Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Awesome posts

Stop the ride has an absolutely fantastic post on not keeping up. Oh, how I can relate. Not laundry-wise because I'm pretty much caught up on that right now (can you believe it?) but the rest of my house is a pigsty.

Ritsumei posted about the magic of Mommy kisses. It's sooo cute. =) She also posted about Ennui which is not only an awesome word, but is included in a fascinating passage from Ivanhoe.

Mama Duk of Camian Academy wrote about her placenta trees. How awesome is that?

Kudos 2 U posted about bullying, including cyber bullying which is quite the issue in our family at the moment.

Mom is Teaching has the most awesome ghost craft, and also an excellent article on halloween candy.

Candace Salima has NUMEROUS extremely well written and insightful posts concerning issues surrounding this election. This one here is succinct and to-the-point. How can you argue with the facts?

Well....Barney Frank can....and Joe Biden....and Barack Obama.....but, you know, when their words are recorded and replayed it's a DISTORTION, not factual. As one very smart woman said, Barack is the amazing Wizard of Oz who stands there saying "I didn't really say what I said" despite the fact that there is the recording of him actually saying it!

I think Obama's the amazing Teflon man. No matter what dirt he swims in, he comes out looking and smelling clean. Nothing sticks. And because he's the shining liberal messiah no-one could BELIEVE he could have waded through that muck. He looks too good! He talks so well! How could he possibly believe and do all that awful stuff....

Except there's that dang annoying visual and audio evidence....the annoying facts....

Fish in my Hair has a smart daughter with a riotous sense of humour (like her mother's?) and the funniest carts I've ever read.

Ship full O'Pirates has a rather talented young man in her house.

Christina at Juggling Paynes has not only wisely declared her blog a no-electioneering blog, but also excellent cartoons here, where she says her husband is a great shoulder to cry on. Hey! Guess what? My husband has been doing that for me recently too! =) Another great strip is here. =)

Homemaking Homesteader has an organizational binder that is so beautiful it makes me want to weep.

Carrie in the Badlands has a post on relationships that includes just about THE most awesome picture of her children ever.

Manse Life poasted a great survey which I believe I will steal.

Macho Molly has some insightful words concerning the mote in one's eye.

Pezlady has a really cute Daddy's helper. =)

Jimmie has some insight into raising children overseas (specifically China). One thing that struck me was the phrase, "Chinese people will laugh and touch anyway. They do not have the concept of a child having authority over his own body." Woah!

Sierra Hocklander has another fun survey which I believe I will pinch if I can figure out how to highlight. Maybe I'll just bold 'em. =D

Ree asks What are your five adjectives?

Here are mine:

lds mother

What're yours?

Tristi not only has a shocking picture of Obama and Palin but also has deep thoughts on Tuesday mornings.

I could cry but I don't have time has not only an absolutely BRILLIANT name for her blog, also has opinions about halloween costumes.

Meanwhile, I need this t-shirt here for when my teenagers are being teenagery.

Also, I am in desperate need of this shirt here, but in a style similar to the one listed above. I can't believe someone made this shirt! I thought of this phrase all by myself a couple of weeks ago and thought I'd have to make it myself, but someone beat me to it. Amazing.

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Tristi Pinkston said...

I love those T-shirts!

Let's see, my five adjectives. Today they are:


Usually they're much more positive. :)