Friday, August 15, 2008

Wednesday, 30th July 2008

We faffed about all morning, taking it easy, then decided to go to Lincoln in the afternoon.

We set off after lunch. Our first stop was to buy a disposable camera as we'd neglected to bring along the equipment we needed to recharge my digital camera. Shall we all scream now? Or perhaps just go DOH!? =Þ

From now on, the photos aren't such fantabulous quality, being from either a disposable camera, or from an old 1mb digital camera my father so generously gave us.

Lincoln Castle. We went all the way to the top of that turret.

Is this not the most brilliant picture? It's Emily and Ben at the top of the tower you can see in the above picture. That's Lincoln you can see over their shoulder. Awesome! =)

Lincoln Cathedral from the same tower.

A view of Lincoln and the old castle wall

This is me standing in the bailey with the courthouse behind me. This is still a working courthouse. While we were touring the castle at least two or three prison vans came in, either dropping off or picking up prisoners.

We walked down Steep Hill, had an ice cream and then walked back up it. This hill is incredibly steep, though I believe various people from Scotland might disagree with me. =D It's certainly the steepest hill I've ever climbed!

Posing outside Jew's House half-way down the hill.

This is Bert CARRYING Andrew UP Steep Hill. I still don't know how he did it.

On the cannon outside the castle.

I did take several pictures of the old prison inside the castle, but they didn't come out, dang it. It was a solitary prison - ie, the prisoners spent their entire sentence in solitary confinement and weren't allowed to talk to anyone. Must have driven them mad.

The highlight of the tour was the Magna Carta. Yes. The actual Magna Carta. Yes, the real thing. You know...the one King John touched on the banks of the Runnymeade in 1215 AD. Well, one of the copies anyway. They had several copies with them at the time (there were 41 originals, of which only a few survive) and his seal was affixed to all of them. (The Magna Carta was not signed.)

So. I saw The Magna Carta. It was absolutely thrilling. Not that I'm a history nut or anything.

I bought a copy. It's awesome.

We spent a few minutes inside the Cathedral, and located the Lincoln Imp then headed off back to my parents' house.

Bert and I had a very sad discussion. The children were historical-sited out. =( They moaned and complained and said "are we done yet?" and generally drove us bananas by their desire for more fun things to do. So Bert and I very sadly decided not to go to Stratford....which means we wouldn't be able to see my old school either. Oh! Oh I was so sad. =( But there wasn't enough time to do EVERYTHING we wanted to do, and something had to give....and this was it. Bummer.

BTW, while I was at my parents' house, my Mum:
1. Cleaned the house. My mother keeps an immaculate house. One day I want to be her. I also want her house. It's a perfect size in a perfect location and is beautifully decorated, clean and tidy.

2. Did all our laundry. Not only that, she ironed it. The children didn't know what was going on when their clothes were all neatly pressed; I haven't ironed in years.

3. Cooked AMAZING meals. Oh my. Bangers and mash. Roast beef and yorkshire pudding with roast potatoes. We were SO spoiled.

4. Generally spoiled us to death. It was fantastic. Thank you, Mum. Thank you, thank you.

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