Friday, December 24, 2010

I tried to be good.

Ok, I didn't try THAT hard. This *is* me we're talking about.

But I sorta tried. I ate veggies from the veggie tray. That counts, right?

Unfortunately I also ate meat (chicken, fried) for the first time in Idon'tknowhowlong. Furthermore, I ate truffles and cookies and baklava and oreo truffle balls and buckeyes and coconut blondies and chocolate dipped turtle cookies (OH my GOSH was that good) and I drank egg nog. Low-fat egg nog, so that's ok, right? And you know what? My friend gave me the family a jar of homemade buttermilk syrup for Christmas. That stuff is insane. I will have to eat it with a spoon.

I'm a beached whale. B.E.A.C.H.E.D. I tell you.

I was meant to run 3 miles on Weds. Didn't happen. Did an hour and a half on the tm yesterday so that sorta counts. Today's 10 mile run? hour and four minutes on the tm. I'm thinking that's about six miles. FAIL!!!!

But wait, there's more...
And I need a nap in THE. WORST. WAY. But my beloved won't let me into the bedroom. He is doing something secretive in there. Something with paper and pens and tape and scissors. What could it be? =) What do you think, beloved readers? Do you think he's meeting with Santa in there? I think I'm getting an iphone. WHEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! Which is good because my phone is sooo dead. If you love me message me and I might give you my number and then tomorrow you can text me on my brand new phone. Hehehehehehheehehhe. =)

Also, I'm getting a Garmin footpod. I know this because I opened the parcel thinking it was a DVD that I'd ordered for Emily - nope. Whoops.

Christmas is sooo fuuuuun!!!
I'm totally waffling.

Hey, guess what?
I ordered two running skirts MAJORLY inexpensively online. The one in the running store: $60 The ones I ordered online: $30 for two incl. shipping.

Yeah. I KNOW!!! Pretty awesome, huh?

First point I'd like to make about running skirts
Wow they feel good.

Second point I'd like to make about running skirts
CHAFING!!!! Holy cow!!!!! Thighs aflame!!!! Body glide is ESSENTIAL!

Third point I'd like to make about running skirts
My DH really really really really really likes them. =) There's a handy hint for you, girls. Buy yourselves a couple of running skirts for Christmas. It makes the men really happy. =)


No doubt I'll be back waffling. That's what you get when I'm on a sugar high and I'm whacked out needing a nap. I'm off to check your blogs now. You *did* write something fabulous for my Christmas Eve entertainment, right? =)

Update: in the tiny period of time since I posted this I've come down with my son's evil viral sickness. Uggghhhhhhh colds are sooo icky.


NattyBumpo said...

This will sound a LITTLE odd, but I held off buying a new "Running Skirt" for myself. I was in Seattle a couple of weeks ago, and I spent too much time at my brother's house so I didn't get to the Utilikilts store before they closed. I really want a new kilt, and I do enjoy running races in them. Quite handy to have a place to keep everything while out.

Keeley said...

It's vitally important for you to purchase a kilt for yourself. Can you get one online?

I know a guy who ran a 50k - or maybe it was a marathon - in a pink tutu.

Gotta love men in skirts.

ERG said...

Woo-hoo on the skirts :)

Melanie said...

i thoroughly enjoyed this post!

and don't you know, at christmas time, the veggies cancel out anything bad you eat? :)

have a great christmas and enjoy time with family and friends. hope you get that iphone. have fun downloading apps and texting all your loved ones!

merry christmas!

Keeley said...

Merry Christmas ERG and Melanie. =)

gary said...

On Christmas, the two food groups break info Fudge and Other Stuff. as long as you avoid fudge you're OK!

Merry Christmas and good luck with today's run. I'm thinking for Christmas it's ok to convert 10 to kilometers, so 6 was actually a 10K and fail becomes success! yay!

bangle44 said...

Merry Christmas to you and your family!

Keeley said...

@Gary - I avoided the fudge so the boatload of marzipan doesn't count, right? =) And you're a GENIUS on converting the 6 miles to 10k! =) Thank you.

@Bangle - Thank you! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas. =)