Friday, July 17, 2009


Conversation I just had with Andrew:

Andrew - "I'm really excited for my next birthday"
Me - "Are you? What are you going to do?"
Andrew - "Oh probably buy something. Liiiike....a birthday cake."
Me - "Oh, that will be nice."
Andrew - "Yes. And how about we put two candles on it? Or maybe we can put one?"

=D Ahhh, the simple desires of children. =)


Your ever loving Mam and Dad xoxoxoxo said...

That conversation certainly cheered us up today. Yesterday Wayne over the road came over with Molly (aged 2) to help your Dad put the top box back on the wardrobe after decorating. As the men were working and chatting Molly and I went into the conservatory to watch a bunny eating one of the fallen apples. I told your Dad that we had a rabbit in the garden so he was about to rush to get it out. I stopped him by saying 'Don't chase the bunny away Molly is watching it.' Molly looked up at your Dad and said - very sternly 'DON'T CHASE THE BUNNY'. It was so funny especially as she is such a tiny little tot with fair curly long hair.

Heather the Mama Duk said...

Love it! When I asked Fritz what he wanted for his third birthday he said he wanted a cake and to blow fire (blow out candles).

Keeley said...

Heather, isn't it so cute when they get so excited about the simple things? =)

Mum and Dad, Molly sounds lovely! Do you remember "Well, that's buggered that then." and "Come out, come out, b*****d mouse!"? =D

Your ever loving Mam and Dad xoxoxoxo said...

Ha! Oh yes, remember it well the inoccence of little ones is wonderful.