Saturday, June 27, 2009

Bert's clone

Every so often, Andrew will go to bed complaining about cold feet. A short while later he'll wake up and cry and cry and cry like he's in pain, saying his feet are cold. We put socks on his feet, I cuddle up to him, all to no avail. His feet feel warm enough, but he cries so hard and says his feet are cold cold cold cold cold.

Just lately, it's morphed into "my legs are cold".

We know we're in trouble when he's really tired and before he's even in bed he starts to complain that his legs are cold.

Tonight was one of those nights. We put pajamas on him and I tried to put socks on him to keep his feet warm, but he refused to wear them. No surprise that about half an hour later he was crying in bed that his legs were so cold.

I guess you have to hear him. He cries like he's in pain but says he's not in pain, he's just cold ohhhh ohhh sooooo cooooold my legs are coooold so cooooold.

Poor little guy.

So up I went to comfort him. I pulled out Bert's heating pad and put it on low on his legs. I covered his legs with extra blankets, I lay next to him and tried to chafe his legs to keep them warm. They felt just fine, not cold at all, but he was crying so hard like he was in pain.

"Are you in pain?"
"Nooooo, my legs are just cold."

I'm thinking "What could this possibly be? Could he actually be in pain but it's a type of pain he's not good at interpreting and so "cold" is the only way of describing how they feel?"

I thought I'd feel along Andrew's legs to see if they were cramped.

Ohhhhh yes, he did indeed have a leg cramp. I started gently massaging his leg and it was like the light switched off for him. He immediately calmed down, closed his eyes, relaxed, and eventually dropped off to sleep.

Ta Da!! He has leg cramps just like his daddy. =) I guess he's going to be eating a banana a day, eh? =) Bert had just appalling leg cramps until he started eating bananas regularly. It would make sense that he started saying his feet were cold, because when Bert gets leg cramps they hurt all the way down to the non-existent arches in his feet, and it helps to massage there as well.

I'm so grateful for the Spirit's inspiration, nudging me to check his legs for cramps. I'm so grateful I could help ease the pain for him. Yay! =)


Your ever loving Mam and Dad in a very hot UK said...

Ouch, poor little poppet, cramps are the pits aren't they?

Are you using the Banana bag for your bananas? We use ours ALL the time buy them on shopping day put them in the bag in the salad draw of the fridge and take a couple out of the bag at a time. In the heat of summer they don't go 'off'. We have had them still good after two weeks - brill.

Love and hugs to you.

Nancy said...

Such a sad little story about darling little Andrew! Glad you were able to get to the bottom of it, Keeley!

Keeley said...

Hello Nancy! =) Thank you so much for all your lovely comments. =)