Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Not a boring day, hooray!

Wow! Well, it's been an interesting day for sure.

First off, Emily was wise enough to lock her door; Andrew's been going in there lately, pulling her bedclothes to the floor, turning on her radio full blast and bouncing up and down on her bed to the music. It had to stop. Thus, she locked her door.

Secondly, I learned to lock the homeschool room door as Benjamin was livid as Andrew had gone in there and taken the glue that Ben uses to put together his warhammer figures and spread said glue all over everywhere. Luckily, he also glued the exacto knife down, rather than fiddling with it and pushing the blade UP, which would have been a really scary thing.

Thirdly, I learned to lock every single door upstairs, as Andrew disappeared for a while right in the middle of English. All was quiet. Both Ben and I went "Where is he, and what's he doing?"

He had firstly pulled the stool out of the bathroom, secondly, he'd put it up against Bert's chest of drawers and pulled a couple of watches down. Luckily, he hadn't pulled the iron down on his head. And lastly, he'd gone into Bert's office - which is where I found him - and found a bottle of children's tylenol meltaways.

I found him there, with the bottle, and the cap off the bottle, and the pills spilled out all over the table, and my heart stopped. "Did you take any?" I asked, keeping calm.

"Yes", he replied
"How many?"
"Four? You took four?"
"Five? Is that how many you took? Five?"

Ok, Five. Later downstairs he told Ben he took three. Ok, so between three and five, with a regular dose for a child his weight being two. Not so bad.

So I called the doctor (or, more accurately, the triage nurse), who told me to call poison control. Poison control "made some calculations" (you have to say this with an Eastern European accent - it's a Brooks family tradition dating back to the Ford plant in Livonia circa 1993) and determined that Andrew had taken a double dose, and this was not toxic. They said he'd probably have a stomach ache, but he'd be ok.


Later on the Dr.s office called to make sure Andrew was ok, which I thought was nice. =)

THEN, I was taking Ben up the freeway and there was a bale of straw burning like crazy by the side of the road. DUDE! Bizarre! So we called 911 (I wasn't sure if this warranted a 911 call, but I didn't know who else to call) and after getting some info they sent out a fire truck. Good deed for the day! =) I hope the firefighters weren't mad that I'd disturbed their dinner or anything. Maybe the straw bale would have just burned itself out np....but it's hot out here today, and maybe it wouldn't've done.

THEN when I came home, there were the missionaries chatting to Emily! And guess who was with them? Elder Brinkerhoff!!! Only one of my most favourite missionaries of all time! That guy is AWESOME!! =) We were SO bummed when he was transfered to Kentucky, but now he's back in Spring Hill being a Zone Leader. =) It was wonderful to see him. =) What a really nice young man. I should get the address of his parents and tell them what an awesome missionary son they have.

On the menu tonight: Mujadarrah (a fantastic food storage recipe). Thus, Andrew and Ben will have peanut butter sandwiches for dinner. =Þ Pity. I think this stuff is YUM! Emily likes it with salsa, to which I say BLECH!!! It's much better with ranch dressing.


jugglingpaynes said...

Oh my goodness! Andrew is a handful. Reminds me of my youngest. When she was around his age, I had to call poison control twice in one week. First when she took 5 of her brother's allergy meds (Child-proof caps aren't). Second when she climbed into the bathroom sink, opened the medicine cabinet, and took out the anti-itch gel. She had it all over her hands and tongue!

Peace and Laughter!

Keeley said...

He isn't normally such a handful; I think he must be going through some kind of cognitive growth spurt or something because he's started really "exploring his world" just lately. =D

Oh my good gravy, taking five of her brother's allergy meds (haha, I agree...child-proof caps are more adult-proof than child-proof =D) and then putting anti-itch gel on her TONGUE? Yeow!

Ok, my turn: my middle son, when he was about 18 months - 2 years, got into the desitin and wiped it all over the carpet and the bed and himself...and then I looked in his mouth and he had a massive glob right at the back of his tongue. I had to scrape it off, and I'm sure he was tasting desitin for days after that.

Ok...your turn! =)

carrie & troy keiser said...

Well, isn't he the busy one! Good thing for locks! Yikes! fire I think I would have called 911 too.