Thursday, December 30, 2010

Moving on....

Ok deep breath time to moooove on and look forward to a new year.


Who's got 'em? =) Tell me all about them. Teeeeell mee before my curiosity gland explodes.

Herewith are mine:
- Get rock hard abs. There is NOTHING wrong with this goal. Stop laughing.
- Run an ultra
- Attend the Temple at least monthly
- Pray and read scriptures daily
- Keep up on the dishes and laundry
- I can't remember the rest and I've lost the sheet where I wrote them down already. Hahahaha =D

Here's the rock hard abs I want, baby:

Ok, maybe not. =D

I am eating chocolate. I gained 4.2lbs last week alone. Ohhhhh bummer. I bagged up most of the rest of the chocolate and sweet stuff in the house and put it upstairs by Bert's desk so he can take it to work on Monday. But I saved out the chocolate David Peach sent us from England because a) I love David Peach and b) it's gooooood chocolate.

Nom nom nom nom nom. =)


NattyBumpo said...

I can take or leave chocolate...even good chocolate, so I don't have too much trouble with that one.

Also, kitty is doing it right for sure. And isn't working on your memory one of the items on your list?

My only goal is to not yell at home quite so much. If I can do that I will be good.

And is that David Peach the footballer?

Keeley said...

I have heard of people like you - the ones who can take or leave chocolate (or hate it). That must be awesome. Do you have any kind of food kryptonite at all?

My gosh, the blogger dictionary doesn't recognize kryptonite as a word! That's so unhip of them.

HA! Re: memory on the list - it should be!

Good luck with your non-yelling at home goal! It's an admirable one. From someone who has in the past struggled mightily with it may I say that it really is possible to stop.

Actually, this David Peach does indeed play football/soccer and messed up his knees doing so. But he's not the professional English guy....although he is currently in England and will be there for the next 18 months. He's my daughter's boyfriend. He is also, if he, my daughter, and we have any say in the matter, my future son-in-law. YAY!

NattyBumpo said...

I don't hate chocolate, I just know I can leave it right where it is. Hazelnuts on the other hand... I can eat them until I am sick, and one of my customers is an investment advisor, who also happens to be a farmer at heart. He has cattle in Central Oregon, and hazelnuts here near town.

The two months leading to Christmas are insanely difficult for me to come into his office. He gives away to his clients boxes of hazelnuts. And he has LOTS of clients. I sit and have to look at those lovelies just begging to be eaten....and I leave them there. It kills me.

danny said...

Let's keep it simple: My 2011 goal is to improve. I'm not sure what or how much (or if even running), but I aim to improve!

gary said...

i got stuck on the poster that says, "Let Go, Goon."

what sort of inspiration is that?

Keeley said...

@Natty - wow, with that addiction to hazelnuts and your takeitorleaveit attitude to chocolate, Nutella must be kind of a head trip. =)

You leave the hazelnuts there? My GOSH man!!!!! Your self-control blows me away.

@Danny - that is an awesome goal.

@Gary - Hahahahahahahaaaaaa!!!! =D