Monday, November 24, 2008

5k everyday

510 calories
44 1/2 minutes
Ran 2k
Ran 1k
Ran 1/2 k
Walked the rest of the way.

Calves hurt. Out of breath. No weight loss. I'll be dadgummed if I get discouraged. I'm going to run that dingity dang 5k all the way through one day, just see if I don't.

Someone suggested this recipe:
Pack a blender with spinach
Dump in 1/2 or 1 banana
Add 4-5 strawberries
Stick some juice in there
Blend it, baby, blend it!

So I thought "I'm a gonnna make that today for breakfast."

So I did.

And I looked at it and I thought "Hoooooo boy."

In honour of the brown-green sludge like look, I chose a green straw. No I didn't, it's just the colour I happened to grab out of the jar, but it sounded good. =D

And I took a tentative sip. I have to tell you, this thing looked NOT GOOD.

And I went.....


Holy cow! Who knew something that looked so gross could taste so good?

And you know what? I have another serving left in the blender. Nobody better take that serving cos it's MINE all MINE!!!

So lesse. That's two servings of vegetables, two servings of fruit. All I need now is a salad and I'm all set with my minimum daily requirements of veges and fruit.

Slap me a high five someone I'm tickled pink!

The Ingredients

Ben says, "It looks like toxic radioactive sludge. The kind that gives you superpowers or something." He's right.

I had to shame Ben into trying some. I offered it too him. He couldn't drink it. He was like "I can't!" "BEN!" I said, "For goodness' sakes, you've eaten FISH EYES, you can drink this." I encouraged him with, "Go on, Do it. Do it. Go on. Do it." =D =D
In a manly show of strength, he took a tiny sip. It was absolutely amazing to watch his face expression change from a thought that it was going to be disgusting to absolute shock and delighted surprise at how it really did taste.

Make some yourself. Go on. I dare you. Then laugh in delight that it looks so awful because no-one else in the family will want any which means it will be yours all yours and you can laugh "MUHAHAHAHAHAHA Miiiine all miiine". =D =D You can even pretend to be the martyr, "Oh I'm suffering so because I have to drink this awful stuff for my health" and in reality it tastes amazingly good. Hahahaha. =D

Stealth health. =D

On a later note, Ben has just said "You know, Mum, you totally have the makings of a rabid squirrel-slash-dog." Yes, he actually said slash. There was a slight pause and then, "In a good way."

I have no idea how to take that. =D

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