Monday, May 18, 2009

Easter Eggs and graffiti

Here are a couple of Easter eggs Bert made.

Meanwhile, Andrew signed his own head just like that guy in the Herbie movie that had Lindsey Lohan in it. This tells me that a) Andrew has a long memory because he hasn't seen that film in ages and b) Little children are incredibly influenced by TV.

One time, when Emily was about Andrew's age, I found her in the bath with her finger in her mouth, blowing.
"What are you doing?" I asked
"I'm trying to blow water out of my ears like Dopey" she replied.
=D =D

Beaverdam Creek CSA

Saturday marked the first CSA delivery from Beaverdam Creek. I picked it up at the Franklin Market early on Saturday.

Doesn't it look delicious?

Mmmm, so yummy.

Delish. =)

Happy Graduation!

Andrew graduated from Joy school! =)

I had considered doing joy school next year but decided not to and have instead planned a preschool programme at home. I figured if I was going to pay $165-$200/month on a preschool, I could take half that and make an absolutely amazing magical preschool at home.

So I took less than half that, and we're still going to have an absolutely amazing magical preschool at home. =D

Anyway, here's the photos of his graduation.

The Cake Walk

Tossing the beanbag

The amazing treats. I had to steal one. They were delicious. =D

Andrew on the Graduation bike parade

LoriAnn and Madelyn being pulled in the wagon on the Graduation bike parade

We tied balloons around their wrists for the bike parade, but it was so windy those balloons were a pain in the patella. Isaac and Andrew's balloons got wrapped around the mailbox and the ribbon snapped. They were so happy to be rid of them. We all yelled "YAY!" =D =D They thought it was great.

Isaac, Andrew, LoriAnn and Alyse

Andrew holding his graduation certificate and gift. =)

Mother's Day

Well, I had plans to answer some email today. That's not going to happen as I'm on a roll with uploading this photos. =D

Ben graduated 8th grade on Thursday. Did we remember the camera? No. But I think that's ok as he had a massive meltdown just before we left and was an excessively naughty boy and I think if we'd tried to take the pictures all our smiles would have been really quite false. It was hard to keep from crying, frankly. *sigh* I hope his hormones have settled down by High School graduation so we can take some photos with real smiles. Ben was on the A/B honours list. We were so proud of him.

Here're my faaaaaabulous Mother's Day gifts.

Bert spent several hours on Saturday constructing this INCREDIBLE solar oven.

Uhm....where are the pictures of the solar oven? Did they disappear along with the magically vanishing videos? I'll take some more and stick 'em up here later.

I was also given this wonderful camp dutch oven to use in my solar oven, and also when we go camping.

And I was given a Spock glass from Burger King. I LOVED it!!!! It was so wonderful I went out and bought the other three.... =D =D Now I have the whole collection. And I love them. They are, in fact, the only four glasses we own as the rest of the smashed and we decided to use plastic until Andrew is a bit older... =D

Happy Graduation!

Last Wednesday, I put the last note in Emily's lunch. It was a Dr. Seuss lunchnote and it said something like "You did it! Hooray!" =)

She came home that afternoon never to set foot into high school again. At least until she has children of her own. =D

On Sunday she graduated Seminary. WOO HOO!!! Bert and I are beginning to breathe easier thinking "Wow, we've nearly done it!" Absolutely astonished that we've been able to raise such a lovely young lady who behaves well, has a good head on her shoulders, has graduated from High School AND Seminary! WOW! =) What a blessing it has been - there's no way at all that we could have done it without the Lord's help, and the help of all Emily's leaders and advisors at church.

On Saturday Emily has her High School graduation ceremony.

We bought her a graduation gift. She loves it.

I want one! =D

Senior Prom

David took Emily to her Senior Prom. They were so dang cute I could have eaten them with a spoon.

David actually arrived at the house on time. Emily was very surprised as he runs on Mormon Standard Time. He said it'd been his goal to make sure he was ready and at the house before Emily was ready. HA! =D

He succeeded.

Because he's competitive, that's why. And so is Emily. I've never met a more A-type couple in my life. Except David's an extremely laid-back A-type (it's the weirdest combination - he's incredibly competitive but laid back at the same time.) and Emily is...just A-type. =D

David's sisters and parents came to take photos of the uber cute couple.

Otis, Emily, David and Wanda

Being clueless, we had NO idea that there were meant to be pictures with the parents. Bert and I had been working in the house and garage and were really icky...thus, we didn't get our picture taken. If we'd known how it was meant to be we would have cleaned ourselves up. I'm tellin' ya, these American proms are like weddings or something.

Emily said this was going to be their official Prom photo. =D

Afterwards they went to Andrew's gym, Let It Shine. It's a Christian gym that stayed open simply so prom-goers could have somewhere safe to go after prom where they could play and have a good time without the alcohol, sex, inappropriate dancing etc etc etc.


It's ridiculous to me how much there is to catch up on. I'm taking a time out because if I don't I'll forget what I need to put on my blog and then it'll never get up there. =D

Meanwhile, there's excessive guilt for neglecting my emails, phone calls etc.

I went to the curriculum fair on Fri and bought Andrew's preschool stuff. I hope he'll have as much fun as I think I'm going to have... =D =D Horrid experience there with anti-Mormon stuff. Sent my heart to my stomach and I felt sick for a good couple of hours. It's so hurtful, especially when what they're saying is so patently untrue. They said we believe Mary got pregnant because she had sex with Heavenly Father? What????? Where on earth did they get that from? It made me feel so icky and sad.

Moving on, because it hurts.....

Makin' volcanoes in Joy school. I was meant to talk about families...but I didn't because making volcanoes is WAAAAY too much fun. =D

Andrew putting in the vinegar.

Woo hoo! Magma, baby!

Alyse putting in the food colouring.

Excellent eruption! Alyse was rather pleased with it. =)

As was Madelyn with hers.

Here's LoriAnn putting vinegar in her volcano. I don't have a good explosion picture for her, dang it.

So, now here's the question. Where are the videos? I finally got my computer to recognize the videos on my camera by downloading quicktime. I even played a video or two to check it out. Now I come to put them on my blog...and where are they? They've disappeared. What?

Furthermore, ITunes refuses to recognize that I am allowed to play any of the songs I have bought on Itunes. I would estimate over $100 worth over the past few years. It says I'm not authorized. Furthermore, if I want to talk to an actual person about this problem, I'm not worthy of a free phone call and must pay $30.

So, any techies out there that know of a programme that I can use instead of Itunes that will allow me to transfer my music onto my ipod and actually listen to it?

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Crazy month

It's been excessively busy here with Ben graduating 8th grade and Emily about to graduate high school and zot on off to BYU. It'll be pretty nuts until the end of June, but I'll try to update from time to time.

Meanwhile, enjoy this, because it's soooo dang cute! =)

Monday, May 04, 2009

Things Andrew said over the weekend

"Dad, how many times have I told you to not have a policeman follow you?"

This when we were on the way home from church and Andrew wanted Bert to make an illegal U-turn. Bert protested that the policeman behind him might be unhappy if he did.

In a sing-song "nyah nyah" voice, with his hands over his eyes,
"You can't see me!"

There was another one, but I forgot it, dang it.