Monday, December 20, 2010

The Lazy Days of Christmas. Sorta.

Beloveds, it's 12.56pm and guess who's still in her nightdress?

I love Christmas holidays. =D

I am deeply unprepared, but am coming to terms with my unpreparedness by basically throwing up my hands and saying those inspiring words "Ah whatever".

Today has been really quite super. Homeschooling is all done for the day. Bert is aboard the flight that will bring him back home to us. Emily has taken Andrew out to see Tangled and he was SO cutely excited by that. Ben is quiet because he's down with a hideous cold. And I'm still in my nightdress. =P

Tomorrow: Visiting Teaching, then Emily and I are off shopping where HOPEFULLY I can purchase some more gifts for her so she has more than the DVD I've bought her. I mean really! She can't just have one pressie! So difficult to buy for.

Tomorrow or Wednesday: if Bert doesn't take Ben out to do some shopping tomorrow I'll do it on Weds. I really hope Bert does it as Ben would find it really annoying going out with me. If Bert does it I can go food shopping on Wednesday.

Today: Oh gosh that means I have to plan out the Christmas menu today, doesn't it?

Thursday: Wrap, panic.

Friday: "Meh whatever" day, where we chill out, play games, watch films, and eat our traditional Christmas Eve meal: Pizza Hut Pizza. Which, admittedly, doesn't sound appetizing to me this year. Maybe I'll make/buy a fancy schmancy salad to go with it. Nom nom nom nom nom. =) And then I'll eat chocolate. We'll watch The Nativity and Father Christmas will come to see us. Yes, I joke not, Santa Claus comes to our house to see Andrew every year. =) He used to be our home teacher and he still loves us. What a great guy.

Saturday: WHOOT!!! Paarrrtaaay! =)

Did I ever tell you about the time that Father Christmas came to our house Christmas morning? We were sitting in the music room where the Christmas tree was, happily opening gifts, when there was a knock at the door. Bert and I looked at each other and I could tell we were both thinking, "Whhaa...? Someone from the ward? Please not someone come to hurt us. Who knocks on Christmas morning?"

So we went to open the door with the children around us and Ben (who was about 5 or 6) peeking out from around my legs....and there stood Santa!!!! We all kind of looked at him with wide shocked eyes trying to figure it out and he, bless his heart, seeing the little children said,

"Ho Ho Ho, Merry Christmas! Santa was visiting his grandchildren and locked his keys inside his "sleigh" and was wondering if he could call Mrs. Claus so she could bring the extra set of keys?"

Hahahahaha =D It. Was. AWESOME!!!! So we laughed and showed him the phone. Ben was soaking all this up. =) Even on the phone Santa was great, "Hello, Mrs. Claus, Santa has locked his keys in his sleigh...." =D

Well what could the poor guy do? He couldn't go back to his grandkids' house. That would have totally messed with their heads. =D

So anyway, Mrs. Claus rescued Santa Claus who'd locked his keys in his pick-up sleigh, and we were given a wonderful family memory.

Here's a nifty video. I hope you like it as much as I did. =)


NattyBumpo said...

Heh heh, Santa's Sleigh reads Ford in a blue oval.

I only have to get a couple of things and there will be the wrapping party the the Mrs and I do every year, after the kids are abed, but we are mostly done. And, we get to partake in the "Christmas Spirits" while we finish the preps. I now have to keep tabs on myself, and it is a bit rough to get up and run 6 or 7 miles with a hang-over, but such are the trials of training. Enjoy the season!

EJN said...

Thank you for sharing you techy gal. That is funny. I liked it!! Have a lovely week rejoicing in HIS Birth!!
MerrRRRy Christmas!

jugglingpaynes said...

That was such a cute story! I'm glad you helped out Santa!

My sister sent the digital story of Nativity to me! It's a great one!

Peace and Laughter,
Merry Christmas!

Slake said...

I see that today is panic today. Hope that goes well. Just wanted to say thanks. Your comments are always either super duper up-lifting, funny, thoughtful and sometimes all of the above at once. Very appreciated, you are!

Keeley said...

@Natty - Oh those tough trials of training. =D Are you allowed to run Christmas day then? I have been gently asked (or, in other words, firmly instructed) to not go on a long run on Christmas Day. =D

@Jo and Cristina- MERRRY CHRISTMAS to you too! =)

@Slake - thank you so much for your sweet words. I really appreciate them. I hope everything went well for you and the results make you happy. =)

NattyBumpo said...

Actually, the plan has a 12 miler scheduled, but if I disappeared for that long, I might find my keys don't work when I get I will go for JUST a 10 miler, and push a little on the pace to make up for both the shorter distance and the fact that I am skipping today's 6 easy. We have a bit of cleaning to do before people start to show up.

Keeley said...

Major kudos to you for helping to clean up rather than running. Gold stars and everything. =) Willingness to give up run & clean should give you extra grace on your Christmas run, right? =D