Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I just drove the new Nissan Leaf!

And it was faaaaaabulous! =) Bert somehow managed to bring home a Leaf tonight. WHOOT! Have no idea how he managed to finagle that but I'm glad he did.

- Love the nifty start up tune
- Bottle holders in the door. WHOOT! Hate that my Sentra doesn't have them.
- So. Dang. Quiet.
- Nifty little controls
- Love the dashboard
- Never seen a shifter like that before
- Peppy little thing innit? Can certainly get out of its own way.
- Building the little tree thing on the L hand side of the dashboard? Kinda weird. Just sayin'.
- LOVE the fact that there's a switch where you can turn off the artificial noise. Govt. wants the switch removed so the noise is there all the time. Of course. N00bsauces.
- Even so the artificial noise is very quiet. It's apparently inspired by Blade Runner, which is kinda cool.
- Buttons inside feel really solid and refined.
- The whole dang car feels solid, stable, and well made.
- Love the shutdown tune.

Bert plugged it in to recharge it. Said it was easy peasy lemon squeazy. Glad they got rid of the original graphic to illustrate how to do was *really* funny. The new one's better.

Very impressed. I want one. Only in my dreams, of course.... =)


Heather the Mama Duk said...

I always thought that my warning system for a car being nearby was to pay attention to my surroundings while walking on something designed to carry vehicles. Never realized it was the duty of the car company to provide fake car noise to let me know lol

Keeley said...

Yes! You're so right! =)