Thursday, November 19, 2009

Going offline

Going offline for a while. TTFN! =)

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Cheese and soccer

Went to Whole Foods Market today to get some white bread for tomorrow's sacrament meeting.

While there I nearly fell over backwards when I saw they had HALLOUMI CHEESE!



I bought some, of course. A tiny little package cost me nearly EIGHT DOLLARS. I'm telling you, the rate at which money is flowing out of my wallet is causing me great pain.

Nevertheless, as soon as I came home I COOKED it and we ATE it and said things like "Oooohhhmmmmmmooohhhhhhhmmmmmmmyesoohhhhhhmmmmmmm". Even Bert said "WOW! This is delicious!"

Andrew didn't like it, which gave the rest of us great joy as we consumed his portion. =) Good job disliking the cheese, Andrew. =)

Bert said, "How many points do you think are in one slice?"

I refuse to think about it.

Meanwhile, Andrew's last soccer game of the season was today. He did really well. =) He's already looking forward to after his birthday when the next season starts.

Upping the distance

I'm upping my distance. Today I ran just over 4.5 miles (4.61, to be exact). It took me just under an hour, so I'm getting faster.

Unfortunately, I had the same problem I had on Thursday: about an hour after the run I had a massive wave of nausea. Ohhh it doesn't feel good. Plus, my right hip still hurts.

I talked to Monica, my visiting teacher who just happens to have lost oodles of weight on Weight Watchers and who ALSO has run the Country Music 1/2 marathon twice. She had advice for me:

1. You need to eat before you run. Apple or something.
I hate to eat before running. Makes me think I'm going to be sick. Plus, I'm allergic to apples. Maybe I can handle a few grapes

2. You need to drink before, during, and after your run.
I hate drinking whilst running. I can't swallow. It's hard to breathe with water in my mouth. I get a stitch everytime I try it. Plus, I hate to carry the stupid things. They get in the way. However, I've known for quite some time I needed to drink more on the run. I drink before and after - but not during - and I get quite thirsty.
So anyway, I went looking for some other stuff Monica recommended and serendipitously happened upon a water carrying device I think I could handle. Though in just looking for a link to put here on my blog I realized I could get it for $10 cheaper at Amazon so I believe I will be returning the one I have and purchasing online. =Þ
This belt fits snugly, has a pouch for gels, two shock cords, and is made of a mesh breathable fabric. It will be interesting to see how it holds up on the run. Furthermore, it seems I have to be careful to make sure the tops are fully closed otherwise they'll leak all over me. However, it seems to be the best of the bunch.

3. Try taking a GU about 15 minutes before your run.
Ok. Fine. I bought one (vanilla bean) and will try it. I'm kinda hoping I hate it or it doesn't work because it cost $1.30 for ONE!!!!!! My GOSH!

4. Drink cytomax before, during, and/or after your run.
I couldn't find any. Wonder if gatorade would work as well?

5. Take Glucosamine Chondroitin Sulfate to help with joint pain.
I'll think about it. I just spent $40 on a hydration belt. I'm feeling the pinch. Maybe I'll try it next month or something.

Hopefully this will help me through the distance without wanting to vomit.

Friday, November 13, 2009

I have an unhealthy obsession with Putin LoLs

I know. It's a sickness. I'm sorry. I call upon you to witness my disease.

Because it's really funny, that's why. The guy's a crazy power-hungry egotistical madman. And these LoLs make him look ridiculous. You just can't get any better than that. =D

Ahmadinejad Bonus!!! Whoot!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

More evidence that I'm simply not a nice person

At presidency meeting this week, one of the ladies said she needed to confess something she did that was wrong. Then she told us the heinous thing she'd done...and it was *nothing*! And I said so. She replied that (the other member of the presidency) would have been so very kind and gentle and uplifting if it happened to her....and she's RIGHT!!! She would have been!!!

And I sat there looking at these two amazing ladies, one of which is practically perfect in every way and the other one of which is also but thinks she isn't.

It called to mind these lyrics: "What the hell am I doing here? I don't belong here". They come from this song....though the song had nothing at all to do with Relief Society Presidency meetings. =D

Anyway, so I'm feeling more than a little "Uhhh.....these ladies operate on a slightly different level than I do...", and events of the next day prove it.

Yesterday I was caught in a situation where I felt deceived, taken advantage of, disregarded and emotionally manipulated. Furthermore, I felt that I was forced into doing something I was *not* comfortable doing, and I didn't feel was safe. If we had been in an accident there would have been serious injuries.

The thing is, though, is that we WEREN'T in an accident, and everything was fine.

Now...the other two ladies in the RS presidency would have simply have smiled and been positive and the whole situation would have been a wonderful service opportunity.

Me? I freaked out. I was U.P.S.E.T. And I let the people involved know it. And that's the worst part of it. I could feel the Spirit whispering to calm down, to put myself aside, to think of this as a wonderful opportunity, to help, uplift, strengthen, welcome.

But I was too angry and I didn't. What a lost opportunity! I totally blew it.

In his talk during conference, Elder Scott said, "The inspiring influence of the Holy Spirit can be overcome or masked by strong emotions, such as anger, hate passion, fear, or pride. When such influences are present, it is like trying to savor the delicate flavor of a grape while eating a jalapeno pepper. Both flavors are present, but one completely overpowers the other. In like manner, strong emotions overcome the delicate promptings of the Holy Spirit."

Ain't that the truth? That's totally what happened. I failed to restrain my strong emotions and the Lava spewed out and burned those in the surrounding area.


I felt SO SO so so so so awful once I'd calmed down. =( I fell asleep with it like a bag of rocks tied to my back, and woke up with it digging into my skin. My prayers resounded with "I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry".

It's people like me that are the reason why other people go inactive.

So anyway. I was so happy to run this morning. One can almost pretend one is running away when one puts on one's shoes and moves away from the house. I like that idea. I'm good at running away.

A couple of things happened that have helped somewhat. Firstly, my ipod died in the middle of my run. My battery is on its last legs (and it's the second battery my ipod has had). At first I was frustrated. I didn't know if I could run without it. But amazingly enough, it was just fine. My mind switched off. Or, more precisely, without the input of the songs to keep my brain in a fully conscious state, it started mulling over different things. I was able to meditate somewhat. Instead of being hyper-focused on how I was feeling ("I'm gonna die"), it sort lost in other paths. Very nice. =) Very refreshing. =)

Then it was time for scriptures. It just so happened that the story we read together out of the New Testament Stories with Andrew, was The Prodigal Son. As you probably already know, this is the story of a young man who made a mistake, and came back home seeking to serve his father, but was welcomed back as a beloved son.

This story was a balm to my heart. The young man self-inflicted his pain. By not calming down, I did the same. The young man was welcomed back by his Father - and so am I as I repent. Oh thank goodness. I'm so relieved. I'm so grateful.

Now....if only I could AVOID putting myself in this painful situation in the first place by being KIND and GENTLE I'd be happy. Something tells me I might not learn this lesson in this life...I'm pretty stinkin' slow on the uptake.

Saturday, November 07, 2009

A review of Rod and Staff's Little Jewel Books

At the convention last summer I bought two Rod and Staff Jewel Books, A Truck and a Tricycle and My Thank You Book.

I had previously bought This is Mohan and ABC book of God's Creatures but Andrew was completely disinterested in them.

So I bought A Truck and a Tricycle and My Thank You Book just to see if Andrew would like them better.

A few weeks ago I read them to him - and he LOVED them! He wanted me to read them over and over. I was careful, when reading A Truck and a Tricycle, to keep my voice gentle. A little boy leaves his toy in the middle of the room, trips on it, and breaks the last jar of peaches and is quite disappointed. Because I knew it would affect Andrew, I deliberately kept my voice very gentle, and when his Mother came to comfort him, I kept her voice loving and gentle too. When she was explaining to her son that this happened because he hadn't put his toys away, I made sure my voice was extra kind. It was the kind of passage that could be read harshly and cause shame, or kindly and cause a little boy to reflect a little. I believe the words were WRITTEN in kindness and love, and so that's how I read it.

I think it's because I took great care to read both these books in a sweet manner, the simple, sweet writing was able to shine, and that may be why Andrew fell in love with them.

He loved them so much that I went online and bought a bunch more of the stories. Lots and lots. =)

They arrived a few days ago and Andrew was just BURSTING with excitement. =) We looked at the covers of the books together, then he chose one he was most excited to read (Anthony Gets Ready For Church) and I put the others carefully in an old shoebox, so they could be kept together, but Andrew would find them easy to flip through and find the one he wanted to read.

We snuggled up together to read Anthony Gets Ready For Church, and again I read it with a soft and gentle voice. Andrew just melted. =) He loved it. We were able to talk about the differences in how Anthony dresses for church and how Andrew dresses for church. (Andrew wears a tie and jacket; Anthony does not.)

Since then we've read two new books a day. Andrew loves them all. =)

Little Jewel books are very simple, sweet stories, with simple, sweet illustrations. What is different about them than other books for children is they exemplify good behaviour. For example, they do not do what other children's books do - have a child behave badly, experience the consequences (sometimes! Not always!) of that behaviour, then learn from it. I find when Andrew reads stories like these, what registers to him is the BAD behaviour. I find these kinds of books tell Andrew to behave badly, and actually are not a good example at all.

In contrast, the Little Jewel Books (for the most part - Truck and Tricycle notwithstanding) show children making good choices as their first choice, and are blessed thereby. Even in A Truck and a Tricycle, the book doesn't end with a quick "So the little boy learned his lesson and never did that again the end". Instead there are several pages devoted to him remembering what happened the day before, and consciously deciding to make the right choice this time, and the happiness he feels because of that.

Fathers and Mothers are kind and respectful to their children. Children are kind and respectful to their parents and each other. Older brothers watch out for younger sisters and are gentle with them.

One may argue this is not what happens in real life. No, it's not - but it's what SHOULD happen in real life. Reading these good examples (and they're not sickly preachy either!) show children practical examples of how to behave. Given enough example, they may just begin to behave like that more and more... =) It's certainly what the scriptures teach:

And ye will not suffer your children that they go hungry, or naked; neither will ye suffer that they transgress the laws of God, and fight and quarrel one with another, and serve the devil, who is the master of sin....But ye will teach them to walk in the ways of truth and soberness; ye will teach them to love one another, and to serve one another.
Mosiah Chapter 4:14-15
In fact, the entire chapter is absolutely fabulous, and I encourage you to read it. I'd quote it all here if I could. It ROCKS.

Another thing I like about these books is that while God is present in them, He's not overwhelming. In some Christian books - even in textbooks - God's name and Christ's name is used so often it's almost bordering on taking their name in vain. Using their names over and over and over and over and over and over and over cheapens them. In the Little Jewel Books we've read thus far, that hasn't happened. God is there - but not overwhelmingly so.

There is a beautiful spirit that is felt when these books are read. I've noticed Andrew has picked up on it. After reading Golden Deeds he wanted to make his own list of good things to do for others. =) Whooot! =)

On top of all these fabulous pros, the books are incredibly inexpensive - less than $3 per book. They are absolutely worth it.

If you're unsure, I encourage you to buy one or two books and try them out. Read them in the spirit they were written; simple love and gentleness. You'll be amazed at the balm to your soul...and your children's too. =)

I haven't read all the books, (and of those I haven't read, several look wonderful) but of the ones I've read if you were only going to get a few, here's what I'd choose:

My Thank You Book
Golden Deeds
The Lost Milk Jar
Anthony Gets Ready For Church
Elsie Waits Patiently
A Truck and a Tricycle

Homeschooling Andrew

So, Ritsumei posted an awesome post as usual on what they did in homeschooling this week. Camian Academy does the same thing. Unfortunately I can't post a link to that blog because there's something up with my computer and every time I try to go to it, a nasty adsite pops up. Same thing happens when I try to go to The Homeschool Classroom blog. I'll have to have Bert look at it.

Anyway. so inspired once again to post about homeschooling, I shall endeavour to remember what we did this week. Unfortunately I have no photos so it will be very boring.

Sooo, we learned where Illinois was, and that the capitol of IL is Springfield. We learned another state as well but I can't remember what it is offhand.

Andrew added another popsicle stick to our stash and after counting them (skip counting the tens), announced we'd been homeschooling for 34 days. I can't believe it's been so few days! We've accomplished so much!

I read the story of Gideon whilst Andrew coloured in his bible stories book. Andrew really hates to colour, but if we do it together he doesn't mind it so much...though it doesn't really interest him. I continue to do one page a week, though, as I believe it's important for him to learn the fine-motor control. Plus, there's a sense of satisfaction that comes from doing something you're not looking forward to, but completing it anyway.

Andrew completed several pages in his math book "YAY! Math!" He said when I pulled the book out on Friday. "I love math!"

Andrew completed several lessons in his English book I love these lessons. Short and sweet. We learned how to sing "Jesus loves me, this I know", and Andrew loved it so much we sang it over and over and over and over.... =D

Andrew cut out a cuckoo clock from his cutting book. He has certainly improved in his cutting since we purchased this book. It's been difficult for him, but he's persevered and it's paid off.

We learned about Tchaikovsky and listened to The Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy from Andrew's Classical Music book. Andrew LOVES this book and is SO excited when we read it. It was the best $7 I ever spent on a homeschooling book. It's exactly what I was looking for when I went to the convention. It was a brilliant find, and has proved to be not only something I'm delighted in, but something Andrew is delighted in also. It's opened his world to classical music. When we're in the car he asks for "Pier Gynt", or "The one with the cymbals" (Hungarian Dance no. 5 by Brahms - he LOVES that one).

This book is such a hit we might re-use it next year just for fun. =)

We read from several books:
The Milly-Molly-Mandy Storybook. We read that Milly-Molly-Mandy was very wise when she spent her penny and was able to earn more pennies to do more things that she liked. She saved up and bought some aniseed balls. I told Andrew I had some real English Aniseed balls at home and when we got home he could have one. He wasn't interested when he saw them, unfortunately.
A Child's Book of Art. I'm going to have to get copies of some of those pictures and put them up in the house. They're beautiful.
Things People Do. I think we read about the firefighters and the Doctor.
Is a Blue Whale the Biggest Thing There Is? This book is AWESOME!!! Such a fun read. We'll read it again next week because it was so fun.
The Berenstain Bears' Big Book of Science and Nature. We love this book too. =)
The Magic Tree house Night of the Ninja's. These books, thankfully, appear to have fallen out of favour; we read only a chapter or two and Andrew hasn't asked for them again.
Several Little Jewel Books
If Jesus Came to My House. We had fun reading this one, and then reading it again substituting the name of his friend so that we could know how we're meant to treat our friends when they come to our house. =)

We did a bunch of other stuff but I can't remember what.

Andrew engaged in a LOT of imaginative play; he really enjoys a decent amount of play-time alone. His imagination soars.

He is very sweet to the baby I take care of on Mon, Weds, Fri. He says he loves to have her around and is very gentle with her. =)

Andrew also played very happily with the little boy and girl I take care of on Friday (the brother and sister of the baby). They had a fabulous time together. =) Andrew likes solo imaginative play, but he also enjoys playing with other children. =)

Last week we went to see The Very Hungry Caterpillar at TPAC. It was MAGICAL! =) The audience was alive and participated with great gusto. There were gasps and squeals and lots of clapping and cheering and an overflowing of joy at what they were seeing and hearing on the stage. It was a truly magical performance. Depicted were three Eric Carle Stories: Little Cloud, which was my absolute favourite; The Mixed Up Chameleon which wasn't; and The Very Hungry Caterpillar which was fabulous. =) It was a great day. I took no pictures. Because I'm a fool.

And that's it. Sorry for the lack of pictures.

What I did today

- Woke up at 3.30am, coughing
- Continued coughing with bubbly lungs (Ugh, don't you just hate that feeling?) until about 4.50am
- Alarm cutely rang at 5am. I'd forgotten to turn it off.
- Turned alarm off.
- Slept until 7am
- Woke up. Thought "If I don't get out there running in the next half hour, I'm going to miss the first part of Andrew's game.
- Didn't get out there in the next half-hour because:
1. Andrew woke up when I came out of the bedroom. I could see a rash on his neck and arm. I checked him all over and stuck an old-fashioned mercury thermometer under his arm. (The new fangled ones, while fast, are hideously inaccurate).
2. By the time I had the results of Andrew's temp (no fever) the rash had subsided, so I stretched then when to the bathroom.
3. Then went again.
4. Then got my ipod and started walking.
5. Ipod died.
6. Considered running sans ipod, but it was the last day of the last week of Ullrey's podcasts, so I *needed* to be listening to it or it didn't count. Yes. I'm odd like that.
7. Came back home. Nicked Ben's ipod. Put my running playlist on it.
8. Got 2 minutes down the road when I realized it didn't have the Ullrey podcast on it. Bizarre!
9. Came back home, reloaded running playlist.
10. Checked Ipod. Still didn't have Ullrey's podcast on it. WHY????
11. Checked the clock. It was nearly 8am. SO SO SO SO SO SO SO Frustrated! I was now going to miss the first part of Andrew's soccer game. =( Feeling sick, awful, and frustrated. GAAAHHH!
12. My ipod was now registering an almost full battery. WHY?? WHY? Why does it do this to me? Why does it suddenly show a full battery when it was out of battery power several minutes ago? It's insane!!! It's trying to drive me bonkers!
- Finally left the house at 8am with my ipod and the podcast playing.
- Ran a 5k. Well, just over. Wanted to die.
- 8.45am. Shriek! Time's running out!! Hopped in the shower.
- 9.15am. Hungry. No time to eat. Grabbed a banana and a bottle of water. Ran out the door.
- 9.25am Farmer's market. Last basket of the season. Bought more ground beef. Had a sudden thought, "Andrew's going to get a goal and I'm not there."
- 9.35am Raced to Andrew's game.
- 9.45am. Andrew had scored a goal. His only goal of the season, I believe. And I missed it. I could have cried. Bert said it was stinkin' AWESOME. I could have cried some more, but instead I coughed my lungs up.
- 11am After a great game, came home, got Andrew changed, went to the open house at Nissan.
- Saw Bert's new office. He was promoted last week and is now some nosebleed kinda nosebleed that he actually has an "office" rather than a cubicle. WHOOT! =)
- Came home. Were given coupons for free pizza slices whilst at the soccer game so we used 'em for lunch. I had a few nibbles and then gave the rest of my slice to Bert. He was happy.
- 1.30pm Set timer and cleaned. Ben was off the hook because he'd mowed the lawn whilst we were at Andrew's soccer game, so it was just Bert and I.
- 2.30pm. Timer went off, so we had to stop cleaning. We had cleaned ONE ROOM by the time we were done. ONE ROOM!!! That's what a state our house is in. Oh well.
- Sat down and researched ipods. Decided an Ipod Nano is what I'm needin', but not what I can be affordin', so a shuffle is what I'll be gettin'. Don't want to spend $60 on a shuffle, so checked out Craigslist.
- Wrote email to a guy selling a purple shuffle for $25. No response thus far. *sigh*.
- Started laundry
- Made dinner. Ate dinner. Did dishes.
- Did more laundry
- Took Ben and Nyle to the barndance at the Bishop's house.
- Food shopping at Kroger
- Food shopping away.
- Did more laundry
- Andrew ready for bed
- Tidied Andrew's room
- Read to Andrew
- Finally sat down to lose brain cells. It's 9.20pm, and I'm tired.
- Beeper on dryer went off. Time to do more laundry.

Maybe we'll get a new Bishop tomorrow? =) =)

running while sick

Did. Not. Enjoy. Run.

Was up in the night coughing. Felt tired and awful, but needed to run. Today was the last day of the last week of Robert Ullrey's couch-to-5k programme and there was NO WAY I was going to skip it.

I did, however, choose a different route so I didn't have to run extra.

It nearly killed me. For the first time I thought I really might vomit. I completed it through sheer force of will. Being incredibly stubborn can have its uses.

But I did it.


I am SOOOO proud of me. =) I felt awful. I'm sick and tired. I didn't want to do it. But I DID do it. =)

This run was as hard as week one of the cough-to-5k podcasts. what?

Thursday, November 05, 2009

running while sick

Bert looked at me in surprise. "You're going running this morning?"

Yes. Yes I was. I don't care how awful I feel. I'm going running.

I told myself, "You feel like dirt. Just walk most of it. Run only a little. Expect to take a long time."

Then I put on the Robert Ullrey week 9 podcast. I said to myself, "Not to worry if you don't do the whole 30 minutes. Just run what you can. You can complete week 9 properly next week."

Then something inside me rose up in stubborn heat and said "WHAT? Are you NUTS? There is NO WAY I'm not completing week 9 this week!"

So I ran the whole 30 minutes. Slowly. And I didn't add any extra running. OH! Wait! Yes I did! But I only added another 10 minutes or so.

Soooo yeah.

While I was running it felt good. I could feel the cold air going deep into my lungs, stirring up all the hideous nasties in there. It was good.

Then I stopped running and started coughing. Owwwww!

Had a shower. Read scriptures. Went to weight watchers - lost 2.8lbs this week, so I suppose the plateau's officially over. That's 30.4lbs altogether. Went shopping and bought more herbal tea and some lettuce.

Then came home.

Where I plan to stay.

Until I have to take Andrew to soccer practice.

But after THAT I'm not leaving home. Maybe I'll even get the laundry folded and put away.

Or maybe I'll take a nap.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Spoke too soon

Ok, obviously the afternoons and evenings are the worst. I was wishing I was dead by 3pm. It was a late day at work, so I didn't get home until about 4.45 or 5pm. I needed some lettuce, but didn't have the energy to go into a shop to buy some. My employer sent me home with her delicious vegetable stew - which has more meat in it than my meat stew does. =D =D She is an INCREDIBLE cook.

We came home. Bert's late at work again, Ben's over at a friend's house and then they're going to youth night together so I was off the hook there. Andrew wanted a frozen dinner. Worked for me. I nuked it, nuked the stew, then we ate. I couldn't believe it was only 5.15pm by the time we were done. How come it's only 5.50 now???? Surely it's midnight????

Aaaaaache. Achey achey tired hurt coughing uuuuuuughhh.

I'm going to bed before the whining gets out of control.


Fever gone - everybody say "WHOOOOT!" Coughing still hanging around. Andrew came downstairs and coughed this morning. Great.

I did sleep well last night though - 8.30pm to 5am with only about a half-hour of wakefulness at 1.30 is pretty dang good. =)

In other news, I signed up for Runner's World "Daily Kick In The Butt" which I think is a fabulous name for a motivational quote. Here's the first one I received:

"The only secret is that it is consistent, often monotonous, boring, hard work. And it's tiring."
Robert de Castella, World champion marathon runner

Hahahaha. =D I'm so thankful today is my rest day though. I'm not looking forward to tomorrow's run. No wonder my run was awful yesterday morning - my body was already fighting this hideous cough. I'll lower my expectations for tomorrow and then I (hopefully) won't be disappointed.

In still other news I am so sick of my clothes not fitting me. I was wearing trousers yesterday with two safety pins, and they were still hanging off me. So I went to the place I normally avoid like the plague - The Mall. Say those last two words with scary emphasis and imagine freaky horror music and screaming in the background.

I didn't find anything but ordinary trousers that cost $60. What. The. Heck. I DID find a beautiful skirt - for NINETY DOLLARS!!!!

So in disgust I left and went to Goodwill. Found three pairs of pants and four tops for $25. Went to Kroger afterwards and while considering whether to buy a bottle of Ken's honey mustard dressing I realized it cost more than two pairs of pants.

Goodwill is a treasure trove. =) I'll be back there again soon. Who know? Maybe I'll find a skirt just as beautiful as the ninety dollar one. =)

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Uh oh....


But it's only low grade. So I probably just have bronchitis or something.

Nothing like a lady in our ward - she had a fever of 107f.


I didn't know a human's body could get that hot.

Running and gear

Oh my gosh, that was an AWFUL run this morning. I don't know what was my problem. Saturday's run was wonderful. The short treadmill run I had yesterday was nice too. Today's though - ugh!

I started out confident. Maybe that was the problem. My beginning pace was a little faster than my usual barely-running one. By the time I reached the bottom of the hill (not even half-way through) I was dying. I talked myself into running to the top. The rest of the run I walked/ran. The longest I ran was maybe 15-20 minutes. It was so disappointing.

My leg hurts. I keep having problems with that stinkin' right leg. I thought I'd worked out the kinks but I guess not. My hip hurt. My back hurt. I kept having to remind myself to run tall, head up, shoulders relaxed. Also, my lungs hurt. I have a cough and it's not entirely comfortable in my lungs - after my run though YIKES that was uncomfortable. It's a little early in the year for me to have bronchitis (i usually get it over Christmas), but if this continues I might get it checked out.

I guess bad runs are a good thing, right? Keeps you humble. Helps you regroup and focus on what really matters ie actually RUNNING the route. My problem was I wanted to beat Saturday's pace time. I actually did, despite all the walking, so that's good I suppose. I don't feel as though it was a good run though.

Furthermore, I finally plonked down a hideous amount of money for a long-sleeved top

Took me ages to work up the gumption to spend that kind of money. SHEESH people! I was glad for it this morning as it was rather chilly out there...but it's certainly not the perfect top. It doesn't have pockets or place for an ipod or anything like that. I really wanted this top but they didn't have it in my size and I had made a commitment, after weeks of looking, to BUY a stinkin' top before I froze out there in the mornings.

*sigh* Plus, that one had this stupid thumb hole right at the edge of the sleeve - which made not sense to me. Why bother? Plus, the sleeves were shorter so it would have been difficult to pull the sleeves down over my hands. I would have bought it anyway, if they had my size. But they didn't. So I didn't.

I also considered this one, and almost bought it. Still not sure if I made the right choice or not, as the reviews state it doesn't ride up.

And this new top I bought definitely DOES ride up. I noticed just a few minute into my run that my bellybutton was showing. !!! Yikes! I ended up tucking my shirt into my trousers - which made me look like Urkel

However, although the shirt DID ride up then, the waistband of my trousers kept it from riding up to my ribs and exposing my stomach.

I'm not quite sure what I could have done differently. Purchase a different top? But how do I know what works and what doesn't unless I run in it? And I feel weird returning a top I've run in. Ick. But they're so dang EXPENSIVE.

All in all, I'm rather bummed with the morning.

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Terry Pratchett vs Sherlock Holmes

Ok, so I continued reading the Sherlock Holmes book...which one was it? Sign of Four? I forget the name. But anyway, I kept reading it and continued being irritated.

Imagine my joy when, on Friday, I read this written in Terry Pratchett's Feet of Clay:

"Samuel Vimes dreamed about Clues.

He had a jaundiced view of Clues. He instinctively distrusted them. They got in the way.

And he distrusted the kind of person who'd take one look at another man and say in a lordly voice to his companion, "Ah, my dear sir, I can tell you nothing except that he is a left-handed stonemason who has spent some years in the merchant navy and has recently fallen on hard times," and then unroll a lot of supercilious commentary about calluses and stance and the state of a man's boots, when exactly the same comments could apply to a man who was wearing his old clothes because he'd been doing a spot of home bricklaying for a new barbecue pit, and had been tattooed once when he was drunk and seventeen* and in fact got seasick on a wet pavement. What arrogance! What an insult to the rich and chaotic variety of the human experience!

*These terms are often synonymous"

WHOOOOT! Go Terry Pratchett! Even if you are a raving athiest! This book also contains one of my favourite exchanges between Vimes and Vetinari

Ipod Running

Soooo, I bought two new songs and added them to my playlist. I guess it helped as I had a stinkin' AWESOME run on Saturday morning, sprinting the last few feet of the run. Go me! =)

Voici Ma Playlist:

1. Robert Ullrey's Couch-to-5k week nine.
Yes indeed. I am on the last week of the couch-to-5k podcast. WHOOOT!!!!! What to do next? Find a 10-k programme? Start running more? Faster? Longer? Include cross-training? I don't know. I have no idea where to go from here. I think I'm going to be kind of at a loss next Tuesday morning.

2. Uprising - Muse

3. MK Ultra - Muse

4. Don't Stop Me Now - Queen

5. Fighter - Christina Aguilera

6. Reason to Believe - Dashboard Confessional

By this point I'm usually done. However, I extended my playlist just incase I decide I want to run more just for the heck of it. Included are these songs:

Map of the Problematique - Muse
Supermassive Black Hole - Muse
Unnatural Selection - Muse
Undisclosed Desires - Muse
Sandstorm - Darude
Are you Gonna Be My Girl? - Jet
Seven Shades of Black - Smashing Pumpkins
Resistance - Muse
Just like you Imagined - NIN
And a bunch of other stuff.

Believe it or not, in the running community there are many who are disdainful of those who run with ipods. Bizarre. Furthermore, you're not allowed to use them in some races - and if you win a race and have an ipod anywhere on your person, you are immediately disqualified.