. Sounds like LED lights were the popular gifts. =)

@Gary - AWESOME! That constellations app sounds fabulous! Thank you.

Heather the Mama Duk said...

A real true pain in the butt! One of my sons once bruised a butt cheek. For the life of me I could not figure that one out. It was even a diapered butt cheek when he fell!