Monday, February 09, 2009

OCD Attack

I believe Ritsumei is coming to visit tomorrow. I think it's tomorrow. I'm not sure, maybe it's next week. Or maybe it's tomorrow. But I don't know what time.

So anyway, I'm having a panic attack because the house is not fit for human habitation, nevermind visitors. Ok, maybe that's a teeeeny bit of an exaggeration - but it's not tidy. Furthermore, I need carpet cleaners in because a winter's worth of teenagers and toddlers is showing its face plainly upon my beige carpeting.

Whoever thought of putting BEIGE carpeting in a house? That's nuts. Dark blue is the perfect colour. Or that horrid berber stuff. Hides really terrible stains. Some say hardwood throughout does the trick, but you've got to CONSTANTLY clean that stuff otherwise you get furballs from the dog. Gag me gross.


So I vacuumed the carpets in the music room (or living room or parlour or whateveryouwanttocallit) after picking up all the myriad of cars in there, and suggested to Andrew that he bring down his legos. This is because I knew he was going to ask to watch TV and I didn't want him to.

So there we were, playing legos. I made an ambulance. Andrew made an orange car.

I made a dog.

It was great fun. I took some pictures.

And then I had to quit playing.

WHy? Why? you ask.

Take a look at this very fuzzy (sorry about that) picture here.

Do you not SEE the legos? What MORON at Mattel decided to put a dip in the lego bucket? A dip perfectly sized for trapping little lego pieces. Are they INSANE?

Those legos. They call to me. They cry for me and beg me. Can you hear them?

"Keeley! Keeley! Sort us into colours and sizes and put us in little plastic bags because then we'll be all neat and tidy. Oh please Keeley! Little plastic bags! Please!"

I had to run away before I ruined my son's life by categorizing and obsessively organizing his legos. It was the only sane thing to do.


Ritsumei said...

those are absolutely teh coolest lego creations that I've ever seen!!

We used to make houses. The same one every time. And then we'd make beds for the dumb little lego people. (We didn't have the cool ones.) And that was about it. Now I want legos again.

It's next week. I'm sorry to be such a terrible communicator. But Andy only got the email that says he can actually, factually, have the time off so we can drive into the sunset on a grand adventure...

OK. Must sleep. Am waxing cheezy.

But it's next week. No stress. We like you how you are: kids, dog, dirt & all. We know how it is: we have kids, cats, & dirt ourselves.

Ritsumei said...

Oh. Just KID. Still. I'll let you know when that needs to be update. I'm just tired, not announcing.

Keeley said...

They're only cool because I copied the examples they had in the pamphlet that came with the legos. =D I don't have a creative bone in my body when it comes to legos. Open-top garages or corrals is about as good as it gets.

Someone needs to create a book of lego creations for children - that'd work brilliantly for me. =)

Not to worry, you'll get legos again. More than you can imagine. Because someone will buy a box for monkey and those lego things MULTIPLY while you're not looking. =D

I'm so happy it's next week! Because now I can work on my house a bit more. =D Though I DID vacuum downstairs early this morning and it looks faaaaaabulous right now. Hopefully I can un-junk the dining room table by the time you get here though. =D

You're not a terrible communicator! I'm sure you told me WHEN - I just have a terrible memory is all. =D

You sound tired. Get some sleep. =)

We're looking forward to seeing you, even though you have only one kid. =D =D =D But don't bring the cats! We'll all die of asthma attacks, and they'll eat Maus. =D

Sleep. Sleep is good. Go get some. =)

Ritsumei said...

Not to worry, we won't bring the cats. We'll probably kennel Anya (the new one) and find a friend to look after Rena (the orange one) because they still can't get along with each other. It's very sad.

I think I may have to look for a lego book. I'll bet that somebody has come up with something.

Ritsumei said...

OK. I'm checking out Amazon. Cuz the library is lame and has NOTHING.

There's Lego Crazy Action Contraptions: A Lego Inventions Book. This one is a science experiment book! It's got a demo of how the moon never shows its back side to us, and a balloon-powered rocket car, and a 9 foot rubber band racer, among other things. Looks like TONS of fun.

There's also The Unofficial LEGO Builder's Guide. This one starts out with definitions of the difference between a "system" and an "element." Lots of science here too. The index lists models like a space ship, a sphere, a train station, and a helicopter.

And there is the Forbidden LEGO: Build the Models Your Parents Warned You Against! It starts out with a paper plane launcher and a ping-pong cannon. Who knew you could build such cool things with legos??!

Keeley said...

I'm sorry your kitties won't play nice with each other.

Well you think they would have, wouldn't you? Especially one for children. It's frustrating that someone hasn't.

Crazy Contraptions is AWESOME!!! We got that for Ben. Or not. I don't recognize the stuff you describe - Ben's was a fabulous klutz book.

I've seen the unofficial lego builder's guide. It's far too complicated - and I think it's expensive isn't it? Maybe I'm thinking of something else. I'm looking for stuff for kids. Dogs, cats, lions, houses, etc etc.

Forbidden Lego sounds like lots of fun. =D =D

Ritsumei said...

We'll have to play when we're over. It sounds like fun, whatever we do. I cast some longing glances at a $50 lego set just this afternoon.