Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Andrew likes music...and cars....

Andrew is pretty sensitive to music. I mean, to the point that occasionally in church he'll hear something and his busy little body will stop moving as he listens, and then he'll bawl his eyes out. He's a sensitive little soul.

Because of this, I try to watch what music I play in the car. I don't want that sensitive little soul listening to something that will disturb him.

Thus, when "Just like You Imagined" by NIN came on my Ipod, I wondered how he'd react. Yes, it's an instrumental, but it's not quite Opera, you know?

It wasn't long before I could hear him commenting on the music in the back. I turned the music down and asked him to repeat what he'd said, sure he would say something that would let me know his sensitive little soul was disturbed by what he was hearing.

He said, "This is my favourite song."

=D =D =D

When it was done, he asked to listen to it again. About half-way through he asked "Is this where the cars race really fast?"

I asked "Does the music sound like cars racing to you?"

"Yes" he said, and proceeded to push his little foot onto the "clutch", "shift" gears and "drive" his imaginary steering wheel, making fabulous car noises. AWESOME! =)

He asked to watch the video. I thought "Not on your nelly is my 4-year old watching a NIN video!" He was rather miffed when I didn't just produce the video for him in the car immediately.

"Uhm...." I say, " we have a computer in the car? Am I driving? Then what makes you think that I can magically produce the video for you?"

Sorry you got to see my occasional...not-niceness there. What do you call that? It's not's just....something else. ANYWAY!!!!

SO when we got home I looked online for an appropriate video for Andrew to watch. Unfortunately, there wasn't one with cars racing to the music, but Andrew was ok with that. =)


Oh yeah, and turn the volume up. It's important to play NIN very loud. Except when you're in the car with your 4-year old.


Your ever loving Mam and Dad xoxoxoxoxo said...

And also two oldies who live in the UK - must be an age thing!!

Love and hugs

Keeley said...

It does take a little getting used to, doesn't it? =D