Monday, November 17, 2008

$1000 in a month challenge

Time for Day Ten of the Save $1000 in a month challenge.

This one is just to check what perks your credit card(s) is (are) offering and use 'em.

Ok this is getting boring.

What if you don't use credit cards, eh?

Well anyway, Bert and I DO use one. I use mine exclusively for petrol, so I don't have to either leave Andrew in the car when I go to pay, or take him in whereupon he'll hit me up for a drink or snack or something.

We chose this particular credit card because it gives us lotsa lotsa air miles and we're going to need 'em for when (Yes, I'm counting my chickens.. =D) Emily gets into BYU-Provo.

Savings: I don't know. However much a flight costs from SLC to Nashville. I suppose I'd better go check. Hold on to your pantyhose while I do some research.

Looks to be about $400. Divided by 12 to get a monthly savings, that's about $33/month.

So here we go.

Day 1: $0
Day 2: $18
Day 3: $25
Day 4: Completed
Day 5: In the works
Day 6: $46.84
Day 7: $0 thus far
Day 8: $4
Day 9: $0 thus far
Day 10: $33

Total Monthly savings thus far: $126.84

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