Thursday, October 14, 2010


Woke up this morning and thought "I so don't want to go on a bike ride by myself. I hate going out by myself. It's so dang dangerous. I hate crossing 96 where there's no traffic light - and where there is a traffic light is so busy I'll get squashed. I wish Bert would set up the trainer then I don't have to go out. I much prefer riding with him."

Etc etc etc. I basically talked myself out of cycling.

Then I got up, peeked through the blinds at the roads and went, "....oh alright then." =P

14.5 miles in 1 hour 8 minutes. Half-way through the ride I realized I'd forgotten my dang helmet. MY HELMET! I mean! What? How is that even possible to forget your stinkin' helmet? All I could think the rest of the way home was "Oh my gosh I don't have a helmet on! I feel so irresponsible! How could I forget it?" Some little kid watched me ride by...he was standing by his bike with his helmet on...and I felt like such a bad example.

Anyway. So the bike ride was good except for the trucks. The trucks scare the living daylights out of me. OH my GOSH. Two came alongside me at the crest of a hill. I was really looking forward to the downhill ride. But the front truck slowed down, and the truck behind it slowed waay down and got over into the shoulder right in front of me so I was afraid that either I was going to hit it or I was going to fall over I was going so slow. At the bottom of the hill the first truck turned and the second truck went on its merry way, leaving me with no ooomph with which to face the next roller. Awesomesauce.

The one truck that got way over onto the other side of the road to give me some room made up for it though. =)

Anyway, other than that the ride was fabulous.

I've been thinking...
If my ultimate goal is a 24 hour race, shouldn't I be doing my long runs by time rather than distance?


John Nguyen said...

Some of the ultra training plans I have seen have long trail runs based on time rather than distance. By focusing on "time on feet" rather than distance, which is a bit deceiving on trails anyway. Glad you survived your bike ride! I'm lucky to have bike trails near home to run or bike on (if I'll ever bike), without dealing with cars and traffic.

NattyBumpo said...

I can't imagine how I survived childhood without helmets. Oh, well, who is counting the two concussions anyway? I make a lot of noise about the stupid things so I always make sure I put mine on when I get my bike out to ride with my girls. But, if they aren't around... heh heh heh, look out, I'm a rebel.

jgf said...

I agree with John. Most ultra plans I see have time v. mileage. Personally, I hate bikes.

Keeley said...

So the consensus appears to be to do time rather than distance. Excellent. I shall adjust accordingly. =)

@John - so jealous of your bike trails.

@ NattyBumpo - where on earth did you get such an amazing moniker, btw? - LOL at you being a rebel. =)

@jgf - But...but....but...bikes are awesome. =) It's the crazy truck/bus drivers that make it kinda scary at times. How come you hate bikes?

NattyBumpo said...

Aww, now my feelings are hurt... Just kidding. I actually put that as my number 1 on my post of 7 things about me. I figured I should type it up somewhere, and that seemed like a good place for it. Plus, more shameless self-promotion. ;-)

ERG said...

I have no advice on an ultra...but a long time running seems to require a long time running in practice. Hmm :/
I forgot a helmet a year ago. It felt free and scary all at the same time!

Jill said...

I personally think it's more time on your feet. You could even do double day runs, just for the time. Nasty truck drivers. Be safe!!!!

Happy Weekend!!