Monday, April 20, 2009

Speaking of Tender Mercies.....

...Bert and I have been thinking about buying one of those child carrier things that you hook up to your bike and drag behind it. Fits one or two children. Thought it would be good for Andrew.

Unfortunately, we couldn't find one less than $150 or something. YIKES! So we've never bought one.

And then on Saturday I was driving past a garage sale and saw one. I was out of that car so fast. Can you imagine my delight when I saw it was $15? WOW!

So I bought it. It needed a new inner tube - $6. So the total thing was $21.

We hooked it up to my bike and away I went. WOO HOO! =) Exercise here I come! =)


Ritsumei said...

I need to ask the Lord for a bike too. I bought one of those bike trailers last summer, but I haven't got a bike to pull it. I thought I'd get one with piano money this spring, but the Spirit whispered to stop teaching a few months ago, so I don't have any piano money. I'm so glad that you posted this story: it reminds me that he'll take care of my need for exercise too. Enjoy your new toy!

Keeley said...

Ask, and for sure he will provide. Let it be known around your ward and to your neighbours that you're looking for a bike in good condition uber cheap. Then check out Goodwill every week or so. It will turn up.

Well bless you for following the Spirit and giving up teaching piano.