Wednesday, February 11, 2009

He doesn't quite understand the concept of time....

Andrew and I are in the park on the swings.

He says "Do you want to play wolleyball with me?"
"Sure!" I say
"You kick it like this."
"Isn't that football?"
"No, it's wollyball"
"Oh. When did you learn how to play that?"
"Oh, last year when I was older."

Alrighty then. =D

In other news, it was difficult being told that I'm not Christian. *sigh* WHY do some people think that? Even they think it in the sweetest, nicest and most loving way. It's so hurtful because it's patently obvious that it's a falsehood - which means those that think it are either deliberately misinformed or...I don't know what or. Maybe you can fill in the or.

Competition for today!!!!! Fill in the "or..." Please. I'm really interested in your "or..."s. =)

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Ritsumei said...

My usual response to that is to ask them to allow Christ to be the judge of who is and who is not a heartfelt worshiper. In one-on-one conversations it's remarkably effective; it makes people stop and think, which is what they need to do in order to stop with the nonsense that they're being fed at church or wherever. Of course we're Christian.

But it does suck when someone thinks they know more about our beliefs than we do.