Sunday, March 08, 2009

Deodorant update

Update on the deodorant.

Yesterday and today were really hot for this time of year; 70f or 75f. Today we have the windows open to create a breeze because it got SO hot in the house.

Both days Bert was sick so I was chasing Andrew as well.

Yesterday I was rushing around in the usual Saturday frenzy. I also attended a wedding.

Today I was up and about rushing to get ready. I had a talk in church today, and a memorial service this evening, as well as needing to feed 4 missionaries and I was also conducting in Relief Society - so it was a looong, busy day. Keeping in mind that no-one was expecting the warm weather, the church wasn't exactly breezy.

So how did my deodorant stand up in this hot, busy, stressful environment?

It did great! My armpits were damp during the worst of the heat and stress, but my goodness I still smell as fresh as a daisy. =) Who'd'a thunk?


Ritsumei said...

I'd often wondered... what did they do before Secret & the others. Guess that now we have at least a better idea. This certainly seems healthier than the stuff that says don't use it if you have an open sore...

Hello?? Most people shave the area!!

Keeley said...

I know it! I assumed that the poor people of the past just stunk before deodorant. I guess not. =D