Friday, December 17, 2010

Note to self:

Never miss a good chance to shut up.

An hour and a bit on the tm.

I fantasized I was winning a 100 mile race. Like THAT'LL ever happen. But it felt awesome in my head. =D I ran for an hour - which is at least 5 possibly 6 miles. Then I walked for some more minutes - somewhere between five and ten - until my pedometer clicked over to 10,000. Because I'm anal like that.

Much to my chagrin and grrrrrr ain't happening today because I got on the tm instead of getting on with it right away. At this moment I have three boys over at my house age 2, 4, and 5. In fifteen minutes I will have two more five year olds. Yes I AM awesomely amazing, thank you for saying so. =)

Andrew has his gym class this afternoon and is totally geeked out that today is TROPHY DAY because he's been taking gym for over a year now so he gets one. =)

Andrew's also geeked out because Emily comes home tomorrow. WHOOOT! We're so excited. Bert's in Calabasas CA at the moment so that kind of sucks. He comes home on Monday evening and we're tickled about that. It's Ben's last day at school today and he's way too cool to be geeked out about it even if he IS secretly geeked out about it.

My jeans don't fit and I have an elastic band looped around the button and through the hole. When I'm standing up I don't have a muffin top. I will be standing a lot today. Obviously, although I've reached goal weight at Weight Watchers again, I need to lose a tad more. Think I need to work on my core. Think I need a personal trainer to ride my sorry butt and make me do it. Can't afford one. Le sigh.

And now the boys request that I make them a marble run. So.....Engineer Mummy to the Rescue! WHOOOOOT!



C2Iowa said...

If you home school and most of them are boys --- 100 miler is nothing to you!

NattyBumpo said...

I don't know C2, we have 4 girls, and by the time I get home, my wife is looking at the door like a wild animal that has spent the night in a locked garage and wants out NOW!

We could be your PT's. We will all come to your site everyday and ask if you did your core workouts, or if you did the time you wanted either outside (my preference) or on the DreadMill. (I don't even run on them at my Y,we have a 1/14 mile track upstairs and I would rather that, then the squirrel cage)

NattyBumpo said...

Oh, and Keeley, I will talk to a post if it will stand still.

C2Iowa said...

Natty - I'm in with a daily comment. talking to posts -- is that as bad as talking to the voices in someone's mind?

Jill said...

You ARE awesomely awesome!!
I say take the boys offer up - it's not often we get offers like that :).
Core work will help for sure, but the cardio is the best combat of the bodyfat - just do a combo of both. Core/weight training 2-3 times/week and cardio 4-5. That's my coaching tip for the day :).

Keeley said...

@C2Iowa - I do homeschool, but only one boy...the other cute little hoodlums were his friends. =)

@Natty - I have the Todd Wilson cartoon on my cupboard door that reads "Welcome home, Dad. Mom's in the closet crying, the toilet overflowed, and the dog threw-up on the carpet." =D My other favourite is the son on the phone saying, "Can't talk long, Dad, but I thought you'd like to know your wife is about to lose it." Hahahaha =D

If you don't already have them, I highly recommend Todd Wilson's four cartoons books for your wife - I absolutely loved them when the dh got them for me last year. =) two are so dang sweet. =) Thing does one do core? Planks? Can't do sit-ups. I've tried. It causes my skin to rip where it really shouldn't. I know, I'm just trying to find excuses. *sigh* I'm such a core wuss.

@C2 - I'm presuming you've met David, right? His voices are loud and demanding. =D

Jill - I love you for your coaching tip, thank you. =)

*sigh* Core. Blech. I know I'm going to have to submit to the inevitable but... Core. Blech.

ERG said...

In my experience, those abs take a while to get back to what we consider "decent" shape after going through the ringer. And....well...I am still not satisfied. Hence the Elktonrunner going to my abdomen in the ol' header. Any way...

Oh! I almost forgot. My husband asked me the other day if I was "alright" because my stomach pokes up so much when I do my ab work that he thought I had a hernia. Seriously. I guess he thought my guts were pushing through the navel. Upon later inspection I did NOT see that happening. I will not post a video of it though. =D The guts have served thier purpose(s) many times over.
And if you wear footie pajamas, ther is no muffin top.