Thursday, August 28, 2008

Conniptions in the Brooks Household

Just a quickie acos we´re meant to be working right now.

It's been quite the week in the Brooks household filled with drama and emotional pain. Many of Ben's friends have gone back to public school and therefore Ben has been not behaving very well in a bid to make us send him back.

To cut a long story short, this morning I came up with this "contract" =D which we both signed, and we're waiting for Bert to come home from work to add his signature. =D

1. IF you are well-behaved, well-mannered and self-motivated (definition of self-motivation = get yourself up and do chores and work without moaning, complaining, procrastinating or faffing about) throughout this year, THEN you may go to public school or a similar institution for high school.

2. IF your grades or attitude or gentlemanly behaviour to your family or your language slips, THEN you will be yanked out of above-mentioned Institution for the criminally insane of education. Unceremoniously yanked, even.

3. IF your behaviour, attitude, gentlemanly behaviour and language does not slip AND if you get your Eagle Scout, THEN you may get your drivers' license.

4. IF your behaviour, attitude, gentlemanly behaviour and language do not slip AND you have your Eagle scout and license, THEN upon discussion matter with your Fatherly parental unit IF he agrees THEN you may possibly get a cell phone.

Actually, what I originally wrote was "Cell Pone" which I thought was pretty funny as it sounded like I was going to pwn him. =D

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