Thursday, August 28, 2008

I have an adult daughter

My baby girl is 18 today.

I don't have any pictures scanned from really early in her life, but here are a few I have of her when she wur nobbut a young teen.

Emily, Amanda, Hilary, Katie. What great girls. =)

Here she is on her 15th birthday. FIFTEEN! Holy cow, would you look at the gorgeousness of that girl?

Homecoming, age 15. Stunning, I tell ya!

Yeah, the girl can paint.

Though she's occasionally a dork, she's hysterical at the same time. =D

Emily wanted to open her gifts in the morning, and as Seminary begins at 6am, present opening began at 5.30am. Yes. That's 5.30AM.

Here she is, looking dang good for so early in the morning.

All the pressies, and a pretty girl. Woman. Pretty Woman. She's 18. Woman.

Massive approval of the Maraschino Cherries Andrew gave her.

Yes, she definitely likes those maraschino cherries. Especially as David is quitting Sonic and therefore will not be able to be her shady dealer in this particular addiction.

The Nike Shocks we gave her. She was a bit distracted when I took this photo.

Emily registers slight approval of the huge packet of reese's chocolate that Ben gave her.

This is the card Ben and Andrew gave Emily. It's been quite a hit in this household, and has been played all morning long. Andrew loves it. =D

Tonight, Emily wishes for her birthday dinner: Digorno garlic bread pizza, garlic bread and lemon sorbet. I joke not. We would have taken her anywhere, and this is what she chose. =D I'm not quite sure where we'll put the 18 candles, as Emily doesn't want a cake. I think, however, that what we'll do is buy a small cake, put the candles on it, sing to her, blow them out....and then Emily can have lemon sorbet and the rest of us will eat the cake. =)

18. Holy cow. How did that happen? I remember just after she was born someone said to me "Before you know it she'll be 18 months and in nursery" and I looked at the tiny Emily baby and thought "No WAY is that ever going to happen."

And today she's 18 YEARS.

Blows my mind.


Ritsumei said...

Yay you!! Looks like you have several successful presents there. Happy Birthday Emmily!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Emily! Flower xx

Keeley said...

Emily says Thank you so much to both of you. =)

jugglingpaynes said...

Happy Birthday Emily! It looks like you've turned into a beautiful young woman! You're parents did a great job!

Peace and Laughter!