Friday, October 29, 2010

Navel-gazing, experiments, running, Andrew and the Montebellos

Continuing my habit of navel-gazing, (as opposed to naval gazing, which is an entirely different thing) as I passed the fridge this morning I saw a cute little thing my son had coloured in his primary class. It says "You are the only person who can ever be you..."

And I thought...."Hmmmmmmmmmm......"

That one needs quite a bit of quiet pondering. Especially when it's aligned with questions like "Who am I? And how do I be me?"

I am currently conducting an experiment. I'm wearing my garmin and HR monitor for 24 hours or so. Should have some really interesting data on it. (I'm attempting to refrain from giggling naughtily and have managed to contain it to a sort of smug smirk) I'm almost at 21 hours right now.

I must admit I'm looking forward to taking the dang thing off. Garmin 305s are heavy if you wear them for extended periods of time.

Also, the battery doesn't last 24 hours which kinda stinks; I put it in the charger on the nightstand last night - hopefully it was close enough to pick up my hr. What does one do in a 24 hour race? Anyone? John? Krunnergirl if you happen to pop in? Any other ultra runners? I'm guessing you have to run without? Total bummer.

I'm starving.

Ran 5 miles in something or other - I'm guessing about 55 minutes - this morning. It was 37f. I was very cold. Not only did I not take my jacket off but I wished I'd worn gloves too. Brrrr.

Ok. Time to post some random pics then it's off to homeschooling! =) I love homeschooling.

Here's the cutie pie in the bath. =)

A few months ago I took him out for sushi. He really likes the miso soup.


I believe I've mentioned my running mentor before, yes? On long runs it's Bro. Montebello's voice saying "The body can do more than the mind thinks it can. You can do more. Keep going." that keeps me keepin' on. We love it when the family comes over for dinner because they bring such light and joy into this quiet boring house. The clip below shows a typical get-together with the Montebellos. I love the "What are you doing?" at the end. =D

Edit: Garmin results
Well. That was disappointing. Even the interesting bits were boring. Bummer. =(


gary said...

i haven't run a 24 hour in many years so i haven't field tested, but i've read several people say it's easy.

you can get a small usb charger almost anyplace. then you stick garmin, cradle and charger in fanny pack while it charges. never have to miss a lap that way.

ERG said...

You are funny! Can't wait to find out the garmin results...

Also, what a funny kiddo :)

Keeley said...

@Garbo Oh wow! I didn't know such a thing existed. That's awesome, thank you. =)

@ ERG - Garmin results were disappointingly boring. Bummer.