Thursday, June 19, 2008

Tightwad Frugality - saving on groceries

From Tips for saving on grocery shopping:

1. Always go with a list
2. Plan out a weekly menu
3. Don't go hungry
4. Have a budget
5. Do a rough running tally, or take a calculator and add as you go along
6. Keep a list on your fridge and write down what you've run out of
7. Keep things stocked for quick and easy meals (Mac n cheese, spaghetti, or whatever). This will keep you from running for fast food when you're too tired to cook
8. Buy in bulk - but only if it makes sense
9. Keep your receipts and use them to make a spreadsheet. This will be your price list to comparison shop or whatever
10. Buy frozen veggies
11. Cut down on meat
12. Pack your own lunch
13. Make your own lunch snacks.
14. Make leftovers for lunch
15. cook a lot, then freeze it
16. Try crock pot dinner
17. Clip coupons - but only for items you're already planning to buy. Personally, I always go generic so coupons don't work for me.
18. Look for specials
19. Try store brands
20. Consolidate errands
21. Eat oatmeal or other non-sugary breakfast
22. Stock up at sale time, if it's an item you normally use.
23. Comparison shop
24. Plan one trip a month for staples, then one a week for perishables
25. Avoid trips to corner store or garage station. Unless you live where we do and go to the Walgreens on 96 and Downs - they have the cheapest milk.
26. Look into co-ops. Sometimes you can save, sometimes not.
27. Use everything; never throw food away. Unless it's bad, of course.
28. Don't buy junk food. Unless you're jonesing it for some chips or chocolate as I'm doing at the moment. No! No! Resist! Maybe I'll make that chocolate cake and vanilla sauce. Except I noticed this mornig that I'm out of vanilla. AGGGHHHHH! Ok, homemade milk shakes it is.
29. DON'T BRING THE CHILDREN. Or if you do, practice saying "No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. If you ask again, you WILL be grounded."
30. Go for whole foods. It takes longer to cook, but it's cheaper and healthier. Oatmeal, beans and rice baby! =)
31. Clean out your fridge before you go make your menu, list, and go shopping.
32. Stick to that list!
33. Use store savings card.
34. Don't eat at restaurants.
35. Don't buy frozen dinners or prepared stuff. Avoid!
36. Drink water
37. Get cloth grocery bags....but only if you can get them extra cheap or free. The store I go to gives me 5cents for every cloth bag I use. Living in Germany I picked up a lot of cloth bags. I take about 12 with me when I do my monthly shop. =)

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